Saturday, February 9, 2013

I have a business announcement. @Suite302DE X @whblogspot X @carolinaware are under the same umbrella now.

#1 Client. My business partners OWN SON.  HAIRCUT BY HIS FATHER OF COURSE ALI... Main barber..Owner...operator.. 

Two of the barbers in the shop.. Chan and Eazy.... 

In the past few days, you probably noticed two things on my main account. 

I've been sparse in the posting. 

I've posted links up about 'Suite 302' or pictures of me IN THE BARBERSHOP like I am 19-28 again.. 

The handy work of one of the Barbers in the shop, Black..more on him below..

Well, allow me to explain briefly what is going on. 

Carolinaware has ALWAYS been 'involved' with Suite 302. That's it. That's all I have to say. Everything else is on a need to know basis. Just know I have a vested interest.* 


What is Suite 302? 

It is an EXISTING barbershop/hair salon in Newark, Delaware. 


2431 Pulaski Hwy, Newark, DE 19702 

The location is NEW but it is an existing and THRIVING business. I've always been 'involved' with the business by the way but now I am just going to be a bit more visible with it. Hence the pictures 'from the barbershop' you keep seeing being posted up. (They aren't going to stop btw...Just an 

Of course, with my own area of expertise being 'social media', I will be handling the bulk of that for the shop. So, yes, you will see more posts about that here. Information about events surrounding the shop, collaborations and SHOWS and such SPONSORED BY THE SHOP and CarolinaWare's Own. 

Speaking of which, if you HAVE ANY SUCH EVENTS you would like to throw/plan/have us be a part of, please contact us at our email address. We are listening to proposals.

So you noticed I said HAIR SALON huh? I did. Introducing Ms. Toni2Combs and a SAMPLE of her work...

Here is sample of another barber's work in the shop... Black.. Everybody knows a 'Black' right? Well, this is the one that I (Yes, his nickname is Black...)

For those of you who live in the area (Delaware/Maryland, Pennsylvania,etc..) , come on down! For those of you who don't but find yourself in the Greater Philadelphia/Baltimore area and in need of a haircut or hair salon needs, HIT ME UP. We are located conveniently between those two locations.

I see a lot of texts, captions on Instagram and the like about the location of the shop so I'm going to give some directions ... 

Here are the directions to the NEW SHOP FROM THE OLD SHOP. So for those of you who have been there before, you can use THESE DIRECTIONS to get you where you need to be or you can scroll down and use some of the other maps to find your way to the new location if you so desire. We are literally 3 miles down the road.

Directions are available below for the those of you who have NEVER been to the shop and would like to visit. I've provided directions from Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delaware, and Cecil County Maryland. I am going to assume that you can pick up the directions from your location if you are in the somewhere in the middle of the locations that I have chosen. 

Directions from Wilmington

From the Philadelphia (or surrounding areas)...

Cecil County Maryland directions..

OH AND ONE MORE THING.... If you happen to know or ARE A VERY SKILLFUL BARBER IN THE AREA, come see us. We MIGHT have a space for that person. Might I say. @ them being qualified. There MIGHT BE room for one more chair for the RIGHT PERSON.

*For those of you who chose not to pay attention in school and thought it was unimportant,  the word vested means: fully and unconditionally guaranteed as a legal right, benefit, or privilege