Thursday, March 21, 2013

(Feature/2 X Chromosome) @thelees_ X @iamleahmichelle

I know y'all remember my girl, Leah Michelle right? Well, she has a SISTER that is just as bad as she is. They've decided to team up TOGETHER to take on the World. Smart move... Keep scrolling down for more of Rylan_Ashlee

"The Lees" better known as Rylan Ashlee and Leah Michelle, are sisters and business partners from Virginia. They have recently started their own website and online store called Glamour Gang ( launching soon) which will feature a variety of blogs and retail merchandise. They are two powerful, intelligent women who have the drive and motivation to succeed. Although they could pass for twins, they are not, and when put together their two different personalities created a force which will be soon recognized. 

(Carolinaware, you need to EDIT THIS below!!!!!!!!!!) 

How the whole thing started was during our trip to LA. We already had a business plan for Glamour Gang, however we thought about how to actually get people to visit our site and buy our stuff and we thought the best way would be to brand us as public figures. We call ourselves the "black kardashians" because we love how they took their name, branded it, and are creating an empire from their brand, and since we are sisters it fits.

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