Monday, June 15, 2009

Jadin Shropshire "Artist That You Might Want To Check Out'

Every once in awhile, I will do this. I ,like many people, am pretty selfish when it comes to who I listen to. I don't like to share 'em and love to say "I knew about him/her back in (insert date)". I also have a love/hate relationship with people who do am going to attempt to change. What I will do is showcase people that I like. They MAY NEVER BLOW but you never KNOW. Ya dig? Also, they may never blow if people don't spread the word. So that is what I will attempt to do in my lil part of the Internet. Spread the word. I will probably prec

This is a kid that I know from another place (You may know him from Twitter too!). Yeah, I saw he did music and of course I respected that he did so. I just didn't honestly 'hurry up' and listen to it. That's the God's honest truth. I usually don't do that to people. I know how I am about my music and I would much rather 'stumble' upon it than have you say 'Yo, it's hot'. So in my own time, I checked out his music. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID.

This song RIGHT here made my workout mix IMMEDIATELY. After 5 straight spins, I was sold. The kid has the goods. He hails from Baltimore, Maryland but lives in Highland, NY now. You can see the blending of both cities in his music. He also, like most good MCs, crafts his own sonic backdrops, thus he rarely sounds outta place on his tracks. A MAJOR FLAW that most people have. Banging beats that just aren't 'them'. Not that they suck but the beat doesn't match 'them'. There is something to be said for being universal. There is also something to be said for matching beats that compliment your style. He seems to understand that concept. His raps are about every day things, life and situations which of course make them refreshing to hear. He does not lack PRESENCE THOUGH and he is not a 'woe is me' rapper. (Can't stand those) Clever word play and good timing. He is young too so I feel like he will get even better. Hopefully, he can get on.

Here is my (for now) favorite track by the young man (the one that made my 'workout' playlist), his last full joint "A Good Dude' and where you else you can catch him on the Interwebs..

I am NOT SAYING you have to like him because I do. I am not here for all of that. Not here to change your mind. Ya dig? What I am saying is that I like his music and that you won't be able to say I didn't tell you about him. (This will be a theme. You can look for it after just about after every one of these I post.)


I heart him...of course follow him on Twitter and he is one of the "lucky" ones who made it onto my private FB page :) He's dope, even though I hate B-More, lol. Just jokes.

I like that you're doing this...this is kinda what I do too. My blog is for me, by me, abt me...but I include artists I support and dig that may not be getting the recognition they deserve? Or maybe jst to share w/ my readers and my ppls the stuff that moves me...that counts ;)