Friday, October 5, 2012

I think we KNOW someone like this here.. Ole Christopher Columbus ass cats...

I must know the person that writes these. I swear I must. "Cause that is EXACTLY what I call folks who do this. @ Columbus.

From the latest 'drink', to the most MUNDANE THINGS LIKE..."ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAIL', folks LOVE TO RUN UP ON OTHER FOLKS WITH CLAIMS of having 'discovered something you other niggas aren't on..."

Take the song Bandz for instance..

I'm not dissing Juicy J either.. I'm dissing THE REST OF YOU WHO KEEP RUNNING UP ON ME WITH THIS REVELATION. Duh...

NO SHIT BANDZ MAKE HER DANCE. She works in a fucking STRIP CLUB WHERE THEY.. wait for it... throw money at her so that she can then.... dance. This has been the concept in the strip club, white or black ones, since...well.... THE STRIP CLUB WAS INVENTED. Long before it was actually called that. Shit, 'bandz' made her dance in the Whorehouse too IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANTED HER TO DO. It was your bread in exchange for services renders. 

But noooooooo...I've seen 'some of you' actually get appalled that 'white folks' actually 'get the meaning of the song' and are out here mad 'cause they like it. As if Scores and plenty of other white shake joints don't make money..lmao Y'all slay me out here. 

Another low key example of this Christoper Columbus shit is this 'Making a movie' bullshit y'all out here proclaiming you are doing when you go to 'the club'. Naw nigga... you are going to the club. Period. 

Oh you saw some girl giving neck in the club? That is Studio 54 shit my nig... Been happening.. 

Oh you popped more bottles than Diddy? Doubt that but JUST IN CASE YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE..

We won't even talk about the countless number of 'NON CELEBRITIES' that have bought out the bar, had the girls going Wild, and all of that other stuff. You didn't 'discover'/INVENT/WHATEVER how to party. You discovered that YOU COULD PARTY. Get it right. You better go watch that 30/30 "Broke' special if you think you invented ANY OF THE COON SHIT YOU ARE OUT HERE DOING... Trust me, someone has done it bigger and better AND THEY MAY NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN YOUR SKIN COLOR. How you love that?  

I could be here all day naming things folks 'swear that only they do' that were derived from other folks. I will digress though.... 

So yeah... hats off to you folks who think no one knows that 'your thing' isn't really 'your thing' and you took it from someone else. We see you outchea... It isn't even that it is bad that you 'took it from someone else' as we all borrow things from time to time. It is the fact that you are acting like you invented it that is troubling.