Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Technology) More updates for Android X @Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature

A shot I altered using the effect...

That is a picture of the screen where you will notice the addition.. It is something that Android users were missing before. I compensated for it by using different apps to make the effect but it is nice to have 'right there'. I will say that.

In case you haven't seen my tutorial on Android for Instagram with a few must have apps, go here. I think it will help you out some. I do all the things you see those with iPhones do and then some with my flicks. It isn't that hard. Trust me. pics weren't blurry but I've 'heard' iPhone users 'crow' about their photos looking a 'certain kinda way'..This simple feature is a BIG PART WHY. @ the enhancements..For those who haven't seen tutorials like mine, this is why their pics looked the way they do and yours don't. This feature and the fact that they have had the app for a minute and know the 'other apps to use' to make their pictures stand out. Not because of their 'camera'. Don't be fooled

Anyhow, the feature is pretty dope.

Here's a complete review of the app for those of you who are still feeling your way around....