Saturday, July 4, 2009

I see once again, my generation (and the ones we influenced)....

Have forgotten what the hell we used to watch on videos. @ the Drake uproar. I hear a whole lotta complaining. Seems some of you have forgotten the songs we used to sing along too. The videos we used to watch. Janet in black jeans TIGHT JEANS, with the ass in full view. Gyrating on the floor. Let's compare the videos shall we? I went extreme for the first one it seems but let's keep it trill. THAT IS WHAT THEY PLAYED and that is what we listened to. Period.

New School.

Old school.

More old school. I'mma pick on some favorites too. Hell, it is a favorite NOW! 'Cause these dudes were DEFINITELY TARGETING US. I was 17 at the time. They just didn't come out. They had been out. It is an old school favorite. Look at the dancers people. They aren't 'older'. That is something that was targeted to kids. Now I guess some of you know why your Momma and Daddy used to hit you with the side eye when this came on. @ all the Drake hoopla..


For you Madonna fans...The whole song felt uncomfortable to sing in front of your parents. Don't front. Ya'll were watching this on them HBO specials. Don't front.

E.U Doin' the Butt. Come on. The TITLE ALONE says it all. Ain't no 'moral' in that. Everybody did that damm dance though! I know that. This VIDEO HERE HAS A LIL GIRL IN THE VIDEO. I didn't see ya'll calling for their head...

I guess my point is this. There was a underlying 'theme' to the video. It was done with a purpose. Was it gratuitous? Yes. But in the end, the scantily clad team lost. There was a reason for that. He took the same analogy that we 'all pretty much use' about having a 'team' of girls and everyone playing their position. He told 'em all they were the 'best'. We all know that you can't do that forever or you will lose. Just like Drake's team did in the video. Was it 'excessive' at times? Yep. Just like the vids I just showed up top. Is it the best video ever? Not even. But ya'll making it out to be like they have re invented the wheel here. 'Ye and Drake are not the first dudes to use T&A and will not be the last.

Dear older people/prudes:

The song/video was not really made for us in mind. Sorry. He has some other stuff that we might enjoy. This is not one of those though. He is 22. What ya'll want him to sing/rap about? 401ks? The Recession? Yeah We wasn't studying that shit then at that age so why should he? He is still a kid technically to me ESPECIALLY SINCE HE ACTED. He is may have seen the WORLD and had to grow up fast in some sense but in other ways, he has not. Cut him (and the other young boys) some slack. Yeesh.

Well you say, what about YOUR DAUGHTERS? How do you feel about them watching the video? Would you let them watch it? I don't 'allow' them to watch videos period. I have long gotten past the phase that I watch them on the regular (unless they are on the Net) so there is no need for me to have to worry about them 'staying in the room' to watch them (on my tv..Computer? Maybe? Constantly on TV? No.). Or shooing them out. 'Cause I don't watch 'em. Thus, they are not in the habit of watching them. The TVs that they can watch them on HERE, in this house, are all in a place where people would know that they are watching. So no, they cannot watch it until I am READY FOR THEM TO WATCH IT. One of them actually is old enough for me to let her watch and EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT of the video to her. I would use it, like I do all things, as a learning tool. Can't shelter 'em forever. Best to teach them yourself before one of their 'misguided' cool friends do. Ya dig? Again, him, Wayne, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and the whole lil 'younger generation' are not the first to influence those EVEN YOUNGER than they are. Nor will they be the last. Stop tripping.

On the flip side though, like I said in the other blog post, Drake has finally shown some chinks in his armor and the vultures are out. This is where having a strong label actually involved in more than 'distribution' would help. I am gonna assume that even though their role is just that, Universal will be 'strongly advising' Young Drake on correcting those missteps he has taken. He has already started to do that.

Okay enough of the preachy stuff for now...Speaking of the video, 'cause I do LOVE WOMEN, ole girl who does the stretching in said video...Rosa Acosta. Was going to do a feature on her soon but she popped up in the video. Again, as a full blooded male, I am NOT MAD AT HER. Trust me. Something for my boys that may come through from time to time.

Here's a link to the rest of the gals

I probably should just leave you alone with your thoughts..


My take-it's all relative. Every generation has that moment when the younger "set" if you will, sings/sees/says something older folks considered out of bounds. Been that way for a while, and it will continue to be that way, as the envelope gets pushed. I'm sure when Marvin Gaye was singing "You Sure Love To Ball" and "Let's Get It On" there were audible gasps and shrieks that pop culture was ruining the young minds.

As for Ms. Acosta, hmph, hmph, hmph *smh* LOL.

Basically. The envelope not being pushed will lead to things being stagnant. The list is LONG of songs that my parents 'frowned' on that I used to sing. I turned out just fine. These kids will too I think. Especially if we keep guiding 'em.