Monday, September 17, 2012

(Words) Don't Save Him X An Open Letter To My Daughters..

....feel free to use ANY PART of what I am saying NOW if you are a grown woman...

Now I'm not expecting any of you dudes to be out here loving what I am about to say NOR am I demanding 'perfection' out here out of dudes either. Of course I would like a perfect dude for my little girls but that man doesn't exist. Never has. Never will. That said...


You people and your 'mantras'. -_- Look, I love hip hop just as much (shit probably more) than you do but lets stop being silly here. Your aunt was probably EVERY NASTY NAME YOU ARE OUT HERE CALLING YOUNG GALS WHO ARE FINDING THEIR WAY. Shit, some of you come from one parent homes and DON'T KNOW YOUR FATHER.... never met that man. I'm not saying that ....but there is a great possibility that... Lets just say if you like Happy Meals but your Mother wasn't the one who bought them but it was Uncle Larry, Uncle Joe or the other host of uncles that paraded in and out of your life who bought them, something was amiss. He had to keep you quiet somehow right? That's all I'm saying. Maybe that is why you cling to this motto so tough. 

All I hear you shiftless folks out here screaming is 'Don't save her...'as if you are some sort of pimp and the ubiquitous 'hers' actions are out here profiting you. Especially you 'womanfolk' out here. Trumpeting that saying in hopes that one will look past your 'hoeish' activities because you are screaming the 'Don't save these hoes' mantra loud and proud. Y'all ought to quit. What about folks out here saving these 'Baby Boys' out here? 

Lets talk about that. 

Girl, don't save that potential 'nigga with a good heart' who has a string of babies mommas, a rap sheet longer than the Constitution. 

Girl don't save that dude who thinks school is for fools and thinks you are wasting your time studying and paying Sallie Mae to get that job making more money than he is at the 'plantation' that you work at. 

Girl don't save that dude that has ALL THE SEXUALLY REPRESSIVE JOKES down to a science in public but in private he is 'thoughtful and insightful' and you think you can get him to be that way. 

Girl don't save him if he has bodied all of your girlfriends or folks you know. Hold him to the same 'high standards' he holds you to. You know that -negative number in regards to sexual partners you should have that know his name. Ditto if he his stroke game is right or if over time he 'gets better'. Just go on ahead and assume he is a male whore and get him up out the paint. ASAP. Save yourself the trouble of being judged for shit he is lauded for if he can't take the fact that you are sexually liberated. 

Girl don't save him if he has a 'list and litany' of things that he 'needs in a woman' and is unwilling to 'omit them' for the 'woman he claims he loves'... 

See where I'm going with this bullshit? Yeah... Exactly. 

Let me be realistic. I am not sure I would 'tell my girls' to act this way FROM THE GATE but you can be DAMM SURE that I am going to put it into their mind to have it in their arsenal when dealing with a certain type of male. I will also say that if they DECIDED ON THEIR OWN to act that way based on the bullshit they are bound to see out here in the way of 'double standards', I couldn't blame them. 

So I say to my daughters and any gal out there...

Don't save him. Let that nigga be corny, wack, pussyless and lonely. 

Don't allow that nigga to ever use phrases like 'I beat so any slander is void.' on YOU in particular IF YOU HAVE EVER HEARD HIM UTTER THAT PHRASE or any one like it. @ the sexist bullshit. If you even suspect a nigga thinks that him fucking you is his 'get outta jail free card' to ANY OF THE BULLSHIT HE DID TO YOU, get that nigga out of the paint ASAP. Use that nigga don't let him use you. Trust me, you will be able to tell. It baffles me how someone can WATCH a person be disrespectful and think 'He'd never do that to me... she must have done something to deserve that.." only to find out later on, she did nothing. It was all him and your dumb ass thought you were 'so special' that he would never aim that disrespect your way'. smh Stop being an idiot. 

Stop feeding the animals gals. You know who they are. You just think some kinda way you can 'save them'. You can't. They are what they are and only they can change themselves. Let someone else go through those changes. Don't be 'that' girl. Once you have identified that he has strong traits you cannot live with, get him up outta here if you see he is playing the same way. 

A bit too candid for your tastes? @ some of you reading this. Ignore it. It will never be said that I didn't tell the uncut truth to mine. I want to be clear. Somebody needs to tell the truth.