Thursday, May 3, 2012

(Picture) Taking Carolina Own: The Warehouse to another level..MAYBE... Possibly co-hosting a show on the radio..

Possibly....possibly...POSSIBLY* ('Cause as MANY OF YOU KNOW, things do 'Fall Apart' at times), there is a GREAT POSSIBILITY THAT YOU CAN HEAR THE MAN BEHIND ALL OF THESE VIEWS AND THOUGHTS ON THE BLOG, on a radio, computer, etc near YOU uncensored. Live. On air.

I've gotten this offer before and quite frankly I have not been pressed to do it. As in either MY OWN SHOW or as a co-host. I don't even like my own voice like that truthfully but I can get over that shit as I know what I SAY will overcome all of that. (I talk just like I type...) I've been told I 'should' do pursue it before but I just felt like maybe I needed to find my own way (and hell some sort of audience to boot) before I just popped up on some one's airwaves talking about 'listen to me when I go on live at such and such a time'. Ideally, I would have waited even LONGER to keep building things up to get them to MY standards BUT my boy asked me to do it. I think the 'contrast' between us will make it work. We both know hip hop/music but we don't ALWAYS AGREE. Which is going to make for GREAT debates and the like. He is a 'purist' in the PURIST while I am the purist who will hasn't forgotten that we had party joints and super frivolous music that we ALL LOVED too. @ knocking music that lacks 'substance'. Should be a good time.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo when does it air? Where can I hear it? Details dammit..DETAILS.. - You

I understand. Some details are being worked out. It will air on a week day though. That I can tell you and it won't be on Monday nights! (Pretty foolish to go up against MNF...Hell...I DON'T WANT TO MISS MNF...) Time is being worked out but it won't be too late. More details coming... I mean...I have a medium to do it so... I will keep ya'll posted.

As far as an actual air date....

Minor details need to be worked out and we are putting together the necessary things that make a SHOW. If you WORK (OR HAVE WORKED) on a show before, you KNOW you just don't walk in, pop up and start talking. (Although the goal is to make it look like that is EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK YOU JUST DID..) It takes a little prep work. Gotta make sure the creative side of things are taken care of too. I don't 'give my work' away to anyone but myself. Ya dig? Charity Starts At Home for real around here.. (What up Phonte!) so yeah....I have a platform ALREADY. This is just an addition for me to be honest with you.

If you have been following me HERE, then you also know that I kind of have a thing about 'getting things right'. So I'm gonna take my time (but try to get things set up as quickly as possible) so they can be how I want them on MY END. I can only control my end after all. If every thing else lines up the way it is supposed, the 'possibly' will turn into a 'DEFINITELY' and then the 'definitely' will turn into an exact date. Before the Summer FOR CERTAIN @ the target date. All I'm doing today is letting you know that it 'might happen'. It is possible. Again...lets hope for the best and that it can be worked out on all sides.

It should be very interesting. It won't effect the blog or the postings in a negative way.

*That means I want to do it (and have liked what I have seen/heard thus far) but I won't do it unless it is ABSOLUTELY the way I want to do it. From the time slot, to the role I play, to the flexibility I have on the show, ALL THE WAY down to how I think I sound on the show. I'm not about to get on the radio and sound 'dumb'. Sorry. Nope. FOH. I am a 'behind the scenes' kinda person with a 'in front of the camera' personality' so I am pretty sure I can do it but the 'limelight' isn't something I am chasing. So I can and will pass on this opportunity too if it isn't to my liking. Hence...the possibly....