Thursday, August 7, 2008

All of that....

and they end up trading Brett Favre? They could have save us (and him) the trouble and taken that route weeks ago. There was no need for him to even come to Green Bay, for them to 'distract their team (I hate that term..), or any of the other mess that came out of this. This offer has probably been on the table since it was rumored he was coming back and they could have told Brett flat out this is what it is..Silly.

Ooh, we got tested. @ the Olympic Basketball Team. Last I checked, that was what was supposed to happen with these games wasn't it? We increased the level of comp with each game. It was SUPPOSED TO GET HARDER. Hello. That being said, we should still be expected to win and if we don't it should be a disappointment. Looks like Chris and Deron have rightfully taken Jason's spot for now but we will probably need J-Kidd's poise at some point.

More coming...Sorry about the delay. Damm you Verizon. @ the Internet interruptions in the day.

Well well well.....The collabo that I have been waiting for since "Stomp". Luda and T.I. made a song together. It took me all night to find it but I did.....

Ludacris Wish You Would ft. T.I

It is my understanding that this isn't the only song they have together that is new so I will DEFINITELY BE LOOKING FOR IT. T.I. is a favorite of my and Ludacris is definitely in my rotation so to see them bury that hatchet (even if it is for a second 'cause you know how our people do), get on the same record and do the thang is monumental in my opinion...I am a happy cat right now. For real. Now here's hoping that the BluePrint III rumors are true, Luda's, T.I's, and Jeezy albums all hit and that this trend continues...


Better arm in Favre, same bad O-line for the Jets. Favre is too old to be running for his life. A year of that and he'll retire and ride of happily into the sunset, as he should have this year.

Being trapped in the NY f-ball market, everyone is smiling (for now). Going to the G-mens training camp tomorrow. No one wants to admit they won't repeat ('cept me).