Friday, November 6, 2009

Twitter Person(s) of the Week- djbelle & Kokupuff

These are two of my favorite bloggers. I can DEFINITELY see them doing it big on a national scale sooner than later. The offset each other so well. Now they each have their own Twitter accounts but collectively, they have a blog. It is on the side in the blog 'roll' actually but I will link it here.

djbelle represents the 'Nati (Ohio) while Kokupuff is holding it down in NY (and sometimes ATL)

Follow these two HERE AND HERE and enjoy. You will see they have QUITE THE SENSE OF HUMOR. Take that pic of Koku. I DID NOT EDIT THAT. She did...Go follow them to see more and hit their site up too.

Blogger's note: Yes, I have spoken on them before (at least one of them) but not collectively. And certainly not in this format.