Sunday, November 11, 2012

(Video) @IronSolomon says "He Will Eat @MeekMill and we can do some music together"

Playful tone. I left the 'caption' in the picture for a reason though. Of course the VIDEO is a teaser so that you will listen to the show he is on as you can hear him getting ready to 'explain' what he meant... Good business sense in that regard...

Of course I TITLED that way was a direct quote.. Listen for yourself. Like I said though....'tone' is relevant in this statement.

Which I think is to say that if Meek wanted to 'battle' Iron, Iron would be willing but there's not beef.. Damm shame I have to SAY that before you get to the video but I know how some of you like to play dumb..

Anyway, watch the video..