Friday, September 21, 2012

(Chat Series) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of the Week Part 2: @Zashias320 joins The 'Chat Series' and answers a few questions for us..

Yes, this week we have a new twist to the Twitter 2 X Series. We are actually going to conduct an INTERVIEW for the FIRST TIME within the feature with the lovely Zashia  ( Pronounced Za' sh_a ... Silent "I") Santiago..

So sit back...enjoy the NORMAL bevy of pictures I usually provide while Zashia gives us a little more about herself.

CW= CarolinaWare
ZS= Zashia Santiago

CW- Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and for reaching out to me on Twitter via that RT. Much appreciated! Apologies for not reaching out myself a little earlier. Lets start with the basics, of course. What is your nationality, approx weight at present, height, measurements? How many years young are you?

ZS- I'm Dominican/Puerto Rican. I weigh about 122 lbs, I'm 5'5 and  my measurements are 35-25-35. I'm 23 years old

CW- Very nice! Do you speak any other languages besides English?

ZS- I speak Spanish and I can also speak in an English accent for fun lol

CW- LOL @ the thought of a 'British sounding latina' That would be interesting to say the least. Okay, I know everyone probably talks about certain assets but I want to ask you something... Tell me something physical about you that folks DON'T TALK ABOUT that you think is pretty special/What is your favorite physical feature about yourself...

ZS- I do love my eyes and lips, but people talk about those. But I can't lie, those are my favorite!

Eyes..lips... I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hair... 

CW- What is your FAVORITE THING about yourself (non physical)....

ZS- I find myself HILARIOUS! I make myself laugh all the time. My mind is constantly talking to itself lol

CW- Ha! Now just how did you get into modeling? Do you have any future plans/aspirations in modeling or is it just for fun?

ZS- I was inspired by a good friend, Kattya Heredia. She forced me to give it a try.  I want to go as far as possible in this industry. But of course it's not my main career either. Just in case people hate me in a year or two! As far as the future, I can't wait till i publish my Calendar and T-shirts!

Aforementioned friend....

CW- Yeah I noticed on your Instagram that you have a WHOLE other side of you profession-wise. I respect that and that's one of the reasons why I requested the interview. Please do let us know when you do make the calendar/T-Shirts thing happen. We want some behind the scenes pictures and some video! On to the next question.. What type of music that you truly enjoy... 

ZS- Dancehall is my favorite, but I love everything! from country to hip hop.

CW- Guilty pleasure song(s).....

ZS--...  If I Ever..  (112)

CW- Speaking of music, why haven't we seen you in any music videos? Lack of offers or lack of desire to do them? Would you be open to do one if the right situation came along @ lack of desire answer..

ZS- A lot of music videos ask for the models to be in a certain wardrobe that im not comfortable in, so i do turn some down. but not all.

CW- Have you appeared in any music videos/TV shows/etc that the fans should know about?

ZS-  I just did a video with a very well known singer in France. very classy. His name is Singuila.
 Can't wait till it comes out! I also did some things with local artists that are friends of mine. Shayda Grey is one. I'll keep you posted on the release dates.

CW- Please do. @ dates. Definitely want to see how both artists utilized you. Name a country you haven't been to that you would like to go to...

ZS- China!!! Even though i would probably get lost and have no idea how to communicate. I find their way of living fascinating

CW- Very interesting choice! Never been there myself it is my understanding that English is used a lot due to tourism. Okay now for probably one of the few questions of a sexual nature I'm going to ask you...  Thong or boy shorts? Favorite maker of said choice.... 

ZS- Boy shorts are way sexier to me, and a lot more comfortable. Don't have a favorite maker.

CW- I imagine that it is hard to act sexy if one isn't comfortable so that makes sense... Do you often wear your own clothes in your videos and shoots?

ZS- I do. But There are times when they provide the clothes. I did a shoot for SoDirty clothing line. That was fun.

CW- Your absolute favorite chill time outfit.... 

ZS- Jordans, shorts, Tee, and a fitted

CW- I believe there's a photo or two of you wearing just that floating around somewhere... Favorite workout exercise...

ZS- I do cardio to maintain

CW- One drink that you could not do without... One food that you could not do without..

ZS- Lemonade is the ISH!  Also NY style pizza...

CW- Say I am new to South Florida, name three OFFBEAT places that you would recommend I eat?

ZS- Papa Joes Pizza, Tootsie's Wings and Chicken Grill. They might not be the prettiest or fanciest. but they are the best!

CW- (Takes notes) Those are EXACTLY the type of places I'm talking about too. Food is the focus not the decor. Name your three favorite beaches (they could be anywhere in the World) 

ZS- Miami, Miami, Miami!! 

CW- I heard that! One of my favorite areas to hit the beach too. I can't blame you. So do you follow sports? Which ones? Favorite teams... 

ZS- I'm into football and basketball. being a miami girl, i have to say HEAT and DOLPHINS. although.. if those teams aren't playing, Lakers and Broncos.

CW- Oh see, we would have been at odds on that Monday night game! @ Steelers vs. Broncos. Good game by y'all though! Aight... Lollipops or Gum? Pick one.. 

ZS- Lollipop.. Gum looses flavor

CW- Would you do FULL NUDITY if done tastefully for say a Playboy type of spread?

ZS- Considering that im a mother, probably not.

CW- Gotta keep some things under wraps. I can dig that! Biggest lesson you have learned thus far while modeling.....

ZS- It's all about Mystery. always keep the people guessing. Don't show all of your goods.

CW- Tell me about your one of your favorite photoshoots and what made it so special FOR YOU. Do you bring your OWN IDEAS to the photoshoots/videos/etc or do you just let the person shooting take you where they want you to go.

ZS- My Favorite has been with Khaleel Dane. He is the most fun, and his work is amazing. Not too much editing but just he right lighting. I bring my ideas, he brings his and we make it happen! He has a special place in my look book. lol

CW- I am NOT a fan of the 'too much' editing thing for the record. So I completely understand what you mean. Give me 3 things ANY YOUNG LADY PURSUING your line of work SHOULD know how to do/have in their mind to do/be wary of...

ZS- There are going to be people in this line of work that are going to ask you to do things that you DO NOT want to do... stand up for what you beleive in. Don't bend over in a thong just because you feel like you are going to get more followers. That doesnt matter at the end of the day.

CW- Sage advice! I can dig it. I hope the ladies are listening out there! Give me the one thing that you are passionate about that would surprise folks due to your occupation... 

ZS- I love to Ice skate. although i dont get to do it often. I absolutley love it. 

CW- Okay and finally go on ahead and tell the good folks where they can find you at. The website, the Instagram, Facebooksand all of that..... 

ZS- Twitter and Instagram : @Zashias320  FacebookZashia Santiago. Im the only one lol

Here are some posts on her.. as well as some more pictures...Lots of candids so you know it 'is real'...