Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Video/Pictures) Get Familiar with @DollySweets

 I'm gonna keep it REALLY FUNKY. Normally, you get either a REALLY NICE FACE WITH AN PRETTY OKAY BODY or a BANGING BODY with a 'okay face'. Not with Dolly.

So I'm gonna put up FACE PICS FIRST. Obviously, that first pic gives you a glimpse of the 'rest of her' but yeah... Pretty gal.

I put 'Get Familiar' but based on the hits, I can't see how you DON'T know who she is..

Super cute. Dimples. Body outta this....

Nothing but ASS by dollysweets504

Twerkin that Ass by dollysweets504

Dollysweets504... DollySweets Twerks by girlmedic35

Lil Wayne Feat. Drake - She Will by videoking010