Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter Person of the Week: Steelergurl

You know you are a TRUE FAN when your Twitter name is the name of your team. This is my girl Steelergurl's MO. TRUE FAN. On us when we do good. On us when we do bad. By 'us', I mean the Steelers.

Here is her Twitter: Just follow her. Even if you are not a STEELER fan, you will find a place to connect to some of my future 'Twitters of the Week' as we all rep our teams to the fullest and talk football/sports/life in general. Matter of fact, if you look to the left on my 'sites I go to' you will see her site UPDATED every day ON MY BLOG. That is how much I support her and her efforts.

Oh did I mention that she has a BANGING WEBSITE? Oh yes....Click HERE. Real in depth. You WON'T CATCH HER ROCKING A PINK JERSEY a la Jessica Simpson. Lets just say that. @ how hardcore she is with it.

Get at her if you love the Steelers, sports in general or are just looking for a cool person to chat with. She is all the above.


Excellent choice, my friend! While I root for a different squad than both of you, I have mad respect for the team and for her.

As she did for me when I had my moment of internet fame, I now do for her re: give her props.

Way to go, Steelergurl!

Awww - this is so sweet. You have no idea how much that means to me. I love you guys!!!
Tracy - always with the respect...and Mark - you always have my back bad cop!!

Thank you!!