Phonte Coleman of The Foreign Exchange (and formerly Little Brother) (left) and I...


Some very tragic events over the past year or so have sort of pushed my personal life back to the forefront of the blog. You will see plenty of posts on those subjects as a result. So it won't all be fun and games, not like it was before anyway, all the time. It will get serious here. Deeply serious. Respect it. Life gets that way. Sorry. I know a lot of you like to act like you 'aren't what you are' offline on the Internet. That's not me. I am me all the time. I am all of the things you see. A Father. A son. A lover of PRETTY DAMM WOMEN. Sports. Music. A lover of Life. All of them.

I will still have a certain amount of 'respect' going on over here. My 'status' due to her passing won't change that. My 'filter' is still the same. Whatever I say now is what I would have said when she was here. It is that simple. 

I know some of you come here for one or two things and the topic I am currently discussing is not among those. 

Tough shit. My blog. My way. *shrugs*. I'm going to go in whatever direction I feel. Probably won't ever not have the women up though. So the pendulum won't be swinging too far right or left. @ direction. 

Besides, what I share might just help you one day. You never know. I know some of you think that you are going to be 'whateverteen'- young adult (20-31ish) forever but you aren't. Eventually, you will have to grow up. Hell, even before you do REALLY GROW UP, some of the things I write about here you will probably have to face. Take the words that I type up here for what they are worth. I'm sharing for a reason. To let it out and to help folks.. 

About me: 

First off, I am a HUMAN BEING. Which means I am flawed which is something that the vast majority of you don't realize this about yourself btw.

 East Coast born and raised. Influence and living both in the North (Delaware) and the South (North Carolina). Full blown adult. Capricorn. Music snob. Sports nerd. Into all types of physical activities including fighting and physical fitness, basketball, football, etc, etc... Known for addressing the 'pink elephant' in the room which doesn't exactly make me popular at times and belies my physical stature. (You know the old 'If you are big and athletic then you must be dumb as a box of rocks theory that people STILL HOLD ON TO...SMH) Very opinionated but not disrespectful. Not very tolerant of disrespect because of that though. Can admit when I am wrong. Will tell you when I am right, why I am right and you are wrong. Colorfully. (Insert little cliche here that people use to describe themselves that I don't feel like typing up) You might get a peek at what has been going on in my World.*

THIS SECTION WAS WRITTEN AWHILE AGO AND I probably should amend it. I won't though. 'Cause it still stands in my eyes..

Some of you are coming here having 'known' (I use the term KNOWN VERY LOOSELY cause lets face it, you nor I know each other if we haven't spoken/interacted/since 5th grade..) from other places. Facebook, Twitter, the Internet in general. Delaware. High school. Middle school. North Carolina. School. College. Family. Friends of the family.

Whatever capacity you have to come to know me by. I gotta tell you this off top. Don't think for one second that I am showing you something here that is a 'secret' or some shit. It is not. It is KNOWN. All of it. Sometimes, people have a tendency to think they have stumbled upon a 'bomb' and think that they can use it to 'blow someone up'. Fuck around and have that shit implode in your hand. Ya dig? Do what you do and worry about you.She knows about the spot.Always has. Got it? Good. To the two or three people who come here who DO actually 'know me', obviously this was not directed at you. As you were....You can LIKE IT OR HATE IT, but I'm gonna do me. This is me. Didn't know 'these things about me' before you read the blog? Sounds like your problem plair.. not mine. I show folks what I want so maybe that is it. Maybe you didn't 'know me' like you thought you did either. Could be both. Who knows.. You are here now though. Might as well stay...

This blog is operated by one person.* I have been all over but Delaware & North Carolina are places I have both LIVED & GROWN in so there will be a lot of content on them. I have a deep root and yes, attachment to both places. I will be the first to tell you that. For you folks who have never BEEN ANYWHERE BUT WHERE YOU CURRENTLY LIVE, I probably can't make you understand that. Those of you who HAVE been out or call more than one place home, that makes perfect sense. If you don't 'get it', keep visiting. You will find I know just as much about one place as I do the other. You might even find out I know more about 'your home' than YOU DO.  Yeah, it is that deep. Deal with it fam.

The topics here will vary...Sometimes fun...Sometimes serious. Sometimes you will be redirected to the blog's Tumblr account as I like to post some things there depending on content.  Sometimes I won't do that. It is at my discretion really.

THIS IS AN 18 AND UP SITE. I try not to kill you with the out and out nasty stuff but there is a reason I made the Tumblr and 'spoon feed' the fan page on Facebook. I will ,HOWEVER, have nudity here from time to time. You need to know that if you subscribe to the blog. You should be VERY CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU CLICK IF YOU ARE AT WORK WHEN VISITING THE BLOG. I will put things like NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the titles and such but still. I have friends that do some not safe for work things and I can and will use my audience to show them support. That's just how it goes. I cuss a lot as well so be forewarned.

Submissions, questions, and such (copyright issues that you don't know how to handle via Google.) can be sent to thewarehouseblogspot@gmail.com . I will get back to you as soon as a I can. There is a pecking order. I won't do you like most blogs and act like there isn't. I have my OWN ventures, interests, etc to protect and I will do so. Just that simple. If I like what you send though, I will put it up. It is that simple.

I DO TAKE SUBMISSIONS OF MUSIC, PICTURES, ETC but please understand that:

A. I am one person

B. I am the one who decides what I want to put up here so I have to LIKE IT.

There are rare cases where that is overridden (response based) but all in all, if I don't like it, I don't put it up here. You can look at the NOTED ABSENCE of many people on here as proof of that. They are known and quite honestly ALL OVER ANY OTHER BLOG THAT COVERS THE SUBJECTS THAT I COVER. Yet they are not here. That is not by accident. I just don't like their product so thus, they don't get any pub on here. PERIOD.

You will also take note that some of the posts include folks Twitter names. That is due to the fact that blog has its own Twitter and the posts are fed there automatically. Note I said some. I like to let folks know that I make posts about them hence the Twitter names. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you are an artist that runs your own Twitter, feel free to retweet the links. I put the info out there that reason.

If you don't run your own Twitter and I see your 'team' doesn't RT things that they personally don't 'put online' about you or are particular about whose info they pass on, I won't put your Twitter name. Period. I don't need the hassle nor am I am out here on my knees for anyone. Sorry. So before you come at me with the 'I don't see my name here' stuff....check the labels or do a search. I wouldn't be putting this up here if it hadn't happened already so.....

What do I like musically?

CLICK ON MY TOP MC'S POST HERE. This will give you a better idea if you will be wasting your time or not sending me music. Those posts below (interviews and such) are a good indicator too.

Oh and I ALSO HAVE A LAST.FM page that will kinda help..Who knows, maybe I ALREADY PLAY YOUR MUSIC and I might be an admirer of your music. 

*Because I am only one person, the occasional grammatical error may be made. As things grow, perhaps I will have someone who will catch these errors for me (hint...hint..nudge...nudge...PUSH). A proofreader if you will. As it stands though, I do not have anyone that holds that title. So typos you will see. Sue me. When I see them though, I DO FIX THEM. I DO PROOFREAD but hey, I'm human. If you want to use that to 'take me less seriously' in one of my 'long winded posts', go right ahead. Your choice. -_-


I post 'em up ON THE REG. I don't 'talk under their skirts' (look it up) nor do I go the extra mile to 'stan all the way fuck out' either. I post 'em, pay the compliments when necessary and leave it at that. Period.

If the fact that I do that means that you don't 'respect' any serious topic I discuss then your 'Fuck You and your respect ' is in the link below...Go ahead and read it....I think that should about cover it...

As for the 'woman' who are afraid of being 'exploited' by a site like the one I run here..I have addressed you as well...

Enough negative stuff though..The popular posts usually contain enough POSITIVE examples of how this works great for both THE BLOG and the subjects of the posts. Usually, those post are a DIRECT RESULT of support from the young lady via a posting on THEIR OWN TWITTER, blog or Facebook. So thank you for that IN ADVANCE (and if you have done so in the past..) for that mutual support. It is appreciated. Truly.

Oh and one more thing...


It isn't that important to me for you to know if I posted something up 'first' on the Internet. I'm just not that into that. Besides, I want you to be able to tell when I do TAKE THE PICTURE without me saying as much. What do I look like watermarking your pictures up if I didn't 'take them'?

You see the watermark for the blog? Then you know I took the picture in some fashion. Screen shot. With the camera phone. With the Canon or the web cam.


More often than not, you will see plenty of fun here but that doesn't mean things don't get serious. Here are some of those posts. They are usually under the label "Grown Folk Talk".


This is where what I said up top KICKS IN. My 'Grown Folks Series' has taken a HUGE SERIOUS TONE turn. It is HEAVY DUTY right now. Not for the faint of heart. All real though. It is Life. It is the hand I was dealt. I can only play those cards. 

I had a series called the Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week. I retired the series though. If you clicked the first hotlink up top, you will kinda understand why. A new series, based on the same guidelines as the last one will take it place soon. Stay tuned. I won't stop spotlighting folks in that way. I may even bring back the 'Person of the Week', which wasn't 'gender' based by the way. Who knows... Time and demand will tell. 

I also share some of my 'poetry' on here. 

The search box works MOST OF THE TIME but in the event it doesn't, you can use the labels from these posts to get you were you need to be. I am very candid with my thoughts.

Please be clear. I don't go along with what is popular' because your favorite street tough guy, comedian, rap artist, sports star, sports writer, etc, etc, etc says/believes in something that I don't . I am not bound by their 'rules/codes/or whatever ya'll are out here calling it these days' like some of you seem to be. I have my own mind and I do speak it. These are the posts where you can REALLY SEE IT.

The Troy Davis case and the LESSON SOME OF YOU ARE CLEARLY MISSING- http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2011/09/words-so-now-everyone-cares-about.html Oh and I have a question. Are we STILL MAD? 'Cause ya'll were outraged about it but you seem to have 'moved on from it'.

The fascination black folks (and some white folks) have with not allowing folks to EVOLVE... http://thewarehous.blogspot.com/2010/12/pastchanging-your-wayswhat-to-day-to.html

Not being 'man enough'

Grown men (and women) using the word 'pause'....

What happens when I DO DECIDE to respond to you on my blog and give you 'some pub'....not positively either.

About the blog:

I am not one sided off line so I won't be on here. I will talk about what I feel like. It has a theme. The theme is me and what I like to talk about. Sometimes, it will bore the shit outta most of you. It will come off condescending (not on purpose) because of the nature (information overload) that I may provide when I am speaking on something. I like being right. Sue me. So I make sure that if I speak on something, I have these things called 'facts' to back me up. Not 'opinions'. If I give something opinion based, I usually concede that it is of my opinion and it is my reality. Not yours. Hope you can respect that.

A lot of you have stumbled across my little space of the Net via google/yahoo/ask/or some other search engine. Usually in search of a picture or a specific key word. Use the labels below. I put the labels up for a reason. So people could find stuff. Much easier to find what you want if you just use those. I use a series of words to go along with the 'specific names' of events/people/cars and things. If you use those keywords, you might just hit the mother load of information on this site. I like to make people think so that is why it is not just put 'out there' like that.

Anyhow, enough from me. Enjoy the blog and I hope you return.

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