Saturday, February 9, 2013

(Contest) Former 2 X of the Week @Zashias320 X VOTE FOR HER! >> @UltimateMIAgirl X Ultimate Miami Girl!

Here is a link for the contest and her submitted video. She is a really SWEET PERSON and I often think that contests like these should be won by:

A. A native of the area.

B. By someone who isn't 'already out there' like that when it comes to being 'known' or who by someone who ALREADY has exposure. In other words, this should be about 'newer' talent. So.....

Listen to her video. Go READ HER INTERVIEW THAT I DID WITH HER if you need more information on her.

Here is an excerpt from the interview I did IN WRITING and then the video from her submission to Ultimate Miami girl follows..

CW- (Takes notes) Those are EXACTLY the type of places I'm talking about too. Food is the focus not the decor. Name your three favorite beaches (they could be anywhere in the World) 

ZS- Miami, Miami, Miami!! 

CW- I heard that! One of my favorite areas to hit the beach too. I can't blame you. So do you follow sports? Which ones? Favorite teams... 

ZS- I'm into football and basketball. being a miami girl, i have to say HEAT and DOLPHINS. although.. if those teams aren't playing, Lakers and Broncos.

CW- Oh see, we would have been at odds on that Monday night game! @ Steelers vs. Broncos. Good game by y'all though! Aight... Lollipops or Gum? Pick one.. 

ZS- Lollipop.. Gum looses flavor