Monday, February 13, 2012

Tammi Latrell's blog post: It All Started With Her: How Whitney Houston Changed My Life

It All Started With Her: How Whitney Houston Changed My Life

I hope somewhere there is a budding songwriter who reads this and keeps writing. Only gonna put up a piece. Go read the rest at the link..

Whitney Houston will forever be in my heart. Without her blessing I wouldn't be where I am today....


It all started when I got the phone call that Whitney Houston was singing my song, "Whatchulookinat" on the radio.

From that point on my life changed. I was thrusted into the career of a professional songwriter. The album went platinum and I graciously reaped the rewards. I was evem able to put myself through college and because of my placement on Whitney's album, EMI Music Publishing President of North America Creative Jon Platt saw enough potential in me and offered me a co-publishing deal. I was exposed to whole new world of the music industry, the creative back-end of the business....I was now apart of an elite talented group of songwriters and producers that labels turned to, to write/produce their artists next hit. From there came opportunities to work with Chamillionaire (The Sound Of Revenge - 2005), then came the Keyshia Cole placement, "Fallin' Out" (Just Like You - 2007) along with some of the most brilliant creators I only dreamed of meeting and working with.

And to think, this all came from Ms. Houston listening to lyrics I wrote (a young girl from Hiram Clarke - Houston, TX) when I was pissed off at some chicks eyeing me and my boyfriend in the

"see I don't understand, why you keep peeping me, when you don't even like're after me and my man, don't think you're stressing me, cuz your words don't excite me..."