(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Friday, November 30, 2012

Go vote for Vote for @Mr_Cab20 >>>>> Freestyle Friday (11/30/12) | HipHopSince1987

I know most folks have an issue with 'directing traffic to another site'. Not me. I'm good. Go on over and vote for the homie @Mr_Cab20

HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (11/30/12) | HipHopSince1987

Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Video) I'll make you weak at the knees..Make you feel alright- @TherealJoeJohnson7 crosses up @PaulPierce34

I mean..it happens. I don't wanna make it sound like PAUL has caught a cat or two in his days. Just his turn last night. That's all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(Audio)@TherealSap - Uh Ah (Prod By @therealSap)

Second Single "Uh Ah" From Sap's Forthcoming Mixtape #TheInvite

Thursday, November 22, 2012

(Pictures/GROWN FOLKS TALK) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of MY LIFE: @OneoftheMs

It was great to see folks come out for Melissa. @ the funeral. Thank you all for coming. Truly.

She will be the LAST TWITTER 2 X CHROMOSOME OF THE WEEK as I am retiring this particular series. Out of respect for her. It is only right that she close it out. :)

There is no part 2 this week 'cause she was my REAL LIFE PART 1- TO INFINITY. Title changed but it will be part of the series.. Yes...that's her and I..

Her loss this week is the reason for my 'hiatus'. I'm gonna give you some info at the bottom at when I have to say my final goodbye. Details of her passing? In due time here. In time. It is gonna come out how I want it to.  Trust me. I can't bottle it in. I just need to do it when I am in a good place to do so.. Not in that place yet...

You probably noticed things are BLACKED OUT HERE ON THE BLOG. No other women on the side.. Slide show just her.. Not an accident. This was my REAL LIFE LAWFUL WEDDED WIFE.

Like I said, this was MY 2 X so she gets the treatment. Time of mourning at Carolinaware's Own man. For real. I'm REAL PRIVATE TOO so it is taking a lot but I know this is right. This FEELS RIGHT. @ this post.

This blog of mine is a place she respected and loved. She loved the way I would express my feelings and thoughts and not only was she a follower of the blog, she often saw me PICK AND WRITE through the process. Thanks to her final 'Yeah, she's a winner... ", the vast majority of the young ladies you see up here are on here. If I knew she didn't see or find them fit, they probably didn't make it. I can literally think of ONE EXCEPTION and even that, once I gave her some background she gave the 'Yup...I see why.. As you were...respect'. Make no mistake about it, it is MY BLOG but I had her blessing and she MORE THAN ENJOYED LOOKING THROUGH THE CONTENTS OF THE WHOLE BLOG. Pictures, thoughts and all. She sat back in the background on Twitter and yes, she followed both accounts. Her Twitter is tame btw but feel free to go see for yourself. When you read her obit, you will see WHY SHE HAD TO KEEP IT THAT WAY and why I had to kinda keep her shielded. Like any GOOD HUSBAND WOULD. So any interaction that I may have had, SHE SAW IT. I never forgot that but I didn't have to 'temper myself' BECAUSE SHE KNEW WHO SHE MARRIED.* Just like I knew who I married. It was a two way street.

The pictures I am going to put up were all either taken in public places or PUT UP on the Internet WITH HER KNOWLEDGE before. Y'all know me by now, even in grief, I'm gonna lay cover fire. @ letting shit be known. She used to joke with me all the time about the amount of flicks I took of her but also let me know she loved that I thought she was pretty enough in my eyes to take so many... (That's a freebie fellas...take notes... ) If you CAN'T SEE THEM, I'm gonna fix that. Don't worry...I had to run out.. Be patient.

I will be adding to the pictures throughout the week...hiatus..whatever.. This is how I grieve y'all. I know it might be WEIRD FOR YOU but I don't judge folks for it. Never have. @ doing so publicly/on the Internet.  She knew me and she KNEW I WOULD do something like this. It is how I am. 

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off this holiday edition of my blog and my hiatus (as I have to tend to her arrangements, funeral and MY LITTLE GIRLS) THAN NAMING HER THIS AND BLACKING OUT MY BLOG FOR HER. So without further delay, I give you my REAL LIFE TWITTER 2 X OF MY LIFE  and for this week.. The late great... .. OneofTheMs

I love you and miss you madly ALREADY BABY. I saw the peace in your eyes. A peace that I had been waiting to see come from you again. Rest easy baby...

My youngest is in there... @ the 'bump'.. Yes.. she was pregnant in this picture...

*Addressed. Probably REALLY one of our favorite standups. Hits kinda close to home..

(Words) I'm on hiatus. Great loss.

I'll be back. Just gimme a moment. Of course now that I posted this, I will want to post.. smh

Sunday, November 18, 2012

(Video) @KhrystiHill X Jasmine M. X A$$ETS (NSFW)

(BONUS Video) @theroots X Melle Mell X @JimmyFallon performance.

Legendary with The Legendary.... @ the performance. This was not seen on TV btw...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

(Audio) Fiona Apple X "Dull" X New Music

I'm a BIG Fiona fan so yeah...

@thegame X #JesusPiece X Tracklisting X Album Art includes production from @therealsap, appearances by @MeekMIll, @KanyeWest @JamieFoxx and more...

1. Scared Now (feat. Meek Mill)
2. Ali Bomaye (feat. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross)
3. Jesus Piece (feat. Kanye West & Common)
4. Pray (feat. J. Cole & JMSN)
5. All That (Lady) (feat. Lil’ Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih)
6. Name Me King (feat. Pusha T) prod. by Sap
7. See No Evil (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Tank)
8. Can’t Get Right (feat. K. Roosevelt)
9. Heaven’s Arms
10. Hallelujah (feat. Jamie Foxx)
11. Freedom (feat. Elijah Blake)
12. Celebration (feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil’ Wayne) prod. by Sap

Bonus: Holy Water- prod. by Sap

Here is the deluxe cover..

(Picture) *tears* @McKaylaMaroney X @BarackObama makes the "I'm Not Impressed' Face...

In case you live under a rock, here's why this is funny....