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For those of you who keep asking/wondering/etc, if Bobby is REALLY making noise outchea... Here you go....

In 2007, Bobby Dime$ had already been rapping for 2 years and had generated a buzz when tragedy struck. He lost his first cousin and friend, G-Money, to the streets. Soon after, Bobby’s life went into a tailspin. Dispirited, disenfranchised and lost, his judgment became clouded and the decisions he made for his life became increasingly more volatile and self-destructive. It came to a head with Bobby landing in prison, facing 3 to 5 years.
Taking time to reflect on his life choices and make plans for his future while incarcerated, Bobby vowed to never return to prison and to make his music and his loved ones his saving grace. Each day Bobby sat among a population that consisted of many other aspiring rap artists with dreams that had gone awry. Each day Bobby listened to the radio and dreamed of the day when the voice on the other side would be his own. But what separates Bobby is that when he was released from prison, he moved to bring those goals to fruition and did so in record time.
In less than a year after his release, “Out Delaware” by Bobby Dime$ is receiving radio and club play and has garnered the street cred all rappers desire. But the heat is on. Bobby knows he must both honor G-Money’s memory and avoid recidivism. He must set the bar for those on lockdown who look to him for inspiration. Bobby Dime$ was able to harness his energy into art and turn his fury into fuel; the fuel he needed to take off into “AirPlaneMode.”
Here are two videos from Bobby that are referenced in this article.. in case you have not seen them.. including the Meek Mill vocal laced "Out Delaware".. 

Q: How did you get started in music?
I started playing around in a studio in late ’05. I put out my first CD in ’06. My first serious CD was in summer of 2008 with my group The Paperchasers. I was able to generate a little buzz in Wilmington with the CD, especially with the songs “Swaggin’” and “Tag” – they were big out here.
Q: Your single “Out Delaware” is hot in the streets right now. How does it feel to be the cool kid in the park?
I am enjoying all the attention from the fans surrounding the song. I wanted to make a real song that represents my home and the people from my home without a voice. I wanted to make something Delaware could be proud of … and I always was a cool kid – the spotlight just shinning a little brighter now! (laughs)

Q: What went into getting that single buzzing so quickly?
My team and our work ethic. We not called OT for nothing! Everyone involved form Tone The Beat Bully (who produced “House Party” for Meek Mill and “Stay Scheming” for Rick Ross) who produced it [“Out Delaware”] to Rugg my engineer at Batcave Studios to my man, Matty Gate$, who believed and worked the record getting it to the DJs and pushing it hard on the street and the video on YouTube and myself for making music the people enjoy and can relate to.
Q: How important is a good support network and marketing plan, and how can one identify these?
Well, without good music none of it matters. It’s very important to have a strategy to promote a record. Some artists may choose to work the wrong record point blank. I also think touching the street and DJs first is what’s important. Once you have the streets, the Internet and blogger/websites will come. This a 24/7, 365 grind so you’re constantly trying to build fan awareness one way or the other.
Q: Now I know you were incarcerated, then came home and broke out as an artist. Lots of aspiring artists coming out of the same situation are not able to get on track and get focused. How were you able to do so?
I knew what I wanted and what I didn’t want and going back to jail wasn’t an option. I fed off the love and support of my family, took it, ran with it and never looked back. This is something myself and Matty Gate$ have been planning since I went to jail in 2008 and when I came home Oct. 2011. I just went into “AirPlaneMode” and I don’t plan on landing.
Q: Do you feel the justice system is fair?
No comment. (laughing)
Q: Are you comfortable talking about being incarcerated? Can you tell us what you learned about yourself and about life in general?
I have a song on my “AirPlaneMode” mixtape called “Reality TV” dealing with me being incarcerated, the justice system and the consequences of your actions. I just released a video for it on YouTube. As for what I learned, I learned the value of life, time and family is more important than anything. I was blessed to have a support system in jail and not everyone going through that situation has that. Jail is a sobering reality check.

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists and why?
Jeezy, Meek Mill, 2Pac, because I can relate to what they are speaking about in their music. I been on the block once or twice. I am also a huge fan of The Fugees … and you know … Sap Shizz, Nitty Catch-A-Body … that OT PIONEERS sound.
Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
I want to have a successful career, be able to take care of my family, bring hope to my city and state. To be able to display my talent wisdom and this AirPlaneMode Swag across the globe.
Q: What are some of your proudest moments as an artist?
Definitely hearing my songs on the radio, especially when Cosmic Kev on Power99 played “Out Delaware.” I sat in a cell for 3 to 5 years waiting for my turn listening to the radio, dreaming of hearing my song on there and it let me know I could compete with anybody that’s making music in the world right now … and also the love from the fans. I can’t thank them enough but I feel as though I haven’t accomplished 1/16th of what I am capable of doing!
Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects. Where can your fans follow you?
My CD “AirPlane Mode” is out now. You can download it at for free or grab a copy at One Stop on 4th St. in Wilmington, CaveMan Apparel on Concord Ave. in Wilmington or Sam’s Music Connection in Bear. Look out for my new CD “Google That” ... in November. I’m releasing two more videos off my “AirPlaneMode” CD in the next few weeks. Then you will see a lead-off video for “Google That.” We going out to Los Angles, Calif., this week to shoot some of the videos (shout-out Killavision) and do some promo out there. I will also be attending and performing at the Mind Ur Business Music Conference in Wilmington on Oct. 13. You can follow me on Twitter @BobbyDimesOT; also follow @OTRecords. You can see videos and blogs on YouTube. You can also check me out on,

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