(Music Video) Bobby Dime$ X Driver's Seat prod. by Sap

His new album Google That is out now.. Click the title for details..

Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

This is personal btw.. Not what I heard.. What I saw..

Suite 302/Carolinaware's Own are one..

New location for my 'home' barbershop. Read the post for details

I've walked that walk with someone..

Personal true story... Hope it helps someone.

The Foreign Exchange X New Music X So What If It Is...

New REMIX ALBUM coming 2/13/13 from them..Read posts for details..


If you don't know about Ms. Evans, GET FAMILIAR DAMMIT. She can SPIT.. Period.


Aka Mrs. Carolinaware's Own R.I.P. Rest In Power pretty gal..

Friday, August 31, 2012

(Pictures) @GizFlyerThanU X Bikini and more candid flicks X Fun Friday

Yup...These are from earlier this summer..

(Pictures) @EmilyB X Looking GREAT.. Fun Friday

A few weeks back, some idiot made a comment about her being fat....-_- Hopefully, they got some glasses... smh

(Pictures) Fun Friday X @ModelBubbles

(Audio) @MacMiller X First Day Of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover) X Someone Like You

Now I know a lot of you like to 'pigeonhole' your artists. BIG MISTAKE. You shouldn't do that. Especially with music. Allow them to explore all avenues of it. When you do, you get shit like Mac Miller covering Bright Eyes.....and playing the guitar....

Point of reference. @ cover

Wait... you need to hear him do what he does too? Okay.. Here you go..This is new too..

(Videos/BTS) @TheGame talking his 'Celebration' video (Track produced by @therealsap )

Digging the way Game broke down how the song incorporated Bones Thugs and video came about and how he spotlighted Cool and Dre and Sap for their work on the project. Very nice.

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(Pictures/videos) Twitter 2 X Chromosome of The Week (Part 1): @Deana_Fever

Aka Deana Kelley outta Brooklyn... Per her website:

Deana Kelley
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 107 lbs
Measurements: 32C-20-34
Birthday: March 29
Hometown: New York, NY
Ethnicity: Irish, Puerto Rican

She is blunt. Period. Straight up and down. She is about her business. She is a criminal justice major.

I see she has quite a few 'foot soldiers'..(Keep scrolling down and you will see what I mean). That is not my thing though. Shoutout to y'all though and get your money Deanna. I ain't mad at cha. Go to her website for more info. She has a lot going on there. Never know, she might have something you like there.

Oh you want to hear her voice? Okay here you go..

Extra treat. Hey..you scrolled ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE SO YEAH...