Monday, September 24, 2012

(Grown Folk's Talk) Perfect Person Part 2...The My Way Or The Highway...thing..

I guess I could let the sign speak for the post and leave it at that. Naw. You know I'm not going to do that.

In case you missed Part 1. It is probably a little longer than this one 'cause I covered a lot of things.

This is EXACTLY what my issue is with the 'perfect person' who insists on having things done 'their way' at all times lest it not be 'right'. There is no leeway. No bending. No giving. No room for growth from that person in regards to the matter at hand either because they won't deviate from their way of doing things. Again, as I stated in the piece, it is COOL if their way works. No issues there. The problem arises is when someone has a BETTER way to do that said thing and it cannot flourish due to the immature and stubborn nature of the 'perfect person'. Or my other favorite scenario, they hear it from one of the few people that they 'deem worthy enough to present ideas to them' and everyone else is a minion in their presence. -_- 

So yeah, when I saw the lil saying at the beginning of the post, I smiled a bit 'cause it succinctly nailed the point home. Example? Okay cool..

I'm going take 'cleaning the bathroom' as an example. If you are the person who has to 'hear someone's mouth' about how it 'should be done' then you will KNOW why I picked it. 

I think most of us have seen something like this right?

It CLEARLY states that you can use it ANYWHERE, with certain restrictions of course right? 

Raise your hand if you know someone that uses this ONLY IN SPECIFIC AREAS? *Puts both hands in the air* 

Raise your hand(s) again if you know someone that would SPAZZ OUT if they saw you using this, in say....THE BATHROOM as opposed to the 'designated' area that they would use this in? *raises both hands again* 

Now in FAIRNESS to the person who is a stickler for using certain products in certain places, AS LONG AS ALL PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE, I DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE DEMAND. 

It is when certain products aren't 'present' and folks are still snapping, as if you aren't using A PRODUCT THAT IS DESIGNATED TO CLEAN MULTIPLE SURFACE AREAS in a fashion that EVEN THE 'SPECIAL CLEANER THE PERFECT PERSON WANTS TO USE' WAS DESIGNED TO DO IT IN. That's WHERE my issue lies. I think it is silly. So using multi-purpose cleaner in the tube is a WORSE ALTERNATIVE than say.....NOT CLEANING THE TUB? 'Cause judging the reaction to one using a 'cleaner' that doesn't say bathroom on it, that seems to be what is being suggested. Oh...  okay... No!!! That's pretty fucking dumb. 

There are other examples of course. 

That's what is like though when THAT HAPPENS. As I am sure some of you can attest to who have experienced THAT EXACT SCENARIO. Now imagine someone being like that about EVERYTHING. Insistent on their way to the point of inconvenience. Insistent on everyone waiting for them to 'get home' so that they can finesse a dinner that THEY AREN'T EVEN GOING TO EAT so that they can feel like they had a hand in it/made sure it went smoothly. Or insisting that certain folks not be asked to lend their expertise because of THEY DON'T DISLIKE THEM even though they DISLIKE WASTING MONEY/TIME/EFFORT even more than the person... Yeah..the list goes on and on...

Yeah..... Not fun. For anyone actually. 'Cause I imagine that if one acted like that all the time, they wouldn't be very happy. No way to live IMO. I digress though...