Sunday, June 28, 2009

The word 'help'.....

1: to give assistance or support to 2 a: to make more pleasant or bearable : improve, relieve barchaic : rescue, save3 a: to be of use to : benefit b: to further the advancement of : promote4 a: to change for the better b: to refrain from : avoid we couldn't help laughing c: to keep from occurring : prevent they couldn't help the accident d: to restrain (oneself) from doing something 5: to serve with food or drink especially at a meal 6: to appropriate something for (oneself) intransitive verb1: give assistance or support —often used with out2: to be of use or benefit

As you already know if you have read through my whole blog, I LOVE TO HELP people. I do not mind doing it at all. I will help you move. Help you with your relationship problems. Help you cook. With work. Whatever. Helping is okay..Doing however, is a whole other animal.

Those one man jobs? Not fair to ask for help on a one man job to me. I don't want to be just standing there 'watching you do the job'. Also, if you know that you can't do the job anyway and need me to REALLY do the job, just ask me to do it. Just come right out with it. You will do us all a favor. You won't get mad when I look at you funny when you ask me. I won't get upset when I find myself doing the job by myself 'cause that is really what you intended and we both won't be mad.

The jobs that may be done by one person by you either don't feel like doing it by yourself or you want to 'supervise'? Miss me with those too. I am liable to get upset with you. Again, either suck it up and do it yourself or let me do it my way. Pick one. I do all the time. It is okay. Really. If you start loafing, I am going to get mad. You start sitting back and 'supervising' and I AM REALLY GONNA GET PISSED. You aren't at work. I am not a slave. Please don't do that.

If you ask me for my 'help' in the way of advice, PLEASE expect the truth. I am under the assumption that is the reason why you are asking me. I assume that you have seen my body of work and that I am known for telling you what you need to hear. Not just for the sake of being mean either but for sake of helping you with the situation. I am only the messenger though so DON'T SHOOT me. Ya dig? You want your ego coddled SOLELY? Go get at your flunkies not me. You want the truth or what I think? Ask for my help.

The BET Award are up next. This ought to be good. I see people talking shit to each other already via Twitter. Sad shit. As I thought we all learned this week, death don't give a shit about what town you are from, how gangsta you are, or any of that. You can die anywhere. Doing anything. I feel sorry for those caught up in the ideal that they have to


This is ALWAYS my issue with people who come to me saying, "be honest with me, what do you think about yada yada yada?" I give them my opinion, and feelings get hurt, or their face is all frowned up. I don't get it. Why ask if you don't want the truth? I'm a big believer in not asking questions you don't really want the answers to. Great post!
-Krissy aka "minordetail"