Tuesday, June 11, 2013

(Video) Looks like the 'gamer' has some rights left out here X @Playstation

Is it me or did they basically just go the TOTAL OPPOSITE WAY of Microsoft on this one? Interesting. Ability to trade your games... use them as you see fit......

Now look, I'm not here to 'argue' with folks over which system is 'better' 'cause quite frankly that is a personal choice. I actually have both systems in my house. (If you must know, I play the PS3 FAR MORE but eh..I do play the X-Box so...) Much like a the 'smartphone' wars, it is all about preferences, familiarity and of course 'what you want to be able to brag about'...lol

This video DOES dispel some of the speculation about the PS4.

As far are 'price' goes..... Again, I'm not gonna get too upset about it as I've been buying these systems FOREVER it seems. If I want it (either one), I'm gonna buy it. Period. If I think the price is too high, I won't have it. It is pretty simple. At least for me....So no complaints here. It is my money and I'll either spend it or I won't.

Here's the video though..