Friday, January 4, 2013

(Racial) I mean..just wow.. @ this letter @JemeleHill received....Post racial my ass

But we are post racial though...-_-

I'm glad that 'short soundbites' from Black males are 'tolerable'. You know, I COMPLAIN about ESPN on the regular. Did so with Rob Parker.

Definitely not from a racial standpoint and certainly I don't disparage their commentators looks.

I happen to think that Jemele speaks quite articulately. I may not always AGREE with her ALL OF THE TIME but she makes salient points. I don't see how this  while she may occasionally 'speak directly to us', I think THAT IS WHY SHE IS ON THE SHOW. To attract that demographic. I mean it IS ONLY RIGHT SEEING AS THOUGH BLACK PEOPLE DO WATCH THE CHANNEL PRETTY HEAVY. Luckily, the folks at ESPN, for all of their flaws, do see the importance of not only having her there as a person of color but as a WOMAN.

I saw some other bullshit being spouted out about 'women journalists' in regards to Erin Andrews dating an athlete. What is this, 'Attack Women on TV in sports' Week?

I won't even dignify the person who wrote this with 'disparaging words' back. I will just say that they are sad. Someone go give them a fucking hug or something. -_-