Sunday, February 12, 2012

(Words) My thoughts are with Bobbi Kristina....

First of all, R.I.P. to Whitney Houston. Lets start off there. No, I don't 'know' any of them. Lets clear that up too. smh. Doesn't stop me from feeling for them though. It's called being a decent human being. Some of you should try it out sometimes.

I have been relatively quiet on the subject, sans a few RTs here and there because my thoughts on the subject go IMMEDIATELY to her child. I actually CAN imagine how she is feeling (along with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS...AND MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE WENT THROUGH THAT..) so that is where my thoughts go. Not to 'who' is to 'blame' for her trials and tribulations (I'll get to that in a minute though. Trust me..). Not to the reality show. Straight to Bobbi Christina. I know she is in an amount of pain she has never even come CLOSE TO EXPERIENCING at a young age. While definitely not the first child to lose a parent early on in their travels to adulthood, she has a unique set of challenges ahead. Very critical time in her life. I've seen all the prayers extended towards her though and I am pulling for her in these trying times.

Here she is singing Adele's Someone Like You....

As far as speculating on who is to 'blame' for Whitney's 'downfall:

I think it is INCREDIBLY unfair to blame Bobby Brown for much of anything truthfully. Whatever issues that Whitney had were HERS (and she was fighting them as we saw). I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ONE PERSON is to blame for her issues. I just can't do it. Sorry. It is easy. It is convenient to blame him as we love to pass 'blame' on SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. I won't take today (or any other) to just GO IN ABOUT THAT. It is a disease. She had it. @ her addictions. She was a human being. The end.

Rather than sit here and dwell on the BAD ABOUT WHITNEY HOUSTON AND BE GOSSIPY, I'd rather just enjoy the memories. Rest in Power Whitney. Go on ahead and take you place in the choir up there*


*As for you folks on the Internet 'telling people how to mourn'....Save it. Folks are gonna do what they do. Some people have actual GOOD MEMORIES and they are tied to music and songs. Don't be mad that you don't have that connection to something. Or that you don't care about Life or treasure it. That's not our fault fam. Take that bitter beer face shit somewhere else.