Friday, June 12, 2009

Game 4, D.O.A Death of AutoTune and Michael Vick

Free throw shooting. I imagine that Orlando will spending PLENTY of time, win or lose this series, shooting free throws when they go to their respective homes this summer. I mean, one can usually go back to a miss here, a make there but the way they shot them in that last game was criminal. The kicker is, with the exception of Howard, the cats missing them are good 'shooters'. They have no real excuse.

Kobe said the right things in the press conference before the game about not being tired but anyone can look at that man and see that he is. He is DRAINED. Getting the ball ripped at the top of the key or at least touched every 3 possession. Not being able to 'blow by' either Lee or Pietrus and thus having to resort to some other crafty moves to get shots off. Not that having the ability to do the latter is a BAD THING. They are great things. Just saying the young man looks tired. He is giving it his all though and I know he is hurting.

Stan my man? Did you get amnesia? You FORGOT TO PUT YOUR BEST PG BACK IN THE GAME again. I know...I know...He wouldn't have been able to warm up properly. Yada..yada...yada..Look man, he should have been IN THAT GAME. What part of that don't you get? I guarantee you Fish wouldn't have had a 'clean look' at the bucket had he been in. I'll tell you that. Looks like you have not learned. Skip is your best pg right now. Period.

Looks like my favorite rapper has 'the Internet going nuts' with his Death of Auto Tune record. In case I have not made it clear, JAY-Z is my favorite rapper. (Maybe one day, I will work on my own personal list of rappers..Who knows?) Many were hoping and PRAYING he was talking about the "Rapper Ternt Sanger" (T-PAIN), but if you have half way good hearing you could see that the song wasn't directed at him at all. Some of ya'll wish malice on that man so bad it is a wonder you don't have lock jaw from sipping on the 'ade. Yet ya'll wanna 'Jump Out The Window' and all that mess. Okay...The song is dope. I am not surprised. If you have not heard it you can look at my music player. It should be there for a while at least. Changing the game once again! Like he always does. What do you people who don't like him have to say now? Especially since he is telling the truth about it. Still one of the nicest MCs out and the nicest to me. (I don't expect you to agree either. As I always say, I am not here to change your mind.)

'Bout time. You have told the League he isn't worth a damm and distanced yourself as far away from him as you could. You should have been cut Vick. Lets see if that man gets a second chance at this thing called football. I hope he does well. I also hoped he learned some valuable lessons along the way.


I have ZERO opinion on Jay_z"s "DOA". Makes me no difference. Nas (MY personal all-time fave rapper ETHERED Jay-Z, so w/ that being said...) pretty much cleared up for me and most of the hip hop community is in agreement that Jay-Z is NOT "God" so let's top treating him like one. Yes, he's creates trends - he DEADED throwbacks and buttonups in one song - but he's not "the best". There's no such thing. Every artist and entertainer brings a different dish to the table...if every dish was the same, no matter if it was your favorite - would you wanna eat sweet potatoes for the rest of your life even though you love em? No.