Sunday, April 29, 2012

(Pictures) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week (Part 2): @Originale_Pink

Now this one is going to be a BIT different. Yes, I am going to post pictures of her. FIRST THOUGH, I am going to post something that she put on Tumblr that is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY important. It IS PERSONAL TO HER but she decided to share it. Why? "Cause that is what I do. That's why. I know a LOT OF DUDES come here to look at the pictures but I HAVE PLENTY OF WOMEN WHO DO TOO. And this is for them. Well, wait, I shouldn't just say that. This COULD be for a fellow who has a mother, a DAUGHTER or a girl/woman/wife WHO MAY ONE DAY HAVE TO FACE WHAT SHE HAS FACED. I'd be willing to bet you money that some of you already have someone in your midst who has faced it. So yeah...this one is going to be a little different. It is HER story. Not mine. I didn't write. Hell, I'm 'stealing' it from her Tumblr (with back credit of course 'cause I want you to know where I got it from..) I know for many of you, the Internet is a place for jokes, dissing, seeing fights and ass and titties. Well, this time THE TITTIES will have a little more meaning..Ya feel me? (Hopes she doesn't mind me doing this. I actually think this is important..and maybe it will help some young lady go get hers examined..)

My First Mammogram: A candid and personal account. Part I.

Mammograms are really sort of a gift. You can either catch something early or count your lucky stars because nothing was discovered. Either way, you’re ahead of the game.
Charlotte Ross 
I went in for my annual GYN appointment, and usually am never really all to worried about it, but after seeing my Aunt have a breast removed, I was a little edgy. 
 “I have been experiencing breast tenderness ever since I can remember but lately it’s been hell a week before and after my period. I have often noticed masses of tissue one week and then it’s gone the next.”
Originale Pink
My doctor conducted a manual breast exam. She kneaded and manipulated my breasts with her finger tips, and low and behold she felt a “module” she never said lump.  She said, “it feels smooth and is probably nothing” but, I should get a sonogram.
My heart sunk into my stomach and my tear ducts wanted to spill hot salty tears down my flushed cheeks, I held it together and got dressed.  As I approached the receptionist’s desk, my knees buckled a little and I said to myself “this is not a punishment from God, God does not give people cancer.”  

I walked out of the office, and my mind raced, but a voice deep inside said “Don’t be a punk, make the appointment.”  I dialed the number to the Breast Imaging center closest to my office a recording greeted me and asked if I would like to make an appointment, I pressed one; all the while thinking I’m going to get this sonogram and everything will be fine.  A woman’s voice rings in my ear, and I tell her I would like to set an appointment for a sonogram, she asks my age, DOB, insurance carrier, etc.  She pauses, and says as a precaution you should have a mammogram on both breasts and sonogram on both breasts as well.  My heart beat quickens and I feel hot and it is perfectly cool outside.  My head spins and I just want to faint.  l make the appointment even though I need a new script from my doctor and now I need to call my insurance carrier to see if they cover my mammogram at 100%.  So many things to remember, I just wanted a sonogram.

Now I didn’t want to scare myself out of my appointment, so I didn’t Google, I didn’t call anyone, and I didn’t discuss it.  I carried on pretty much like nothing had happened.  I was in semi denial.  I would not have survived Thanksgiving had I even began to research and browse the “images” on line.  I was going to do this cold turkey; I am a bit of a drama queen and a smidgen of a hypochondriac.  I tweeted briefly that I needed a mammogram and received a few mentions with prayers and you will be fine’s, but I digress.
Now there are some things that your doctor should tell you before a mammogram, like A.) take someone with you, B.) Watch your salt/caffeine intake C.) Bring some sort of entertainment with you other than your phone D.) Dress comfortably as you will be removing the top half of your clothing and E.) Prepare to have your breasts handled by a couple strangers..........

 PLEASE GO READ THE REST at her Tumblr..I think it is that important. You can find out 'how she's doing' there... @ the other parts to her story.

(Blogger's note) This part RIGHT HERE: 

 "Now I didn’t want to scare myself out of my appointment, so I didn’t Google, I didn’t call anyone, and I didn’t discuss it."

I'm not a 'doctor dude' either. I've DONE EXACTLY that so even though I OBVIOUSLY don't have her issues (although MEN CAN GET BREAST CANCER..DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP..), I FELT THAT WHEN SHE SAID IT. That resonated with me. You could scare the SHIT OUTTA YOURSELF with information on Google, horror stories from informed and MISINFORMED FRIENDS.... So yeah.... 

I just wanted to give you PART of her story. PART 2 IS AN EVEN better READ... Go check it...

Now she is a FUNNY ASS PERSON and an excellent follow. She does nice little 20 questions that get REALLY CANDID and of course if you say something that is SENSIBLE, she will RT you or comment back. Her shit is private though so don't feel bad if she doesn't take you in or follow you back. That's just how it goes. She doesn't even follow ME on my main account. So don't take it personal. Go follow her Tumblr if she doesn't let you in on Twitter..



I had this post in the can FOR AWHILE but I was hesitant to make it. Then I thought about it..

Her story is probably one that could help some other young lady (or perhaps some young man who is dealing with a young lady in her situation) so I decided to go ahead and run it TONIGHT. Especially since I usually cover something serious on Sundays.. This does both. Covers some fun ('cause believe me, she HAS FUN with her...umm...yeah...@ my TL) and some thing VERY SERIOUS.