Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Even though my young boy Steph didn't make the 'Big Dance', you know I had to peep out his performance in the NIT. You see he did the thing to South Carolina with 32 pts.

Mr. Archie did have a helluva highlight though.

Tory Holt is FREE. Now come our way fam. We could use you in the slot. @ Pittsburgh.

What is New England doing up there? Trying to build an All Madden Team? @ looking at Peppers. Yeesh!

It is has been on for a hot minute now so I feel like I can post up some of the clips from Jimmy's show. lol

To me, this is still Jimmy Fallon's best interview thus far.

But Cameron broke him DOWN here.

Slow jamming the news...Questo, Riq and 'em did the thing here..

If you know me like that YOU KNOW THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT FOR ME. Princess K, Khloe and Kourtney. Khloe is trying to make a run at being hot like her sisters I see. She finally got rid of that blunt bang..


Man, Torry Holt wouldn't think of coming here. Between him, Santonio & Hines there are no where near enough footballs. I hope he goes to Philly. McNabb needs help and maybe he can mentor the receivers that are already there.

I hope the Panthers send Peppers to Denver for Cutler or to Dallas. If he ends up with the Patriots there needs to be an investigation!