Thursday, February 23, 2012

(Words) So WHEN folks DO TELL YOU THEY HAVE SOMEONE & it doesn't matter to you...

You may remember this little post I did on 'Social Networking and everyone not being 'available' on it:

Well, in that post, I PROMISED to touch on what happens when FOLKS DO TELL YOU THAT THEY HAVE SOMEONE and what people STILL PROCEED to talk to the person anyway. Some of you DON'T STOP after you find out. You keep drawing lines in the sand and crossing them off one by one. It is just the truth. You do. No judging you from me believe it or not for DOING IT. I'm standing over here in judgment because you won't admit it. lol Admit it. Some of you know but don't want to look bad out here. It is understandable except for the fact that there is a WHOLE LOT OF YOU OUT HERE. I would even garner a guess that you are close to the majority. It definitely isn't 30/70 out here like folks want you to believe. Nope. Not at all.

Can we stop acting AND FAKING IT OUT HERE? Just once. 'Cause the truth of the matter is this...

Unless you are just a COMPLETE IDIOT, you pretty much know the following:

A. When someone you are interested in might have someone....

B. What you are going to do when they finally tell you dependent on their 'response'... 

It is RARELY  a case of you being COMPLETELY caught off guard at the 'news' that someone has a person in their life. Whether you knowing stems from when you get to talk to to them, see them, or whatever. It is just a matter of when one of the two of you decides to stop playing games and get it out there.

Of course you may have different levels of what you are willing to 'participate in' ONCE YOU FIND OUT if you are out here ignoring signals but you aren't cutting folks off. FOH with that 'indignant' I'mma leave 'em alone after my feelings are all up in it. How do I know? It is simple.

The first time your 'senses' (especially you self proclaimed KNOW IT ALL TYPES..) tells you that they may have someone instead of fleeing what do you do? You start to come up with 'excuses' why either it isn't true or it is okay to 'continue'. Lets just tell the truth. Which in turn, is why I personally don't wanna hear the self righteous, "I would never talk to taken..." crap when I KNOW FOR A FACT 90% OF YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS TAKEN. Now let me reiterate that I don't 'CARE' who you talk to. Taken or not. I really don't. You just aren't gonna be out here shaming folks who 'do get caught up out here talking to/dealing with/seeing/flirting/texting/fucking/whatever' like you are as pure as undriven in snow, when you DO THE SAME THING. That's all I'm saying. Miss me ALL THE WAY with that shit. 

Again, I understand there are different levels of things. 

Some of you are out here looking for your 'ego' boost that you currently aren't getting from either your MAN/WOMEN or due to the lack of a 'claimable'* man or woman in your life. So you aren't going to do much but flirt and share a pic or two. Maybe a phone call is about as far as you are going. 

Some of you....just....LOOK...YOU KNOW YOURSELF. You know you are in it to win it. Once you lock in, you go on ahead and shoot your target. You just can't put down your spear. You gotta get that kill. Men and women. It isn't one particular gender so don't come at me with that. I've seen it. If you are like this and you aren't out here RUNNING at the first signs of someone being involved, you are NO BETTER THAN THE FOLKS YOU WANT TO RIP for 'getting caught'. Understand that. Some of you act like you are. You need to stop.

Oh and WHILE I AM UP HERE.. This 'Skype/Ovoo/me thing some of ya'll have going on. Yeah.. Now, EVEN IF YOU ARE CLEAR about your intentions about getting on Skype with someone, I gotta wonder about what they REALLY ARE if you are doing it from your bedroom, changing clothes in front of a nigga, skyping with your shirt off and all of that. Blurry line man. That's all I'm saying. Let me see you Skype a cat from the backyard or the Grocery Store so I know it is real or some other generic place so I know it is real. All the videos (that were leaked by some cowardly folks) seem to take place in REAL INTIMATE places..if you know what I mean... What else is one to think?

You can't get mad if someone EXPECTS MORE if you are CLAMORING TO SEE THEM IN REAL TIME via a video. You just can't. Lets stop the charade. doesn't mean they 'own you' or anything dumb like that but lets just stop acting like 'hearing and seeing them' isn't some type of stimulation and can't be confused with something else. **

*Almost everyone has some 'options' out here. It is whether or not you decide to 'claim your prizes' @ those folks that like you. Again, I'm no idiot. Unless you live in a bubble, there is always a 'someone' ALWAYS. Very few of you are TAKING TRUE HIATUSES out here between relationships/bonding experiences/fuck buddying GONE TOO FAR/ETC/ETC....So yeah. There's always someone. Never forget that.

**Unless of course it is STRICTLY BUSINESS for your WORK and MANDATED by your company. Just want to put that out there. All skyping/videoing isn't bad. Even if it isn't for work. Some of ya'll are banging under false pretenses though and you know it.