(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good for Kenny Anderson...Gets degree.....

He showed that even after 19 years, one can go back and get their diploma. What makes this story a big than the typical athlete going back to get their diploma is that he NEEDED to do it apparently. You see, despite having made an ENORMOUS amount of money (At one point he had a nine million dollar contract and made over sixty million for his whole career.), he was spending it just as fast as he made it. Had some kids. Lived like it was going to keep coming in. Instead of having a pity party though, he went back to school. According to the article, he is giving basketball lessons. I HAVE TO ASSUME that he is also giving life lessons too. I would hope. Sometimes, you don't need to hear from the 'total success' stories. Sometimes, hearing from those with trials and tribulations HELPS TREMENDOUSLY too. I wish him the best and hope he can pass that wisdom down to at least one or two of those South Florida athletes he is helping out down there in Plantation, Florida. They could really benefit from hearing from a man who had it a lot, lost a lot and seems to be on his way to living a good life still despite the ups and downs...

In case you have forgotten or are just too young to remember him, here are some highlights. Especially for you younger cats who may only associate having a great handle/being a great lead guard with 'Skip To My Lou' or someone like that. This cat could HIT A JUMPER in addition to making you fall at any given time. Lefty. Finish pretty well at the rim. Special player this dude was.....

More of the same but with more NBA highlights...

(Blank stare) Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj- Knockout

I can see one of those 'Real World' reflective moments going down with this being played in the background....They is reaching 'beyond us' in case you didn't know. Honestly, knowing how 'we do' with our 'put you in a box/you can only talk about so many things for so long 'till we tell you that you are too old and we leave you alone/we don't buy music like that ANYWAY' TYPE WAYS, I am not mad at the dude. I won't be buying it but I am also not going to get too judgmental as he is trying to make sure he keeps getting that money. 'Cause I can see CLEARLY who would be buying it. That's just me though. I know some of ya'll are going to go 'in on it' so let me step aside and let you do just that.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cubana Lust..just sharing..

Some say she has lost it a bit. Eating too much and the like..You be the judge...That is her hair (Hey, it is on her head..lol) by the way. @ the last shot and what is 'running down her back all the way down....

This is said to be Kanye's new person in his life.

I guess we will know in few days.

She can be found here:

Rihanna in Israel...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeff Jordan (MJ's oldest son) to transfer to UCF with his brother Marcus

Smart move. He has to sit out though. He can't play 'till next year. Probably about the level he should have started out on initially. I mean he isn't horrible but at that level, he can have a pretty good impact in games. Not just in practice or as an emotional leader. I am not dissing him or anything.


Michael Jordan's sons are set to play together at Central Florida.

According to sources close to the situation, Illinois transfer Jeffrey Jordan will join his younger brother, Marcus, at Central Florida.

The 6-foot-3 Jordan left the Illinois team last June, but opted to return just prior to the start of the season. He averaged 1.6 points and 1.3 rebounds in 13.8 minutes per game this past season and will be a walk-on with the Knights.

Jordan will, due to transfer rules, sit out this season and be eligible in 2011.

R.I.P Gary Coleman

May you find the peace and happiness that alluded you here on Earth.

I grew up watching the cat so he wasn't some 'Rent a Cop' at the mall to me or some punchline. No, I am not coming down on people who made a joke here or there either. I am just telling you my thoughts on him. I watched him too much and laughed at the episodes too hard to ever really erase that memory of him from my mind. He was and always will be Arnold to me mayne. That is just how it goes. Thanks for coming into my living room/bedroom and making me smile Gary. Hope you are able to truly smile now yourself. You earned it. Peace.

The Roots....Interview...Ms. DramaTV

He speaks on them being one of the first to deal with hip hop at age 40ish and the myth of hip hop being 'strictly youth based', which is what I have always maintained. Hip hop isn't old enough to say it is strictly youth based and WILL ALWAYS BE YOUTH BASED. It isn't old enough to make that claim. Yes, older heads have listened to it but this is truly the first generation to have actually COMPLETELY GROWN UP on hip hop. Not just picked it up when they were 20 years old and the like. @ those who are older that loved hip hop but put it down after they hit this point. We (yes, I am in that generation) GREW UP WITH HIP HOP. Period point blank. Probably not going to put it down if we are hardcore fans. Subject matter will change of course but the genre itself? No. lol

Bags The Boss- Don't Let Go (Video)

I think we all want to know the same thing.


The track isn't too bad either...I don't have a problem with it at all actually.

I am going to try and find out. I asked the artist. Lets see what he says...Meanwhile, enjoy the video and the song. The song samples Don't Let Go by En Vogue

Sheneka Adams on her Sex Tape

It is 2010 who do not give head- Sheneka.....She says it was recorded without her consent.

Is she lying though?


Seems she has someone who is a bit bitter. I am not mad at seeing it. I am almost not patting homie who leaked it on the back either.....(Shrugs) NSFW....She is taking the attention in stride though...

New Kayne ft. Dwele-Power produced by SymbolycOne ....I think the rest did him some good..

(Everyone is going to use this picture as this is the latest one of the man. Get used to it today)

Shoutout to the producer too. Symbolyc One
If you play this, it should sound familiar @ sample of 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) See kiddies, this is why it pays to have knowledge of music outside of your peers norm......

I don’t need your p#ssy bitch, I’m on my own d*ck.-Kanye

Aww shit...He is back too. I wonder who THAT is in reference to??

Get it here...

F#ck A Mixtape- T.I. Tracks and stuff..

Get it here:

1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap (Prod. By Smash Factory)
3. Spazz Out (Prod. By Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip (Prod. By Chuck Diesel)
5. Yeah Feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. By Lil C)
6. Yeah Ya Know (Prod. By DJ Toomp& Lil C)
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again (Prod. By Timberland)
9. Get Yo Girl Feat. Rich Kid Rashad (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)
10. Like So (Prod. By Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid (Prod. By Track Slayers)
12. Lil Duval – Fuck A Mixtape Nigga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Prod. By DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Prod. By Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition Feat. Young Jeezy (Prod. By Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who Feat. Macboney (Prod. By Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go Feat. Killer Mike (Prod. By No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – Fuck A Mixtape
20. Outro
21. Celebration (Prod. By J-Rock)
22. Got Your Back Feat. Keri Hilson (Prod. By DJ Toomp)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Janet on Idol last night...Praise Sweet....

Don't normally watch this show but I heard she was coming on and my timeline was lit up about it. So I tuned in. Damm glad I did..

Light Skin vs. Dark Skin....interesting interview...

Just watch. Thoughts?

Diddy and Dr. Dre collabo..(Not music...well sorta...)

Motorola Droid Shadow


16GB of internal storage, Snapdragon processor, HDMI port, 8MP camera (Shoots 720p video) and 4.3-inch screen. This sounds like a fun phone..

Unfortunately, the guy who leaked it got fired. It was left in a Verizon gym...

" I sent in the photo and story about the Motorola Shadow that my buddy found in the gym. I just thought I’d send along an update if you were at all interested. First of all he wanted everyone to know that he is not a dwarf or a midget—despite the fact that he does have small hands. Now, believe what you want but this photo is real, it was taken by him with his camera phone while holding the Shadow (hence the awkward holding of the Shadow). One thing that he noticed in all the comments was that people wanted to know if there was a “sliding keyboard,” but he said to me that “nope, there’s no sliding keyboard. It’s all touchscreen. The interface is REALLY easy to use and this is the fastest phone I have EVER used.”

That all aside, my buddy was bombarded by calls and emails from Verizon corporate and they even showed up at his house pretty soon after you guys posted the story. He was asked to attend a few meetings in which he had to tell them exactly what happend and then they fired him.

If you would like to know more about how Verizon’s security works, try this on for size: They fired him yesterday (5/25/10) at about 1 or 2pm but they didn’t take his keys or keycard to the gym until they showed up at his house at about 3pm today (5/26/10). Real smart Verizon, fire someone because his friend leaked a photo of a phone that one of your executives lost and let the employee you just fired keep his keys for 24 hours.

Drake ft. Jay-Z Light It Up

Much like he is doing up top in the picture, Jay-Z smacks this track...Lush track.....Again, if you don't like Drake singing, I guess you won't like it. If you don't mind it like me, you will. It is that simple.

I see cats are really threatened by him...@ the amount of leaks. I guess that will make some of you elated though if he doesn't 'sell' like that.

I will be BUYING this album. Probably just to piss YOU OFF. Yes YOU..Not the only reason I will buy it though. If you are a first timer here, hit his name on the label below. You will see why... Few I do that for these days. He is one of them.

It is my favorite rapper with him so this is a win for me...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

B.o.B- Camera

Depending on what you like to look at, you PROBABLY don't wanna miss this video. Funny thing, Bobby is not in this video...But there is the presence of others that may make it worth the view...

T.I. and DJ Envy....Talking about Alfamega

Part 1

Drake ft. Alicia Keys- Fireworks/This guy here REALLY doesn't like Drake..

Alicia returns the favor on his album it looks like....

Two things....

First, I see a lot of people who like to type about those bloggers that like to be 'first' with things. Now, what I find funny about that is it is only usually said about shit that they don't 'have an interest in'/or have fooled with and put down and moved on from. When it comes to things that they have an interest though, they are the FIRST to tell you they were on it when you finally catch up to it, accuse people of being sheep or some other sideswipe type talk. Just something that I have noticed.

Second thing is the second part of this post. Originally, this was going to be a separate blog post altogether. I have changed my mind though after careful thought. (See, sometimes I do think before I speak.) I will just offer up this person's viewpoint of Drake.

Good GRADE A dislike here..Allow me to put up an excerpt and you can go read the rest here. Thank you Fire100 for forwarding this to me on Twitter yesterday...(Even though I know you don't like Drake either..lol)

Here is a piece of what was said in the link in case you are thinking "Why should I click that?"

"From his faux-Southern accent to his corporate-funded “street buzz,” Drake has been perfectly prepped to become hip-hop’s version of a boy band. Take one look at Drake and you can almost hear the calculations of greedy record execs looking for the next crossover act: Preexisting white fanbase: check. Exotic Ethnic Background: check. Light Skin: check. Celebrity Cosigners: check.

And the list goes on… Sadly, such paint-by-the-numbers thinking not only forces Drake into the public sphere, but also excludes more gifted artists who don’t fit neatly into the prefigured boxes of industry honchos.

While the aforementioned reasons are sufficient to warrant my Drake hate, my biggest issue stems from his decision to sign with Universal Motown in June 2009. At the point that Drake signed the deal, he had already become one of the hottest rappers in the country. In addition to high visibility, Drake already had an independently functioning infrastructure around him for full-fledged marketing, promotion, and distribution of future projects. In other words, as DJ Skee pointed out “Drake had already successfully done everything a major label could by himself.”

Now for some of you, this is EXACTLY how you feel about Drake I suspect. Which is fine. You can not like him. I will say some of these reasons are unfounded but eh..if this is what you need to make sure you don't like what 'everyone else likes'......do you.

(Chuckles) Fake accent? That is funny. Some of you are in your feelings about your childhood on that one or some other underlying issue. The man has a father from Memphis. He left when he was 5 but stayed in contact with him. Is it that far fetched to think that the man who was his ACTIVE father (even through the two years of jail) was an 'influence' in his kid's life? As hard as it may be for some of you to fathom, sometimes this situation produces a relationship between a father and son that the son emulates a bit. Look, I know his reality is not YOUR REALITY. That doesn't make it false. It just doesn't. If you can't relate, you can't relate. The boy spent formative time in the South. Bound to pick up some things. Leave it at that. Let me ask you this. Are you running up on your Jamaican friend, who has lived on the same block as you since you were 2 years old, calling him fake when he breaks out in patios? Even though he has only been to Jamaica a grand total of 5 times in his twenty plus years on this Earth? He is from (insert your city that is NOT IN JAMAICA here please). Is he fake? is his Momma fake even though she has been here for the last fifty years herself? Oh..okay...Thought not. Ya'll niggas kill me with this shit...

'Industry created buzz'

This one is a bemusing one to me too. For some of you SAME FOOLS that said to me 'Oh I have been up on Drake since 'Room For Improvement. You need to catch up...' WERE THE ONES HYPING HIM UP. Ironically, you are some of the same bitter beer faces crying about the fact that 'everyone likes him now' and that 'everyone has caught up'. You want it one way- Marlo.

There was no 'industry buzz' about the man from '06 to almost '09. That is three years for you mathematical geniuses out there. He was in a group with Melanie Fiona as I am sure you all know. I don't have to call their name. YOU KNOW IT. The industry wasn't 'buzzing' about him then. All of that really didn't start until after So Far Gone
and TRULY not until a certain song hit the radio some almost three years after he made his first mixtape with Smallz. You guys are acting like he made the first mixtape and POOF....he magically appeared, people started co-signing him and he went on tour all in one shot. smh. Ya'll are funny as mofo with that shit....Especially some of you who I am finding out are 'former aspiring' artists. Your slip is showing. Pull up your skirt man. Now if the current MC that you are championing went the same EXACT ROUTE and got on in that amount of time, you would be hollering :'Bout time...What took the World so long?"

The label thing....

I have heard this one a couple of times too. Eloquently put up top actually. I have to hand it to that writer. I will say this though. All of you 'self righteous' people who want things done for the greater good of the game have not been NEARLY AS CRITICAL about those that you admire who have fucked up the game. Be it with the music. Be it with blowing label money on bullshit. Signing those very contracts that you wanted Drake to turn down. All of the sudden, the 'whole recording world as far as hip hop is concerned' future is 'decided' by whether he signed a contract or not? Really? GTFOHWTBS. He is his own man. He can do want he wants. You just said he was 'over hyped' two seconds ago. Now he because he has the 'power' you want him to turn around and do some shit YOU WANT HIM TO DO? Fuck would he do that for? For you? Why? I don't blame him. He has never declared himself the 'Martin Luther King' of this shit. Why should he 'roll the dice on his future' so that a few of you cynics can be happy that he didn't 'sign to the machine."? For who? For what?- Ricky Waters. Again...ya'll kill me with this shit.

See, I am not tied to a publication so I can say what I want. You want to 'call the young man' out 'his bullshit'? Cool. The same can be done with you and your bullshit. Hate the kid all you want. He is no Messiah but damm if he isn't talented. He isn't killing cats on every song. His message is 'clean and wholesome' but he truly isn't hurting anybody. I don't see what the big issue is. Ya'll out here acting like you don't have a button on your radio or other music to be listening to. Or other people to discuss music with! There are PLENTY OF ARTISTS I don't fool with who are VERY POPULAR. I have to hear about them all the time. I have even had to 'listen' to their music due to the situation (club,car,what have you). I don't even waste font on them. Why? 'Cause I don't like them! I can't figure out some of you lack that gene...lol We get it. You don't like the young boy. Great. Here's a cookie shit....

"If you like him, I question your taste in your music...." or something along those lines. @ the flippant responses..

Judge me. PLEASE. I don't give a shit. My record (physical and mp3 files) rivals most DJs and I don't EVEN DJ. Yes, the collection gets play. All of it. Hell, I have forgotten more about this music shit then some of you KNOW off of the sheer fact that I was alive when all of the revered moments of this particular 'genre' were popping off. I know I have 'cause I have had to come into your discussions and 'fill in the blanks' for the parts that you 'heard about' from such and such or that some of you who are my age have 'forgotten'. So maybe that is why I scratch my head when the 'hate' about this young boy comes up. He has done nothing more than any other cat that has come through the game. He tried it a couple of times until it caught someone's attention. Some of the lesser mainstream acts liked him. Gave him a shot and helped him perfect his craft a bit. The buzz grew but not too big. It caught the attention of a BIGGER STAR and they HELPED put him on. Through that relationship 'regular' people (read: people who have OTHER things to do besides seek out music) began to like him and here we are now. That is how it happens people. It has always happened like this. Did we 'hate' Nas 'cause Large Professor put him onto us for the most part? What 'dues' did he really pay? C'mon people. Cut that shit out with the 'He hasn't really paid any dues'/it is all hype shit. Oh 'cause he was an actor? Is that what this bullshit is all about? You act like he came out in every other line and said "I am Jimmy from Degrassi, High...My buzz is like a major airport's purpose, Fly" or some shit. Lets not even get started on how much his 'flow' is criticized. You'd think he fucked cats girls or something...The way people get in their feelings about that. Cats didn't know who he was until they were told. Shit, some cats DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW (and still judge him off of it btw). So that shit only really counts for so much to me. Then there all the spiteful discussions about what he makes on tour, is he blowing his advance, should he just sing or rap but not both.....Why? He makes songs. Either you like 'em or you don't. That's it. Everything else is bullshit really. Note I said 'spiteful' too. Every artist is up for discussion but it seems like every time this kid's name is mentioned it is a 'let me tear him down' fest. All because he isn't quoting 'The Art of War' or 'killing ten million people on one record'.....Shameful. Attacking the man's ethnic makeup and the whole nine. God forbid you people might start going in his mother next....smh This dude seems to bring out all types of insecurities in ninjas/ninjaettes alike I tell ya...

Da Brat is out and in the studio...

Wonder if she can recapture the magic? I wonder if this means she will have a show like her sister, LisaRaye?


Probably the MOST important part of the whole Kendra sextape thing to me..

"Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape is scheduled to be released to record-setting preorders Wednesday and that has made her marriage the subject of much scrutiny.

Link courtesy of radaronline:

"After all, not every husband would accept having the world see his wife intimate with another man.

PHOTOS: Sex Tape Celebs

But a close friend of Kendra and Hank Baskett told RadarOnline.com exclusively that the sex tape has not adversely affected their marriage. "This happened when she was young. He already knew about this. She told him about this before they got married,” the friend said.

HONEYMOON PHOTOS: Kendra Wilkinson Is A Pregnant Bikini Bride

"She was young and was in love with her boyfriend and thought she was going to marry him and it just didn't turn out that way."

The friend stressed that Hank loves Kendra and is fully aware about her past.."

If you don't know why I think this is important, I can't help you. I would like to help you understand why this a big deal but it is probably not in the cards this go around. Perhaps one day. You aren't ready for that kind of truth yet. The only truth you deal with is a set of rules set forth by some fictional 'code of conduct book' that exists for those in movies, songs and fictional tales. You are probably still running around doing whatever it is you want to whomever you want, wanting it to be overlooked 'cause it is YOU and handing out Scarlett Letters to people who do as you do. I can't change your mind so I won't try. Good luck with all of that. To you I say this simple phrase....

I wish you all the success in the World and I will even turn a blind eye to your failures. -My Grandmother (and probably T.I's grandmother too)

If you do know why this would be important, hats off to you. Simple as that. You know what a real commitment means and what it means to 'know your spouse'. What it means not to give a shit what people who ultimately don't care about you think anyway. Now in no way does this make you less intelligent or any of that 'cause you know and understand that 'being human' is par for the course. Especially when you were younger. You haven't forgotten the things that you have partaken in and you don't judge people in that light lest you be judged with that same light....

But...but...she is getting paid for it...Which means she isn't shit..-You

Pipe down with that self righteous bullshit. Tape was gonna come out regardless. See Pam Anderson and her shit. She sued. It still came out. We still all saw it then she got her money. Why go through all of that? Pay me now. You are gonna release it anyway in some fashion. She is not an idiot is all that is to me. Pay me before you tie me up in court for years and whittle away at my settlement. I did all the work afterall.@ my take on the whole 'got paid for it' thing.

Well Mr.Blogger, what was your take on it when the news broke? Thought you would never ask....Here ya go...

Kim Kardashian on ABC...Cynthia McFadden..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zo- Sunstorm (7/27/10)

"SunStorm" is the latest album from Detroit-area born, DC-area based producer/multi-instrumentalist Zo!

Best known for his 2008 collaboration with Phonte on the cult classic "Zo and Tigallo Love the 80's" as well as his work on The Foreign Exchange's Grammy-nominated LP, "Leave It All Behind," "SunStorm" is an extensive 12-track set that shows the ever-expanding range and depth of Zo! and the entire Foreign Exchange Music family.

1. Greater Than The Sun feat. Phonte
2. Greatest Weapon Of All Time feat. Sy Smith
3. Say How You Feel feat. Carlitta Durand and Phonte
4. For Leslie
5. Be Your Man feat. Darien Brockington
6. Free Your Mind feat. Lady Alma
7. SunStorm feat. YahZarah
8. If I Could Tell You No feat. Jesse Boykins III
9. This Could Be The Night feat. Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh
10. Flight Of The Blackbyrd feat. Phonte
11. All Is Well With Love feat. Chantae Cann
12. Make Luv 2 Me feat. Monica Blaire

Connie Deveaux A.K.A Mz. Berry....

Since she is one of the more popular reasons people come here...

Okay...New York given the 2014 Super Bowl.

Your thoughts? I am not opposed. I do prefer the 'warm' weather spots but I am sure Detroit was poppin' when we won the chip.


Here is part of the bid....

"A Super Bowl bid is a document of eye-blurring detail. It covers a description of the stadium seating (19 inches wide and plastic, except for the padded club and suite seats), the availability of 1,000 taxis (no problem, although it also notes the owners can land at two helipads at the stadium), which three golf courses are recommended (none, because they are closed in February) and whether bowling is an option (it is). There are sections about the necessity of police escorts for taking the teams to practice, the news media to interview sessions and the officials to the game, and where there is space to rehearse the halftime show (Rutgers University). "

Jeezy speaks on Trap Or Die 2

Gucci Mane speaks on the 'video altercation'..

I think you know the one I am talking about...

Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I....

I am not sure if ya'll feel better 'cause it is Jamie rather than Larry but here you go...He is a little more 'honest' in this one. @ the cussing and stuff..The 'hood' might get some of the answers they wanted outta this interview...

This is why I like him as a person. @ this interview. He is a real person. You can see it here.

Jamie tells the story about meeting T.I....this shit is funny as hell..

Jay-Z for Rolling Stone...

Need any more reasons not to add people from your job on Facebook? Here ya go..


No, she is not the first. She won't be the last. I do understand that now employers are 'requiring' that you disclose being on such networks and the like. (I wonder just how that works...I digress though)Sounds like it might be time for two accounts in that case. I mean, what is next? Jobs are going to start gleaning information from your friends in real time? Again, I am not too upset they fired her because like she said herself, she wrote it. I guess I am wondering why anyone from her job (or the job itself) would have access to it/if she was required to have them do so just what did she think they were going to do with the information? That is what I am wondering....The Facebook settings are your friend people.

Ashley Johnson had a good job making good money as a waitress at Brixx Pizza on Sixth Street in uptown Charlotte.

But that changed about a week ago, when a couple came in for lunch and stayed for three hours - forcing her to work an hour past her quitting time.

And they left her a tip she thought was pretty measly - $5.

Johnson did what most folks who need a good rant do nowadays. When she got home, she went on Facebook. "Thanks for eating at Brixx," she wrote, "you cheap piece of ---- camper."

And like a growing number of workers, she found out the hard way that what you say on social networks can be used against you, particularly if you're in a position of public trust or public service.

The managers at Brixx called her in a day or two later, she says. They showed her a copy of her Facebook comments and told her she was being fired for violating company policy against speaking disparagingly about customers. A Brixx official said she also violated a second policy against casting the restaurant in a negative light on social networks.

"We definitely care what people say about our customers," said Jeff Van Dyke, one of the partners who run the restaurant.

Johnson, 22, says she apologized to Brixx for using bad judgment. "It was my own fault," she said. "I did write the message. But I had no idea that something that, to me is very small, could result in my losing my job."

Read more: http://www.thestate.com/2010/05/17/1290387/facebook-post-costs-waitress-her.html#ixzz0owwXTORg

Monday, May 24, 2010

New T.I. "Yeah Know (Takers).....

Mastered versions of both Unforgettable & Miss Me

Here and here...

Every child deserves to hear/know their father. That doesn't mean a camera needs to be involved.

I will let you watch the video....I don't want to say too much. Just watch it. I will reiterate that I don't think the camera should be involved. No matter what. Some things don't need that. It makes it look a certain way. Best of luck to the young man though.

Interesting..War of words between Shaq and Jalen Rose

No clue how it started. I will update. Just a little funny thing I saw today on Twitter. No big deal. I don't think there is a 'problem' or no ish like that.

Bun B's take on the Hip Hop Honors..

I want my flowers while I am still here...-Bun B.

Chad..(Inside joke).I mean Miike Brown officially fired...

The Cleveland Cavaliers have finally parted ways with Mike Brown. I am not sure if it happened before the midnight deadline that would have paid him his 4.5 million dollars for next season's contract but I do now know he is officially gone. According to here anyway.(As you probably do too.) So now who I am going to joke about? I won't be TOO HARD on Mike but lets just say his rotations, lack of creativity and well lack of criticizing Lebron at times. (Hard to do most times but needed.)

I am sure he is disappointed but honestly after going from watching film for Jerry Sloan to head coaching a phenom, he has to feel some kinda good. Sure people like you or I are have criticized him TO DEATH but he is paid and he will get another gig. Trust me. Hopefully he sees his mistakes and does well. I have no ill will towards the man. I know I don't speak for everyone though. 60 wins or more is nothing to sneeze at people.

Jimmie Reign...May 25, 2010...album...

I posted about her before.

Peep her here on Centric's blog.

As I always say, I don't put these people up here for shits and giggles. They are talented. Can't wait to cop the album.

Boondocks...Uncle Ruckus gets a shot to sing...


Once it is gone....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phil Jackson got jokes. Sager's suit...

Rondo made a helluva play. But was it a violation though?

I mean....I had a VERY CREDIBLE explanation given to me by a person I know who 'referee's'..He said no but it was borderline. He said that being as though he planted his hand on top of the ball and used it to get up, there was no violation. Not necessarily that the placement of the hand was important but that he used the ball to get up.....

My issue is this...

I have no problem with the slide...That is a no call to me. Nor him even controlling the ball. Again, he is supposed to. He got up though. That is where I am baffled at. I thought you weren't allowed to get up and take steps without a dribble happening first. A la a Curly Neal type move. The ball was dead on the floor. Having seen people get called for a travel for EVEN ATTEMPTING TO GET UP in a PRO GAME (AND ON OTHER LEVELS)NO LESS, I was surprised none was called then. It was a SPECTACULAR PLAY. For real. No doubt about that. I just want to know if the ref blew the call. If he were dribbling the ball and he had put his hands on the side of it like he did when he got up, they would have called a palm. That is my issue. I think he did blow the call. I thought he traveled with it. Yes, they travel all the time. I know...I know..but that was blatant as hell.

My timeline wouldn't touch the question (Sans the 'ref') What say you? Was it a violation? Was it not? Would you have had the guts to call it if it was or do you think the ref did the right thing? (Seeing as though they were getting spanked anyway..) Answers people! I want to know.

(In fairness, people not on my timeline said the same thing. It was a violation. The rest? No comment on it either other than it was a helluva highlight...)

The play in question...(For those of you who live under a rock and didn't see it..)

You stay classy Complex Magazine....

Seems as if someone over at Complex doesn't like Phonte...lol

I mean they got real personal on 'The How I Got Over' review of THE ROOTS ALBUM. I mean, I could see if it was a review for the Foreign Exchange or even Little Brother. It was not.

We get it. You don't like him and you don't have to like him. You probably need to get your thong outta your ass though. @ the straight shots taken in this review. Your slip is showing and I can see the color of your thong. Not a good look.

Now before I get accused of having a hard on for him myself, I will maintain ONCE AGAIN, that everyone doesn't have to like the man. At all. I dig that. I have a friend that pretty much loves to go in on me about him pretty much every time we talk music. No issues there. My issue is that this isn't HIS PROJECT so it looks extra tasteless TO THROW JABS at him. Makes it sound real personal. That is my issue/reason for making the post. It is pretty bitchy in my opinion to make the remarks in the review. To each his own though I suppose.

Here is the 'review'...

Now or Never

LMAO @ bringing up him singing on the track knowing that he sings too. I mean, I am to assume since they let this person do this review that they DO KNOW THAT. Matter of fact, I am certain of it. That being said...

The Day

Another glancing blow. Let me found out a jilted lover is behind this review of an album that he is only FEATURED on....

Jason Williams wasn't happy last night...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Montana DeLeon on T.I's new mixtape....

Joe Buddens and Esther Baxter...

Been a minute since I posted up Joey...