Thursday, March 21, 2013

(Life) For the ladies who want to know all about cars: @girlsautoclinic

I think you've seen 'Banksonit" on the blog in another capacity but she is also a FULL FUNCTIONING MECHANIC. As in, she can get under your hood, tell you what's wrong with your whip and FIX IT type mechanic. Not a model playing mechanic. Check out her Facebook and of course her Twitter....

Here's today entry from her.

Today, a co-worker came up to me and said I had a flat tire. 2 years ago I would have panicked and immediately asked for help from anyone. 

I was a little concerned as I just changed my tires in February. But I went outside and checked it out anyway. The tire was low, not flat. 

I had an inexpensive air compressor in my trunk and I used that to pump it up. I inspected the tire as much as I could with my car on the ground to look for any signs of a leak. I also checked the tire valve stem (where you put air in the tires) and found that it was leaking air. These things cost like $1.00 each!

I'm going to take my car back to the place I bought the tires and tire valve stems and see if they will replace the stem at no cost. It is only $1 but the tire must be dismounted and remounted on the rim in order to replace the stem.

I feel so great being able to solve this problem on my own!!!