Friday, August 27, 2010

Last week in August 2010..Yaris Sanchez update..

(In case you are wondering who that is in the pictures with her, that is Cyn...Spelled just like that. You will see her again. Trust me.)

Not too many words this week...Working on something big though. Hopefully business will prevail and things fall in line involving her. For now though, this will do. (That is a TREMENDOUS HINT PEOPLE. Put your gloves on and catch it..)

It amazes me how people will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to come into her Ustream to tell her what she is not. I don't have time for that. If I don't fool with you, I don't fool with you. No time to go around telling you what you are not 'cause I am too busy showing people what I am. smh. @ the cats she blocked in the room that night. She didn't let it get her off her square though. She still looked out and did some things. Even showed a baby pic of herself. (Yes, I have it. I am kinda hesitant to put it up though. Maybe if she twitpics it one day I will show it..)