Tuesday, March 26, 2013

(Recipe) *Sighs* By popular demand: The Grits Casserole Recipe


Pretty sure if you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you've seen me 'cooking'. I mean, you don't get to be a 'big strong man' by waiting for someone else to 'cook for you' so yes, I CAN COOK. Well, might I add. Anyway, here is a recipe that some of you have been clamoring for....WELL.... FOREVER. I'm going to give it out. I suggest you screenshot it or something. It might go 'poof' on you. lol 

I made one THIS MORNING. Yes it was good. I think it is the only thing I ate today as a matter of fact. It is that filling. Even if you 'don't like grits', you should 'try it out'. I've converted MANY A PERSON who doesn't like them with this one recipe alone. **

I've 'threatened' to put this recipe up before to the dismay of some and to the PURE DELIGHT OF MANY. Well today I am going to put it up. Whether it stays UP is another story but I am willing to put it out there due to the INCREASED requests for emails and such. I'm even going to give loose instructions. (My suggestion to you is TO HONESTLY use your own methods after you fool with it a couple of times. Some of you may find your OWN VARIATION of the recipe like I did.) 

So without further adieu, here we go....Some of you are about to get TWO LESSONS. The first being the casserole but the SECOND BEING HOW TO MAKE GRITS PERIOD. Here's what you will need: 

One whole onion

A bag of celery (You may or may not use all of it. That is YOUR CALL..I do.) 

One whole green pepper (Again, size varies depending on how much you like green peppers. I prefer a large green pepper myself so..) 

Now I happen to use spinach and garlic too as I like them. You don't HAVE TO. The base veggies are good ALONE. I try to add some other 'value' to the dish. Plus, I like both of them so there's that. If you DO DECIDE to add these two into the mix, add them LAST after you've cooked down the first three. Both of these take NO TIME TO COOK SO YOU WILL BURN THEM OTHERWISE AND WHILE I LIKE MY CELERY, ONIONS AND PEPPERS 'CHARRED', my spinach and garlic I don't. Also, chop the spinach a bit. That way it will distribute evenly. Leaving it whole will work but you will find it BIG CLUMPS instead of bits like the rest of the things you are adding to the dish. 

Cream of Chicken Soup (The low cal/sodium version works GREAT WITH THIS RECIPE due to the many other ingredients. I've used both) 

Shredded Cheese (Chedder, Cheddar Jack, Mexican blend... all work. A combo all work.. again, depending on what you actually LIKE.. ) 

2 CUPS OF GRITS. (Meaning, you need to boil 6 CUPS OF WATER....add the grits and CHECK THE GRITS for those of you who are challenged in the art of making grits. You should be able to take your spoon and DRAG* it through the grits and they bounce RIGHT BACK into the place you just removed your spoon from. If it is 'soup', they aren't stiff enough. Keep COOKING THEM. Do NOT COOK THEM TO THE POINT THAT YOU CANNOT DRAG YOUR SPOON THROUGH THEM. Going to be kinda hard to mix things with them WHEN THEY ARE THAT STIFF. Even with CHEESE, YOU SHOULD ABLE TO GET YOUR GRITS TO THIS CONSISTENCY. Matter of fact, the cheese will MAKE IT CREAMY if you do it right. In the event that you can't get them EXACTLY right, remember that it will be baked so 'SOME' of the water may be absorbed UP. You should be okay. Just try to get it as CLOSE to that consistency that I described. 

A BAKING PAN. It doesn't have to be SUPER DEEP but I would suggest using a deep one. That way, when you spoon it out, there is a nice serving given. 

*Drag = stir for the most part. I used that term because you can 'stir' soupy grits too but it takes more of an effort when you have to 'drag' the spoon through. 

Cook two cups worth of grits. You can make them cheese grits of you want but do not make them too thick or too watery.  You will be combining them with other stuff so do not make them too stiff.

Take one whole onion, about 7-8 stalks of celery and Green pepper,  chop them up and saut√© them in a pan.  I suggest using Pam or Olive Oil honestly. It just works better and is lighter. Besides, 

What you see here is where I was combining grits with sausage and grits. I was making two at a time.  Veggie pan for the second one is to the left. 

You can add whatever veggie you like btw.  I add spinach and garlic personally. I'd experiment with different veggies and see what you come up with. 

Cook one roll of sausage in a separate pan.  Drain and let it sit. As with the veggies, you can use OTHER TYPES OF MEAT. Turkey ground (I've done this with great success) w/some sage and a light salt, hamburger, etc, etc.. I have even done a seafood one (shrimp..even though I couldn't really eat as I am allergic..crab..salmon, etc, etc) 

Add cooked veggies with the sausage. 

Take out your baking pan and add your sausage and veggies first then combine the grits in. 

You will need a can of cream of chicken. Spoon it out and spread it evenly over your mixture of grits, sausage and veggies. 

Shredded cheese as well for the top of the casserole. Again, spread evenly... Make sure you get the corners. 

I bake mine at about 375 or so. Give it about 45 mins under foil then another 10 MINS without it or until the top crusts up.  It is better the next day but you probably won't be able to wait so long so let it set for about 20 mins. 

Enjoy and DON'T TELL MY MOMMA I GAVE THIS OUT. She will have my head.... "Hi Momma!" 

** I have to add that I don't think some of you have had grits in the proper setting, i.e. Bob Evans or some dive that has them 'pre made' and sitting out. Naw B. You need to go to someone's HOUSE and have them make them before you declare you don't 'like them'. lol The vast majority of you haven't had them made properly enough to even utter the words, "I don't like them". You truly haven't 'had them'.