Thursday, October 4, 2012

@Jeanne_Jolly's new album X Angels X new video X Sweet Love shot by @pricefilms

Jeanne Jolly performing with The Foreign Exchange in Philly...

I am so grateful for the day I got introduced to Jeanne's musical abilities due to the 'An Evening With The Foreign Exchange' taping. Every since then, I have been ENAMORED with her talent, listening to her music and catching her via whatever medium I could. For the last two days I have been listening to the lush sounds of her new album (Which can be heard on her WEBSITE for free if you want to listen before buying it). I just wanted to enjoy it a bit before I wrote about it. I figured I at least should do that EVEN THOUGH I HAD NO DOUBT it would be good. It is very good. Just in time for Fall. Her blend of her Southern roots, Jazz and classical training always amounts to a good time for my ears. Very diverse artist.

I think she has proven she can tackle whatever 'genre' of music you through her way and I flat out refuse to put her in a box musically. Remember, she is a CLASSICALLY TRAINED artist, having toured all over North America with Grammy Award winning jazz trumpeter Chris Botti as well as her many performances with The Foreign Exchange. 

Enough about that though...Lets get into her latest video and then I will post up some stuff that will further showcase her talents... (If you are lucky enough, one of her songs may have come up on the music player when you entered the site. There are a few on there after all.) 

You can listen to this album RIGHT NOW ON JEANNE'S WEBSITE... >>>> I am hoping the local radio station here in the area I live in took HEED to my advice and will consider bringing her to town at The Queen.

You can buy her album  ITunesAmazon+FE Music, or ON HER SITE AT HER webstore!

Her and Zo!