Sunday, April 21, 2013

(Words) Once I discovered the joys of telling the truth to folks aka I'm not changing.

The familiarity of the conversations that we have had over the last 3 years via that radio show makes MORE SENSE NOW. :) I NOW know who you are though but the approach isn't gonna change. It was actually pretty refreshing. That same honesty that I give when I tweet in answers or blog about WHATEVER I blog about is the same EVERY DAY. Down to every minute detail. Questions get asked...I answer 'em. With truth. I don't know no other way. 

I'm being CRYPTIC as hell but you KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I'm not gonna say your name FOR ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY. Out of respect for the mutual person we know. I can speak about respect because unlike ANYONE ELSE AROUND THAT PERSON EVER, I've done nothing but tell the truth. Even when.... I have no other reason but to do that... So yeah I used the word 'respect' and THE ONLY THING I OWE IS THE TRUTH in the realms of this situation. 

I will say this, you've had the benefit of knowing it was ME THE WHOLE TIME. I didn't have that. I do now though. Is that your concern? That the person we mutually know won't 'know the real me'? 'Cause I didn't 'know it was you' I was talking to all of those times. Yet, I told the truth. Same person. 

They might know even more....'cause they know details.....

When you know the truth, ESPECIALLY WITH DETAILS, you can make your own decisions and live with them. I've never NOT ALLOWED THAT in any situation. 

This one is no different. Matter of fact, I probably need to learn how to lie. 

It isn't ever going to happen though. I like the freedom of telling the truth too much. I've seen folks shackled with their 'lie'. I don't want that life. 

So yeah... Just had to say that.*

*Some idiot is going to fall through and say 'So you will snitch on yourself to the cops* (Looks into the camera) What do you think idiot? Not that it really matters but for shits and giggles...JUST WHAT DOES YOUR DUMB ASS THINK? Oh... okay then. Go with that if you must. I wouldn't worry, if you have to ask WHETHER I WOULD I NOT. I wouldn't even grace you with my presence in a situation for you to 'wonder' about 'cause I think you are too stupid to handle whatever it is we would be doing. There's your answer right there....