Monday, November 12, 2012

(Pictures) This is what 5'4 136 looks like X @yaris_Sanchez

You know, as I read the tweets and RTs, I can't help but notice some of you saying what you 'would' or wouldn't date based on height/weight...etc.....Something about 160 is something you 'couldn't do'. Well, here is Yaris Sanchez at 136. Now according to this tweet, she was somewhere around 160 herself last summer..

Now, I remember some of you SAME FOLKS lusting after her pics.. Interesting.. Just an observation...

As you were..

Oh yeah... in case you wanna know what her at damm near 160 looks like. Yeah.. 99% of you Twitter cats aren't kicking her outta the bed....@ this weight. So shut all of that up...

...Hats off to her and her new lifestyle @ eating right and such. She looks great either way to me but I FULLY understand her making the commitment to a healthier her..