Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mos Def vs. Jay-Z, Wayne, others?, Idalis Deleon

Well well well...Looks like Mos FINALLY wants to play at the Big Boy Table bad enough to resort to the this....I am probably 'bout to hurt some of ya'll feelings too so be prepared. I know Mos is ya'lls baby and shit..But I thought I would tell you how I REALLY feel about the situation. I am one dude. I don't expect ya'll to agree. I would be surprised if any of you do. This is probably where we fork off at the 'love of music' highway. It is cool with me though.

The second one is disabled that is why I didn't embed it.


When Hov was dropping 50 on cats (making these claims of being the best MC out period) and Mos was still dropping 12 pg (making nice lil songs for those that like what he does), WHY WASN'T HE SCREAMING THIS THEN???

I mean I feel like this is a stunt and a half. I am looking for the video where he 'clears' up his comments but still challenges him.

Here is the audio of it...

I actually had to GO BACK and watch the first video 'cause I didn't know he came that 'flagrant' with it. @ the youtube joint. The first one I saw was the one he did with Angie. (Sorry, I don't see EVERYTHING on the Net. Sue me.)

After actually watching the first one and then hearing the second more 'politically' correct one where is he is wavering AGAIN, I REALLY DON'T RESPECT THE NIGGA for this one.


You made the video.

You looked into the camera ON THE FIRST VIDEO and said "I am glad you recording this...." so you can miss me with the 'It wasn't meant to get out for everyone to see..." shit that you said in the Angie interview.


The ORIGINAL VIDEO IS HOW YOU FELT. You were on whatever truth serum that you took that night (weed,whatever your vice is..) and it came out. You talked MAD SHIT TOO. Putting up pics of a REALLY hot car. Talking about how cats are gonna have to drive you around..All of that. lmao I hear you. So will all of those things be fair game in this battle? I know you have movie money so you might have a bit of bread but when those rappers you are talking to go in about that stuff what then? I know, your fans will start screaming "It ain't about the money though..". Even though you opened that door....Okay nigga.

Own up to it my man. You feel like you are better than Hov? Leave it at that. You SHOULDA BEEN SCREAMING THAT SHIT WHEN HE FIRST SAID 'He was the best rapper alive' but you weren't gonna do that shit in his 'prime'. Why? 'Cause YOU KNEW BETTER. That's why. You woulda got your head chopped off. Period.

I am not one of those people that have to say people suck to make the person I like in the situation better either. YOU ARE A DOPE RAPPER. Real talk. You can GOOOOOOOOOOO.. But all this 'head and shoulders better than Hov' shit? Please. The timing of it? DOUBLE PLEASE. Mentioning Dame Dash? Yeah, that just makes it REAL CREDIBLE. You having a project coming out? You are starting to pull stunts that the 'so called industry rappers' you despise pull. You looking REAL FAMILIAR my man.

Another thing, if this is really about Rakim and Slick Rick like you say, PUT THEM ON YOUR TEAM Mos. Since they are 'alive and well' and that is the reason that you say Hov can't claim that he is the best rapper alive. I am assuming you are referring to them actually still living & breathing that their body of work 'affords' them the position to still be respected right? NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. I can dig that. Stand behind that then and put them up there. I think we ALL HEARD THE WATCHER. Rakim can STILL GO. @ rap. Hov didn't sound outclassed on the joint either. Who was better is subjective to the person, their favorite and all of that but no one was outclassed to me. Come to think about it, WE ALL HEARD YOU AND HOV together on 'Get By'. You DIDN'T OUT CLASS HIM THERE EITHER. Fuck is you REALLY TALKING ABOUT AGAIN my man?

I have no issue with any rapper that says that he is the best. That is what anyone in any profession should feel. Cool. I do take issue with how some people view this though. The people have spoken on this issue. Loudly.

You want it one way- The Wire

By the way fans/music lovers/elitist, etc, etc, you don't get to discredit sales 'cause one hundred or so of you and your closest Internet.industry friends, whoever attend shows that only you guys go to said so and the other 'people who like music that you know' don't. Not when it goes up against MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who buy music/listen to and support it. You can't have it both ways. You can't say 'This is music for us' then turn around and try to sell it to 'others' and complain and diss those that do that better than you or your artist. Sorry. I have seen and been to some of the shows. Unless it is in a HIGHLY urbanized area, it is not 'US' at that shows my man (woman). @ the underground joints. It looks a lot like a bowl of vanilla ice cream with flecks of vanilla bean in it. @ the crowd. So you can't get mad at that. I have pictures in this very blog that prove that! Be easy.

That said, I am tired of that copout that 'record sales' don't count at all. Yes, Suzy and them bought Wayne's record. Okay cool. A million people bought NWA record too ass. You don't discredit NWA. Pac went platinum. You saw the response to him ALL DAY. All over. On the radio stations. On Twitter. On the Net. FROM US! Dr. Dre, arguably the best producer we have, HAS GONE PLAT. But when Hov does it, it is 'because people are brainwashed'?? When such and such an artist that YOU aren't feeling does that, it is 'the machine' pushing them? You delusional fuck. Shut the entire fuck up with that bullshit man. You and your peoples don't like him. Fine. Stop trying to insinuate that people are stupid/ignorant/don't know music 'cause they don't fuck with the artist you do. Yes YOU! You with the 'brainwashed, popular, or my personal favorite 'the white people like such and such' kickstands for arguments as to why you 'hate' certain artists/fans of said artist.

Are record sales the the end all be all? No. But they count people to some extent. I love certain groups. Fortunately, I have their music on my phone show I can show people what they are about 'cause they don't 'sell' when I tout them. That is just the reality of the situation. Everyone can't be a superstar. Sorry. They are still NICE though and I can still like them even though THEY DIDN'T SELL EVEN THOUGH I LIKE ARTIST THAT DO. It is called being a grown up. Try it out sometime. Shit works wonders. We aren't in the 5th grade anymore. It is okay to drink tap water and still like to do nice things. @ the mentality some of you have now.

Just like the in the NBA, if you have talent, you will be found. If the dudes you mess with can't make a damm song, that is not MY FAULT. I know PLENTY OF NICE 'UNDERGROUND' dudes that can make music and songs. I listen to them. I support them. I love their music. No need to diss the people who are 'on' because at the end of the day, YOUR LIL ARTIST WANTS THAT SHINE TOO. Believe that. If they did not, they would GIVE THEIR MUSIC AWAY. Trust me. I have always challenged any artist that claims to love it so much and complains about big artists/labels/etc. Give it away then. You know what I hear 9 times outta 10? Fucking CRICKETS. That's what. I know making records is not cheap but if you LOVED it like you say you do, you would make that sacrifice. For real. People do it all the time for things that they truly believe in. The artists that do what I just said, I have not had to challenge them. They do that shit on their own. I have seen Tanya Morgan give music away. Literally. Seen Phonte do it. Stat Quo. The list goes on. So I am not talking about them. So I don't wanna hear your artist is not in it for the 'money' if they aren't doing what I just typed. They are. They want that fame and shit too. Believe that. It ain't hard to tell who does and who truly doesn't.

It wouldn't matter if your fav. artist blew though. You will turn and hate on them like ya'll did Lupe. 'Cause it is never about the artist. It is about you and your warped sense of entitlement. We all have that in us I guess but some of you boy. You take it too far. The end result is shit like this here. You guys end up gassing up the cats that do make the music that you DO LIKE to do DUMB ASS SHIT like Mos just did 'cause he feels like it what you guys want it seems. He wasn't screaming that shit when they did "Get By' was he? He didn't say "I don't think lyrically he can fuck with me so I won't be getting on that record.." No. That nigga happily got on that shit. And praised it. As he did with 'Ye.

You knew me before (the) records, you never disrespected me. Now that I am successful, YOU PULL THIS SHIT?- Hov

That is how this looks to me. @ this whole Mos thing. He went at the boy Wayne too but that ain't my lane. I am not too sure he will flat out destroy him either and I don't even 'LOVE' 'Wayne's music like that. My other question is this?

Why not make a 'record' and do it that way? That is part of 'hip hop' too is not?

Oh that is right, that is NOT HIS STRONG SUITE. @ making records I guess I can respect it but it doesn't make it right. Again, you don't get to 'pick and choose' which elements of hip hop that are important for your agenda if you 'claim to embrace all of it'. You wanna bring something back? Fine. But don't hide your hands about it. You said what you said. Period.

Oh and how are you gonna have a Battle of the Bands in Southern and Grambling's backyard and NOT INVITE THEM? WPOTGIT???? More proof that this is shamish..Out of all the bands in the MEAC, you picked Morgan's? (Shout out to Steph too!)Really? I went to a MEAC school and I CERTAINLY HAD FRIENDS IN OUR BAND AND WOULDN'T PICK them or Morgan. The Rattlers man. For real. For serious. FAMU at least. smh Hell even, HOWARD'S band.

No Talib? @ your team.

In the Where Are They Now category, I was watching bad TV on rare Saturday morning in the house today and stumbled across Idalis Deleon. Well, originally I was watching New York Undercover on SiTV for Lauren Velez. The next show, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner came on and low and behold IDALIS DELEON pops up on the screen. Still looking pretty good. Funny lil quirky show. Use the Google search bar on the side to look it up.


Dante, Dante, Dante.

I aint got time to watch, so thanks for the info.

Black on Both Sides was the one album that saved HipHop for me. I was DONE as of 1997 or so. I bought BoBS and had to go BACK and get BlackStar, so that gives you a frame of reference for Mos and my respect for him.

He should know better than this.

I thought he knew better than this.

Is the child support catching up w/him?

Did Next Day Air not work out enough?

I expect these ahistorical kids to wander around clueless as to what the game is about.

But MOS? You shouldnt need attention that bad, dawg.

If this is how you gonna play the rap game you need to go holla @ Jeffrey Wright and see if HBO will cake you up for TopDog Underdog, cause this kinda ish you cannot come back from.

Wowzers. "...Fight night, ain't bringin' popcorn..." (c) Mos Def. Wowzers. Was he drizzunk?! He looked smashed and was slurring all through that jawn. I respect his gangsta, I admire his talent, I'm jst not convinced this was the proper outlet or way to present this to the hip hop community. On a late nite, drunk, random...idk man.

"Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't." (c) Hov

I have a problem w/ that. And you touched on this a little in the blog - record SALES, #'s, plat status. THAT alone should not make an "artist". Hell, if that's the case then Soulja Boy has a claim out there somewhere b/c a lot of mofo's buying his records and ringtones, he's rich and Mos Def has more talent in his little finger than SB but maybe not as paid? I don't think #'s should dictate a person's success or standing in the game.

Great blog - thanks for bringing this to my attention. I posted a link to the YouTube video on Twitter so more ppl can take a look @ this as well. Just wow. I'm interested to see how this turns out. Keep us posted.

The easy thing to say is that he is doing this because he's got a project out now (that I have, but haven't had time to listen to yet)or that he's making a bid for hip-hop superstardom. But as The Ink already said, and you as well, he shouldn't need to do this. You do what you do and Jay-Z does what he does. It just so happens the music public likes Jay a bit more than Mos Def. That's how it goes. It doesn't mean that Jay's popularity makes him a lesser MC because the masses voted with their $$$.

I'm like you, if he big ups Slick Rick and Rakim, why not put them on your team? I thought the whole point of bringing them into the conversation was to say that they, along with him and whoever else he likes would be a formidable team. *SMH*

Just let it go, man. Let it go.