Thursday, October 18, 2012

(Video) The Hip Hopular Opinion: The Washington D.C. Episode X @Wale, State of Hip Hop & @FATTREL DISCUSSED in this ep..

 This episode, Ike Love visits HangTime BarberShop (6908 4th St Nw
(between N Butternut St & N Blair Rd)
Washington, DC 20012
In the Takoma Neighborhood) in the Nation's capital to see what the hip hop fans there think about the State of Hip Hop. Males and females participated in the debate and I must say, not surprisingly to me anyway, the women repped hard.

Of course the topic of Wale came up as IT SHOULD. Ditto with Fat Trel. I would have been disappointed if NEITHER cat was mentioned. He had some DEFENDERS in this discussion as well as some...well...just watch the video. You thought it got hotly contested on Twitter? Tune in to find out what SOME of the people in D.C. had to say. Remember, there is no coaching in this footage. The questions were asked and the people responded.