Monday, June 17, 2013

(Words) My role didn't 'change' it just finally got noticed X Father's Day thoughts from me.. X Wingman X Call Sign is "Goose"

This might be one of those posts that some of you will be able to do is nod your head. I probably gonna be cryptic (surprise...surprise!) but I have to say what I have to say. Pretty much the only way I feel comfortable doing it is this medium. You can always not click on these you know.. @ the posts..

June 17 2013..... Almost seven months now.... You know, as much as I want to stop counting the days... certain things just won't allow for it.

The 'firsts' keep piling up....Birthdays...holidays..Discussions... There have been revelations galore. Discoveries that well....quite frankly... make me wish I wasn't so damm 'intelligent'. Some that haven't though. Some bought comfort. Others bought a lil more to deal with. All were NEEDED THOUGH. The words 'Too smart for you own good' come to mind

The things that I have realized, discovered, come to grips with, whatever you wanna call them are the very things that make one make cruel jokes when bad things happen to others, make one shudder in fear that they too may once have to face such adversity and has made many folks just flat out LIE, retreat, or disappear when it is time to put up or shut up.

I see why now some of you sit back in admiration. I've watched some of you go through some of them on a smaller scale and RUN. Retreat. Fall back. Lose your nerve. Do nothing. Say nothing. Let it lie. Lay down..

I'M MADE OF NONE OF THAT SHIT THOUGH. @ what this situation would make most of you do. Bad as I think it could get. As bad as things REALLY ARE. I'm not made like that. Oh, to some of you I wasn't 'built like that' due to the fact that I have not 'fought for the trivial bullshit reasons that some of you have gone out for. I hear it in your voice. You know that not to be true NOW. It's a fucking shame I had to lose a wife for you to see it though. I've ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. Never wavered. Always did things when they needed to be done. Now here you come, late to the usual.... Just now realizing it might just a be a bit bigger than you thought...

That 'respect' you give me for dealing with my 'situation' and all lets me know that. It's just different now. Your eyes tell me you 'wanna tell me something' but your heart knows that at this point, I could probably give a fuck less about whatever trivial shit you have for me and that I've probably processed it WELL BEYOND ANY REALM you could think of. Even if this were a movie, it would be too 'real' for the lot of you. Your words reflect that. My bluntness, my curt responses, unwavering real answers to questions show you that....

Yesterday was a celebration of Fatherhood and I am very happy for those that received the accolades that they deserved. 'Preciate the well wishes from many of you as well. I have to say this though..Been wanting to just flat out say it for YEARS... 'Cause I feel like it needs to be said... I'm no Johnny Come Lately outchea...

I've never NOT BEEN THEIR FATHER. I've never NOT been their first and last line of defense. EVER. In their Life.....

So as I sit here this morning on Monday June, 17th, with this 6 year old in the same place she has always made her way to at some point EVERY MORNING, into the same spot that ALL OF MY CHILDREN EVENTUALLY FOUND THEIR WAY TO IN THE AM, know that. I know some of you 'know' though. You've seen it. I just hope you don't 'forget' or 'misremember' history in light of new events. I feel like some of you have forgotten though. Or maybe you just never 'knew'.. 

So I'm telling you.  Not 'cause something happened either... You see, I have enough 'emotion', pain, and turmoil that shit that happened weeks or months ago can bubble up from time to time. So I don't need much 'motivation' to write about it. I kinda live it... Every once in awhile, the volcano erupts and this time I'm not really about that 'Caring about who is in harms way' of the lava Life. Many of you have waited for this day.. Here it is. Enjoy it. Don't be too surprised if you catch a stray though... 

Your interactions, brief, long, or whatever with all parties involved in my situation (or the main party) that have shaped what you 'thought you knew', only gave you a peek. A small look into the Life. 

I wanted it that way. Trust me. I walked away from more 'problems'. Over the YEARS, I've heard 'what you said'. How you felt.

I knew you were taking my Fatherhood for granted. Like it was an entitlement. Like my lessons that were on public display were for you enjoyment. Your revenge for others who have scorned others. My punishment if you will... lol 

I knew a lot of you 'lived' through me and thought 'One day, I'm gonna get my shit together and be a Father to my kid..Like that man is showing my kid RIGHT NOW..." 

"One day my brother (my baby daddy/my husband/sperm donor/etc) may be the Father he is..." I know. I saw it. 

"It's probably just her.. It can't be him..Good genes...Probably...Look at him, never did like that nigga...Damm it might be him.. Well if it is then it because of her..." @ how some of you felt/feel.. 

I turned 'away' from a lot of shit 'cause THEE MOST IMPORTANT THING WALKING AROUND ON THIS EARTH ARE MY KIDS TO ME. I did things I KNOW I didn't have to do for the sake of peace. I walked away when I knew I was RIGHT 'cause I knew how much.... yeah... I adjusted. I made alternative plans for folks 'ways' 'cause I KNEW they weren't thinking shit through... I've been 'on fire' with anger and STILL DID THE RIGHT THING 'cause was the RIGHT THING TO DO. 

No apologies. 

No 'Damm that was fucked up what I did... I'm sorry'... nothing received. Nothing but a 'Oh that's 'cause he is a good father/man..' so let me continue to shit where I eat..

There isn't much I haven't done in the way of 'sacrifice' for ANY OF MY CHILDREN. I could have been MADE THIS ABOUT ME and well..frankly been 'right'. 

It's never been about me for very long man..I might get a day here or there. Nothing long term though. I've always made sure everybody else around was 'comfortable' as they could be in the situation even while I was getting my proverbial head stepped on. Everybody else got to do 'what they needed to do..'. Not me though. I KNEW I'D GET MY TURN. Didn't know 'how' though. Wish it wasn't like this... but alas, it is. 

Oh that's my own fault that I had to wait? That things 'turned out' how they did? Oh you don't care? See, that's the shit I'm talking about. Now though, when I pull a you on YOU I'm wrong... Oh... @ not really giving a fuck. 

I hear folks speaking of either them or other folks in the situations, 'putting up with this' or tolerating that' or 'sacrificing that' and it seems that some of you think that is only specific to a 'gender' or to a particular 'circumstance'. Newsflash. 

It isn't. 

Double duty.. DOUBLE TIME.... For more than one person. Funny how that seems to be 'forgotten'. Funny how some of you never noticed either. I mean who did you think had and DID FOR the children while all those hours got worked? Double shifts and whatnot.. 70 hour weeks... weekends too.. While all that 'playing' and 'memories of good times were being etched out? All that out of town going? All that school going and education pursuing that took place? 

Multiple folks could take jobs WHEREVER THEY WANTED. Didn't have to worry about anything but going to work. Do with their vacation pretty much as they saw fit, if they even wanted to take it. With no worry about who had 'the children'. ' guessed it.. 

Work an overnight shift? Change of hours? Hey..I can do that. No problem. 

Fly out to Chicago? No problem. Go away to workshop....Yup no problem.

Oh there's an issue at work... go solve it. 

This isn't a movie man. My kids didn't just disappear via the production's pen because we could skip that chapter. This isn't the 'Soaps' where one day Sarah is 2 years old and next Tuesday she is 21 and on a arts school scholarship... Somebody had to handle that business. 

While working his OWN 40 hour week job 50% of the time.... Using his vacation and sick time PRETTY MUCH FOR CHILDREN and not trips to who knows where.... or when he was actually sick.. Field trips... sick days... "I forgot this...".... "It is such and such Parent day...".... Oh the job is getting in the way? Fine. Got that up outta here too. I LOVE MONEY like everyone else but eh... Did the math... 

Haven't figured out who the person who might have made these sacrifices could be yet???

Let me help you out...just in case you get any bright ideas... My Momma (and Daddy when he was alive) lives 500 miles away... so that's a no. Other Maternal grandmothers and grandfathers deceased. Paternal grandmothers and grandfathers deceased all three ways... Not an option. Never WAS an option. So that leaves...

Me. Started out that way. No dropping kids off to in-laws on the regular. I did it. As it SHOULD be but as we ALL KNOW IT ISN'T FOR EVERYONE so lets not act like it is.. *

I digress though.. I didn't think I'd ever have to come out and SAY IT. Clearly, I have to though so....

I'm saying it. For me. Somebody has to speak FOR ME and I've reached the point that I'm gonna do it. Feelings BE DAMMED. Fuck your feelings. 

I've done MORE IN 15 years THAN MOST FOLKS DO IN 30 years. If I walked away RIGHT NOW, I'd be good. I'm not gonna do that but lets be clear that I know my worth out here. Okay? Good... 

I'm still here.. 

This post is probably gonna come off as a 'I did it all' post. Naw. Not at all. Clearly OTHER FOLKS DID THINGS IN THE RAISING OF THESE CHILDREN. If that isn't clear to you let me make it clear. They did. 

What the post is about is what my role ALWAYS WAS. I clearly don't owe any of you 'an explanation' but since some of you feel the need to voice your displeasure to me or about my  should be noted that my 'role' didn't just become that on or around November 19th 2012. It has always been that. Maybe 'you' didn't know it cause well... YOU WEREN'T AROUND and in some cases, despite 'who you are' you didn't 'need' to know 'cause the show never stopped due to your absence. 

Maybe she didn't tell you. Maybe you didn't listen. Maybe you didn't pay attention...Maybe she didn't make it seem that way. Maybe she didn't know how to 'disappoint' you by letting you know that it wasn't all just her due to the things 'expected' of her (that weren't expected of any of her or otherwise..)  Maybe you were wrong about me PERIOD. Maybe you were wrong ABOUT HER.**  Maybe you didn't know what you were talking about.. Maybe you'll never admit that though... 

Just maybe....

It is why she felt 'comfortable' enough to leave. She KNEW it would be okay. She KNEW what I was doing prior to that day would not only continue but that I could do what she was doing too. The latter took a bit for her to grasp but yeah... I wish she hadn't done it. I wish a lot things though. None of which can undo what is the reality.

I'm still here. 

It is why I don't feel bad now that there are just three of us here. Oh there's still four of us but.... I know what I've been doing the past 15 years. I got the war wounds to prove it. I know what I'll be doing 'till God sees fit for me not to be here anymore. Intention may not be to 'stop me' from doing so but there are no 'favors' being done here for me either. Lets not kid ourselves shall we? 

Information designed to hurt or maim, idle threats of what somebody 'could have done via court', 'you knowing me and my pain' or any of that other mess..... = putting folks in places they have never been in on my relationship ladder. The Youngbloodz and Lil Jon said it best.. I think you know the song... 

You don't give a damm then I don't give a... 

Not what you imagined would be going through my head on Father's Day is it? Well, now imagine putting together with EVERY DAY and the challenges each one of those bring..... 

How ironic that I am writing this today not just for me though. Oh don't get it twisted, I didn't 'make anything up'. I just so happen to know someone who has lost their spouse too. Who is also a gifted a writer. Who probably has wanted to type all of the words AND MORE that I just typed.... 

In the irony of all ironies.. she lived in the neighborhood I JUST MOVED TO. She had to move her children too. Another weird twist. Her mother is my doctor's secretary.  My doctor wouldn't be my doctor if it wasn't for Melissa as he was HER DOCTOR. 

I can't make this up.... I'm writing for her today too. 

The loss of her husband was in the same manner as mine so she has all the rage, the anger, the 'new found advice columnist' in her Life. The burden of taking care of her children ALONE. Many similarities. I hope that you are reading this and that you FINALLY get to writing. I know you have threatened to and I can't make you but I think you would feel better. I really do. It is your release. So go on ahead bring yourself pleasure... One day, I suspect you will write with the 'rage and anger' that I cannot do here in regards to 'her'. One day, you will write for me as I've done for you today. I will be grateful that day too for the words form but the posts never get published. Understand that she hears me like he hears you though but just has to come out. 

So you see, while you think I'm being 'selfish' over here, I'm really doing what I've always done. Helping people. Sure I've done plenty of 'bad'. I know I've also done plenty of good and it seems like for all the good I do, folks still seem to want to shit...never mind. You get the point. Yet I continue. I'm writing for me yes... 

I'm also writing for others. For those that ' do ...and do so more' but due to the fact that others have family ties and allegiances, they get no credit. Due to the fact that others can't see things for what they are cause they have their head stuck so far up their own asses while swinging from the tree of "I only care about me and mine", somebody has to speak up. 

So it will be me. I'm speaking up. I know plenty who have done what I have done and they get the proverbial 'Plaque and a gold watch' dismissive wave. Meanwhile, some of you wouldn't be WHERE YOU ARE WITHOUT THEM. Whether you like it or not, they had an impact on YOUR LIFE and you are in a better position to succeed BECAUSE OF THEM. We can get 'hypothetical' but the bottom line is that THEY DID HELP YOU. I've helped you.  Respect it. 

But I'm the one who has changed though.....-_-

I'm gonna make sure my kids are okay and then I'm eventually going to get all the way off of the ground from the things that the last 16 years or so have taught me. When I do, lots of things will be left behind. Lots of feelings will be vaulted up and put into their proper perspective. Demons exercised. Less ghosts to chase. Forgiveness of self. Kids grown.. Parting of ways. Good, bad and indifferent. 

You will say I've changed. 

I will tell you....

If you have it like that, I'm really not knocking you.. I promise. It is a beautiful thing. Kids should know their grands. Spend time with them. The whole nine. I did. 

Understand though, they are YOUR CHILDREN so yeah... you should probably have them with YOU more than not..Some of you I know personally know the struggle that is your kid listening more to YOUR PARENT than they do to you. You gotta call YOUR MOMMA to get them to go to bed and act right 'cause YOU didn't have them like you were supposed to from the door. 

That's because you allowed your kid to view them as the 'ultimate discipline' in the situation so long that you now have to fight for that right.. Sure, my Dad wanted my kids but 'for what'? Why would I do that? He wasn't going to be around to raise 'em. I knew that. It was my responsibility. So I took it... Anyway.... You got it like that, be thankful and prepared to take the reins one day.. lol

** More than an handful of you have expressed that you were 'wrong about her'. You thought she was 'stronger' than that. Respect to you for saying it. Hopefully you will respect what I am about to say to you though.. 

What kinda fuck shit is that? You 'thought' she was stronger than that? C'mon. She took on her responsibilities which were HUGE, sometimes YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and countless others and you wanna sit here and say that? 

I mean maybe she should have just chosen to delegate her responsibilities to the next person so that she could have been 'happier' huh? Just like you... Oh.. 

As I said up top though, if she had taken some of y'alls approach to Life, things would have never gotten done the way they were. 

I know..I don't understand. Just say that then.. Not that other fuck shit though. Probably wanna keep that one to yourself..