Friday, February 10, 2012

(Music/Thoughts) My official 'thoughts' on @Rapsodymusic's 'For Everything'...

(Music/Thoughts) My official 'thoughts' on @Rapsodymusic's 'For Everything'... ~ CarolinaWare's own: The WareHouse

Rapsody and 9th in Baltimore at Sonar
If you are 'new' to the blog or just have never seen me 'write' about music, you should probably know that I don't do 'reviews' in the traditional sense. I am not here to 'bash' anyone's dream nor am I here to listen to music REPEATEDLY (I mean how do you speak on something in depth that you only listen to once or twice..) if I don't like it. That's just how it goes. I don't have to 'love' it all the way but I at least have to 'like it'. It doesn't bring me joy to 'tear down folks' like it seems to bring a lot of ya'lls favorite 'bloggers'. I don't get off on that. I'd rather use that energy and creative wit to help someone. Not go at someone I don't feel should be 'exalted' Sorry. My rules. My blog. If that somehow 'cheapens' this for you then so be it... Besides if I 'reviewed' in the traditional sense, it would be about as long as this paragraph. Seriously. I am pretty succinct when it comes to writing about things that I don't like to that extent.

Anyhow, back to the topic at HAND. Marlena she has told you in her OWN RAPS...or Rapsody, as some of you know her as. MC in 9th Wonder's camp. Lets talk about this 'For Everything' she has blessed the masses with. Track by track...

Pace Myself produced by 9th Wonder:

This track is EXACTLY how I would want an intro track to go. Most folks 'skimp' on their opening joint and may pick a beat that isn't very versatile, talk your head off for a bit about what the 'album' is gonna be, shout out folks and the like. Which is cool. I just love it when the MC goes RIGHT IN. Which is what she did. The track itself is a haunting yet mellow joint that would probably get you a ticket somewhere in between Henderson and Dinwiddie (Section of I-85 that stretches from NC to VA). Kenny Loggins FTW @ the sample. I found myself getting lost in her words the first few listens THEN after REALLY LISTENING TO THE BEAT, getting lost and zoning out in it.

Stand out bars:

They say the company you keep you are. I'm Valvano.* Youngin' sick with the flow like.....

The Autobiography of M.E. produced by 9th Wonder:

Loved the way this joint was tracked and mixed (Shoutout to Khrysis)...Effortless transition from Pace Myself to this joint (I believe Mr. Loggins is again part of this sample. Could be wrong though).

As far as the 'meaning of the song', I mean read the title. Everything that you may have wanted to know about Rapsody that she hasn't already covered, she dabs into it. @ her childhood. From her parents, to some high school things to just how she got to Raleigh. I won't spoil it too much for you. Just listen to the track. Even I FOUND OUT SOME THINGS ABOUT HER I didn't 'know' and I have made it my business to try to find out as much about her as possible. Everyday living track. Most folks should be able to relate to what she is spitting about honestly.

Standout Bars:

.....Class President. Became a Raleigh resident. Doctored the flows there but didn't study medicine..

My teacher would say I was falling short of my grades. It coincided with the organization that we had made..that birthed Kooley High and that I met 9th through. H to the 2 to the O** and for U...

A Crush Groove produced by 9th Wonder:

This track is one I uploaded on my 13 year old's Ipod and phone without telling her. Set it as her ring tone just to see her reaction. She has FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. I mean all the way in love with it. Why did I upload it? Well if you are a Father with ANY SENSE OF REALISM about you, you know your little girl is gonna feel the way Rapsody feels about the young man in the song (and vice versa). I thought the song was a PERFECT explanation of how a male/female relationship should evolve at that age. Not that she is allowed to date mind you but you gotta start somewhere. (That's another blog post for you insecure males out here with daughters. I got one coming. Stay tuned.) That's why I gave her the song to listen to. If you aren't a parent, that last part made zero sense to you probably and it is okay. Just tuck it in your hat for future reference.... Ya'll thought I was gonna use this to diss Nicki didn't you? Nope. Room for everyone. Just trying to show her there are other dope MCs out there too. That's all.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say this about this track too. I feel like her and 9th got in the studio with something to prove on this joint. I hear EMPD/Jodeci in the drum patterns (which in turn means I hear Steve Miller/ZZ Top/Kool in The Gang and I believe The Honey Drippers..I'm missing someone..oh well. Homage paid.) and believe that Prototype was sampled here too. Again, the folks at JAMLA will see this and if I am wrong, I don't mind being corrected. I put this joint on in the truck and it RATTLED EVERYTHING. Made me wish I had the 12's back in it. I mean the beat is just mean and vicious. I also feel like a certain MC in Toronto along with with a certain "Ark" like named producer might have fueled this particular session. I think they out 'did 'em' with their own style. Just my opinion. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. It's okay.

RAPSODY - A CRUSH GROOVE from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Standout bars:

The first one I called after every date night. To tell you how it all went and talk about my love life. Hoping you'd be jealous of it. But I could never tell if you was or if you wasn't..

Tell me you never FELT that before on EITHER SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM? @ that line...

The Woman's Work produced by 9th Wonder:

9th with the Maxwell sample.... Classic chop. Rapsody paying homage in this one while bigging up woman. What's not to love about that? Another one of those 'Oh you thought I just popped up outta nowhere' tracks. She lets it be known. She also pretty much tells you who her favorite MCs are and where the style she has came from. Listen carefully but don't worry. It isn't the last time she tells you.

Standout Bars:

Used to ride nights listening to Phonte and Jay-Z....touring with 'em my heroes in NYC..saw Cole...Wale..they all say they fucking with me..

A Woman's Work here is never done. Call me Young Billie Holiday cause I'm never Unsung...

For Everything produced by Khrysis:

Khrysis on the beat with the reflective type vibe. Rapsody with a another glimpse into her upbringing and how her core values where established. 3 minutes and thirty seconds of your time well spent.

Standout Bars:

Taught me in Life..ain't no short streets. Anything come fast...It's gonna be that brief..

Ain't Worthy Of Love- Ft. GQ Produced by Amp:

There's a saying amongst JAMLA fans (known as the JAMLA ARMY) about the producer of this track. It is an endearing one actually but to the naked eye it might sound like a diss. I believe it was adopted by 9th himself (or at least I have heard him say it on Ustream myself) It is simple.


You listen to this MOP sampled track he did for Ain't Worthy and you to will 'hate Amp'. Hate him for how he has you making that face that LL Cool J describes when you hear 'really good hip hop'. On that 'What the FUCK IS THAT?" type time. Yes, this song is that good. Then Rapsody has the AUDACITY to come through and give warnings and drop jewels about the folks who 'aren't worthy' in your life and your need to get rid of 'em to? Sheit... Just listen to the track.

Standout bars:

(Rapsody) These niggas ain't worthy love ask 'em. I'm for real. Fake down to their accents. Playing hard while at night these niggas be back bent. I look down on 'em. Call 'em all T. Braxtons..7 whole days how weak they be actin'...

These heffas ain't worthy of love. Promise. They only take your dough and want drama. Confusing. Like is it you? Your mans....

(GQ) It's got me laughing now I'm rapping with a smirk and shit. Clown nigga act like he was born up in a circus tent... Look in the mirror and see nothing but a they lost like they lost they direction (Can't help you though..)....

4:20 produced by Khrysis:

How do you pay homage to a 'pass time'/give those folks something to do their favorite activity and STILL maintain your own belief in not doing said thing? Like this. @ the song. I like how Khrysis used her voice to tell the story in between her spitting..


...So I stay away from heights (Khrysis cuts in her voice in another cadence: I was young. Seventeen.) I ain't no how to inhale it like a fiend...

Very fucking creative song indeed. Then for him to carry it over into the hook of the song just puts it over the top. It's just that simple. The beat just GOES and she spits hot Dylan over that joint.

JAMLA GIRLS AND JAMLA BOYS produced by 9th Wonder:

Sample is pretty clear here (If you don't know it is Aaliyah's Rock The Boat) and well done. Makes you want to go to 95 LIVE and hear 9th rock out all night. Never been? That's cool. Rapsody takes you on your own personal tour in this song. Feel good joint.

Standout Bars:

Some old flames I knew in past....You wanna reconnect? Well I think I'll let 'em just pass...

Again. That's a real moment. I think we've all been in the party and saw something from the past and said 'Naw..I'm not on that type time anymore babe..I'm COOL.. Good seeing you. Peace."

ABC/GUILTY produced by Eric G:

Eric G laced her with a haunting track and Rapsody proceeds to run through the alphabet in her own way. You don't even notice it at first. It is really subtle. Still spitting raw too. No nursery rhymes here. Then the song SWITCHES UP... Eric G has an affinity for early certain types of songs I see. (See the Patti Austin sample on "Lampin") I won't give this sample away 'cause they like to do lil contests and the like. I'm curious to see who gets it myself (or if I am even correct.) Guilty, the second part of this track is wrought with emotion. Speaking on a 'relationship', she goes through the dark side of things...

Standout bars: (I gave one up top already..This one is from the Guilty part of the track..)

You can blame me for a lot wrongs that I've done here. Checking your phone wondering whose called here. And when you gone, I be wondering "Who you chilling with?"...Insecurity stem emotions from past relationships....

Again..just more 'real walkie talkie'. @ that line..

A Cold Winter ft. Freeway produced by Amp:

Another Amp banger. More reasons to hate him. Samples Freeway's part on "What We Do" ft. him and Jay-Z... Rapsody goes in and so does Freeway. I always did like Freeway. These type of beats are his LANE for real.

Standout bars:

(Rapsody) Better get your scarves and skullies ready. Rap spit the rap cold. Da White Betty...

(Freeway) Fresh off the intermission. Right back in the kitchen. Feed the customers. This is hustler's ambition. Man listen..This is raw..Not a gram missing..36 O's of that pure shit. Forfeit....

All Black Everything produced by Eric G.:

Another Eric G banger. Her play on the word 'black' in the song though....Yikes. Here are some examples...

Standout bars:

A stack of all black jeans 'cause I'm never goin' slack. Black boyshorts on my ass.....

Black sunglasses 'cause my future Bright Molasses. Blackberry write my rhymes in 'em every night. They scary. Black scarves represent scars. Nooses that they hung THE FIVE and they hanging on my words. Deuces. To BLACK NOT TO BE A FAN OF MICHAEL JACK. Word the Bible colors all black just like my scully cap...

Live It Up ft. @bluusuede produced by Khrysis:

Another dope track....Bluu Suede KILLS THE HOOK. If you don't know about Bluu Suede, got get familiar...

Standout bars:

Big Boi..Outkast..Out last..any doubt mighta crossed your mind in the near past. This be on minds in the night when I drive fast. In my lane..Rapsody the name and I know my task.....

Rock The Bells ft. Kendrick Lamar produced by Khrysis:

If you follow Kendrick Lamar, you know that him and 9th/JAMLA have a relationship of sorts anyway. So this collab shouldn't shock you.

Yo Khrysis, 'What the fuck is this?" @ the beat. This joint goes dumb hard.

Cats are out here sleeping on all three of these folks. The beat maker and the two MCs... I've heard some say Kendrick isn't 'that good'. Sheit.. You better listen harder. They both just blacked out on the track. Short and sweet.

Standout bars:

(Rapsody) Pull out like two nines and I aim it dead at they eyes. And tell 'em 'Lyrically motherfucker you have met your demise"....

(K. Dot) Don't chime in my business.You'll run into an atomic (?) collision .. You knew my colonic was different...I'm shittin'......

This is a track that will have you rewinding back like 'They said what again? Hold up...Bring that back..."

Dear Friends produced by 9th Wonder:

Your favorite rapper/producer/dj/football/basketball star probably gets mentioned here. Just so you know that they are a fan of Rapsody and DEFINITELY know who she is. Even if this is your first introduction to her.

Needless to say...this joint has made my playlist. Hope ya'll enjoy it.

*Jim Valvano...N.C State Coach. Died of Cancer..

**H2O was the name of the group that Kooley High (Rapsody's original group..she is still a member fyi) was a part of.