Monday, June 8, 2009

Since 140 wasn't enough...Straight offa Twitter

Any dude is gonna go after easy pu$$'s up to you to suppress your whore tendencies & prove him wrong.- @divaSmistress

Of course, I retweeted this and got a quick and 'succinct' response from my homies @Shamecca and @KhiaJD. As you can imagine, they weren't 'happy' at the one sidedness of the comment.

The Gift and the Curse of Twitter. 140 characters at a time you have to explain what you meant QUICKLY. LOL

Anyhow, that statement was actually a middle statement of a rant by Diva. She went on to say some other things that basically balanced it 'sorta'. She did not go all the way in though. Nor should she have to. One should be able to speak on the faults without having it assumed that the 'whole blame' is being shifted on that person. It is like a built in excuse not to talk about that side's role in the fault of things.

Especially when we are talking about male and females. Both SIDES DO THIS SHIT. It burns me up a little bit. Actually more than a little bit. If we are talking about pregnancy to a guy, the first shit he comes up is "Well she has to carry it..". WTF? No motherfucker, you shoulda put something on your dick or not have sex 'cause guess what happens when you do that? A DAMM BABY MIGHT HAPPEN. That's what. God forbid we say anything about what a man has to do because he was 'trapped'. Do your part or shut the fuck up. Period. You can complain to yourself maybe or get mad at yourself for the pregnancy but after that, that is it. (That is not a free pass to act an ass on the woman's part from that point on either. More on that in a minute)

Women? You can stop that sniggling over there. You are not exempt from this AT ALL. All I hear are about these 'no good' dudes you encounter, how he 'drives your car while you are at work', expects you to do 'XYZ'. Or my favorite. The above scenario up top that I used for the guys. Yes, he was supposed to 'strap up' but YOU TOO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY too. Weren't you there too? Fact is FACT. You are carrying the baby so having that part of the responsibility comes with the responsibility of you DOING YOUR PART to prevent it. It isn't 'blaming you solely' because someone takes you to task on that. Sorry. You have a part in it. Do your part too! You certainly don't have the right to complain about extra shit or SHIFT IT ALL ON HIM and act indignant about being pregnant talking that "It is his fault he didn't wear a condom and I have nothing really to do with that." Miss me with that shit. You know you can get pregnant. Just stop that. It is even funnier that this is usually done 'quietly' by ya'll and accepted. @ toss the blame out on him. You don't even have to say the rest of what I said. It is implied AND ACCEPTED. Just like it is for the dudes when he gives the bullshit excuses he does and ducks his responsibilities.

This is just a lightweight example of what ticks me off about having a discussion though. We can't get the words out fast enough before someone is crying to the 'argument referee' about who isn't getting enough blame. Take the criticism people and at least either ask or wait to hear the the whole idea.

Now I can't speak for Diva. Maybe she does think it is all a woman's fault on that issue. Wait......Hold up..I CAN 'CAUSE SHE JUST DID IT FOR ME...

Straight from her....

of course it's both genders...@carolinaware BUT some females really need to stop the desperateness...take care of yerself, kids, etc

Back to what I was saying..

I do not. Never had. I happen to think that the whole way we decide who is a 'whore' and the like is flawed like a motherfucker. It is stupid. ESPECIALLY ON OUR PART @ THE DUDES. I have said as much. So we want some pussy, said girl gives us pussy in some magical non existent timeline (aka whenever we feel it is too soon for which we really don't have a 'set' time period for) and we label her. Bullshit. There is no Fairy Godslut running around fucking niggas and there surely isn't just one 'good' dude that every girl is marrying/So'ing up. Almost everyone has done SOME SHIT. Period. We ALL HAVE PLAYED A PART IN IT. Sorry. Knowingly. Unknowingly. Somewhere in between. We all have.

I also REALLY happen to think that some dudes are wearing panties when it comes to these subjects. That does not mean I don't see the other side of it. I retweeted what Diva said though 'cause she is right. A woman not being forced to do something has a responsibility to make sure she does her part in having sex AND ALL THAT COMES WITH IT. She DOES have a say after all and with that say comes the responsibility to make the correct choices time in and out. She is gonna mess up too. Just like the dudes pick do!! Dudes that whine and complain about the 'normal' shit that comes with having kids? My heart pumps piss for 'em- My Dad. For real. I have NO SYMPATHY. Nigga, you laid down with her. You know what it was. Period.

As you can see, this scenario played out exactly how I thought. She said something albeit a lil 'tender', I retweeted and the assumptions started flying. (Shout out to those that didn't have the ovaries/nuts to at least not direct message me about it You know who you are.) So now I gotta clear it up. Hopefully, 'the mirror' statement I made on Twitter makes more sense now 'cause as you can see, I call out any and all parties on their bullshit. I don't give a fuck. Most days, I am even calling out shit I HAVE DONE. Now how you LOVE THAT? -Baby from Cash Money. All a day in the life of a loquacious Capricorn I tell ya. It is what I do though. Fuck it.

As ya'll were...Carry on.


Fairy went Deep my friend...lmao....I happen to love it when you get in these moods, gives me at least a good giggle or two!

Always better to have the whole story than a part of it. When presented with that part though, a part of me couldn't let it slide. I admire the fact that you, Mr. Ware, know that adults of both sexes must take responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately, in my experience, there is a whole hell of a lot of folks who are quick to place the burden of responsibility on a woman. That's why they handcuff their daughters and let their sons run around. That's why women are sluts while men are congratulated.
Not saying that's what you or your twitterpal were onto, but by extracting only a portion of what was said and RT'ing it, only that portion of it came through. Standing alone, it's kinda lopsided.
Glad I could give you some blog fodder though. I didn't even know you had one!

I am a lil modest about the blog thing yet love the chances that pop up to introduce it when someone can read it for something that may interest them.

I thank you for even reading what I wrote and even having the discussion with me.

I can't blame you for your stance. As you said, it was a 'blurb' so it only showed one side.

That experience you have had is definitely one that others have had too. That is why I try to shout it from the top of buildings that we all don't feel that way or take that attitude. 'Cause it sure looks that way sometimes. Please feel free to stop back anytime.

And another gift & curse of internet/text/e-mail is you CANNOT convey TONE through words, only conversation & communication. Well said ;)

Thank you titi. I appreciate that!