Friday, December 14, 2012

(Video) So @RobParker questions @RGIII's 'blackness' X Suspended.

I'm sure to some of you, I am 'late' on this. Rest assured, I am not. I said plenty yesterday.. go check Rob's replies on Twitter. I'm in there. He said '#urpathetic'.. So I kind of already addressed it on my TL. I just wanted to formally address it here. Probably a little more eloquently too. Make no mistake though, what I said to Rob STILL STANDS as far as what I think about him on THIS PARTICULAR issue.

Update: They just suspended him.. 

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I don't mind that Rob thinks RG3 is corny. He can feel that way. HE CAN EVEN THINK HE IS LAME. Cool. 

The issue lies with him bringing his race into it and pigeon holing what 'It is to be black.." As if that comes in one size fits all. Naw B.. Doesn't work like that. 

That type of edict is DETRIMENTAL to the very folks Rob was saying RG3 was not...excuse me..Rob was alluding to. He was careful not to say 'he wasn't Black' but he sure as hell QUESTIONED IT. That's dangerous. 

RG3 plays football. Period. Anything beyond that is Soap Opera driven bullshit. The kid stays outta trouble so that doesn't affect his play via missed time, suspensions, etc. He plays the SAME MEDIA GAME that all Black athletes who actually want to make it play. He is a little closely guarded. 

He is also a military kid so his whole perspective on race, relations with others is broader than most. He knows what it is like to be 'the outsider' so ostracizing him for his ability to bob and weave through racially constructed situations, such as answering those 'Black qb' questions, should be lauded. Not condemned on some 'You don't sound like one of us..." bullshit. 

When you say things like that, you lend credence to the notion that we all should 'come from the hood', 'talk a certain way' and 'act a certain' way. No. That's just not true.

I tell you what, if RG3 where to run into a group of cats in 'sheets'..... 

That's my point.