Friday, February 10, 2012

(Video) If you are a kid, you will hate this. If you are parent you will love it. Dad shoots her laptop..

*tears* I mean he told her the next time she gets on Facebook and acts out what it was going to be. She didn't believe him. Bet she believes him now though.... (He probably didn't think 2 million people would see this video....wait..he is an IT person...HE KNEW FOLKS WOULD SEE IT...)

Would have taken it to this extreme? Probably not. But I understand.....(Chris Rock voice) I truly do.

I should 'correct' the title. Some of you who have kids would enjoy this. I know there are some of you out there who would NEVER cuss at your kids. Ever. Good for you btw. Hope it leads to a profane language free adult. (I doubt it but eh...)  I know that part of the video probably bothers most of you. I understand. I don't agree but I understand. He felt he needed to take a drastic step. He did. *

*I wouldn't get too in a tizzy about the gun.... He is on his land. Looked kinda flat too. I'm guessing he is in one of the more 'gun friendly' states. I wouldn't worry too much about him on that end. @ what kinda charges he might get.