Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(Words) Ah..searching for others pain on Twitter...the Life of ya'lls idols on the Net I tell ya..


The fact that some of ya'lls Modus operandi (M.O.) OUTCHEA IN THESE STREETS IS TO GARNER ATTENTION via other folks misery ALL THE TIME is some sad shit. We, as in black people/minorities/down trodden/whatever, ALWAYS WANT TO CITE THE 'TACTICS' OF THOSE IN POWER. We say, "They never let us live down our mistakes.." "They magnify them to SUCH GREAT DEPTH that it isn't fair." 

Yet, here most of you are.....not letting folks live down their mistakes. Magnifying folks mistakes to hide your OWN. Coincidence? I think not. You motherfuckers seem to thrive on the pain of others. No bullshit. It is 75% of what I see you RT and 110% of what most of ya'll Twitter/Facebook/gossip rag/etc/etc folks DO. Thrive off of the misery of others. That is what I am going to speak on today. The ABSOLUTE OBSESSION SOME OF YOU SEEM TO HAVE WITH OTHERS MISERY... 

I like jokes. I like to laugh at myself. I've done some INCREDIBLY stupid things that thankfully, only me, myself and I have seen. (No, I will not be arming you pompous idiots with any of that information. I'm not an fool. Fuck would I give you ammo for? FOH..) I DON'T MIND IT WHEN FOLKS POINT OUT OTHER FOLKS 'flaws, shortcomings, whatever' either but I don't want to hear the SAME SHIT OUT OF YOU EVERY DAY. That's what I see. Ya'll retweet, quote, recite, etc, some of the most MISERABLE MOTHERFUCKERS ON THE PLANET. I won't ask the rhetorical why either. I'm going to just go ahead and be just as gossipy/petty/thoughtless/fucked up and you and your idol and assume you are masking some sort of fucked up situation in your Life. That is the ONLY FATHOMABLE reason I can see you taking this much pleasure in other folk's misery. I can't see it it any other way because a NORMAL HAPPY MOTHERFUCKER wouldn't be running around here using the Twitter search function to see who is having the most fucked up day so they can 'feel better about their situation'.* So you (and the folks who are eating that shit up like a kid at McDonald's) must not feel good about your lives outchea. Misery loves company and all that ole other shit. That's YOU. Let me be clear too. I'm talking about ANY AND EVERY ONE OF THEM CLOWN ASS NIGGAS ya'll follow. If you want to take their dicks outta your mouth long enough to 'forward it to 'em', do so. I don't care.... Fuck 'em. All of 'em. I don't need friends out here...Speaking of which...

This bullshit pseudo "I only do it 'cause I care about folks..." shit ya'll got going on is just that. Shit. Pure, unadulterated shit. You don't give a fuck about folks so stop saying that shit. All you care about is that people actually like your miserable ass and if it comes at the expense of someone else and their pain, YOU ARE WITH IT. So miss me with the 'you are just trying to help' shit. You don't care. Talking about you are mofos 'friends' and shit. Nigga please. That's what is wrong with you niggas though. You couldn't pick a friend if friends came out out color coded with specific instructions on how to pick one. Clinging on to every miserable fuck who just HAPPENS TO HAVE GONE THROUGH THE SAME SELF INFLICTED BULLSHIT YOU DID. No wonder ya'll out here talking about loyalty. You aren't being loyal to yourselves by picking a TRUE FRIEND to begin with.

I just want to know when it became cool for dudes to act like girls and get this way? 'Cause it is mainly dudes. Digging ALL UP IN FOLKS PERSONAL BUSINESS by SEARCHING FOR IT**. Taking the most 'mundane' comments and committing 'The Reach" by fabricating an elaborate ass joke that sounds EERILY FAMILIAR TO THE LIVES THEY MUST BE OUT HERE LEADING THEMSELVES..*** Oh joy. To live in the Land of Make Believe. Ya'll niggas must have been those dudes who took the game of LIFE, put the little cars on different sides of the room and had Pre-Maury skits running abound about 'Who is the Father....". I also suspect that some of you must have played with dolls REAL HEAVY TOO but I'll digress on that. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for discussion of relationships, genders and the like but some of you 'arm chair' Black Twitter niggas make me wonder...

Was your Father present in your Life? "Cause no man is gonna stand for his son basically 'Henning'.

I look at you woman on here who do it ALL THE TIME the same. Your lack of a Father (or a real man being...well.. A MAN..NOT SOME TYPE OF PUNK..) shows too. "Cause he would tell you to calm all of that shit down too and worry about yourself. That ebb and flow is needed. @ mother/father dynamic. In some capacity and some of you either didn't have it, didn't listen to it when it was given or had a poor example of it.

I mean I see it all. I don't say much. I let ya'll niggas 'live' out here and all but don't think I don't see the ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF GIRLIE behavior out here. Then ya'll have the NERVE to ask folks this ignorant shit..


That's funny because I often wonder the same thing. Who hurt ya'll to the point that on the DAY AFTER VALENTINES DAY, you are STILL RAILING on about 'lonely women' and shit? Out here worrying about 'sidechicks' and their 'gift options. Every time something happens, here you come to play 'Devil's Advocate' on some Negative Nelly bullshit? EVERY. TIME. Without. Fail. Nary an encouraging word. Ever. As soon as you see pain, you JUMP YOUR ATTENTION STARVED ASS on the side of 'joke' to make sure you and your fragile ass doesn't get caught up in the 'crossfire'. I see you outchea. Maybe your stupid 'friends' don't, but I do. You are just a little too quick on the draw there partna....

Look, nobody is saying be a Saint outchea. That's BORDERLINE impossible. We are all going to say or do some things that may trespass against others from time to time. But to make it your M.O. for the sake of hiding some of the pain you are CLEARLY feeling from the past (or hell..the Present as some of you are still trapped in your own personal HELL..) is pretty fucking sad. Chin up you pathetic pieces of shit. Not because I care either. I don't. I am just speaking my mind..Just like all of you will be 'claiming to do' if you happen to fall into what I just typed.. That's all.

*You already know what I mean by that. Motherfuckers are QUICK to point out that 'Well at least I am not like such and such or at least I don't have this..that and the third....." That's all about making yourself feel better for the bum shit you are doing. Period. You aren't fooling me with that shit. Go run that game to someone else...

** There is a case to be made for the folks PUTTING IT OUT THERE. I agree. We will touch that later. Trust me. Arming folks with ammo is something I do not condone. However, taking mundane shit and 'running with it' isn't something I clap to either.

***See what I did there?