Sunday, October 21, 2012

(Words/Grown Folks Talk) Y'all out here screaming out 'World...' in videos but mad when White folks are amused at your plight... Interesting.

Pulling out your phone to record 'something' then repping where you are from.........then wondering why the cops know 'who, what, where, when, why...and HOW'...-_-.

You know, as a child, I used to wonder WHY THE PRICE OF EQUIPMENT THAT HAD THE ABILITY TO RECORD ACTUAL FOOTAGE WAS SO HIGH. Now I guess one could chalk it up to 'greed' and such but after seeing JUST WHAT SOME OF YOU CHOOSE TO FILM with your 'new found friend', I am almost wishing the price would skyrocket again. The way some of you use your technology is YOUR RIGHT. It is also pretty fucking disgusting to me. See, you have the right to USE IT AS YOU SEE FIT and I have the right to feel how I feel about it. Win/Win.

Look, I love a good 'fight' every now and again. I can't say I don't like 'adult' material. That's not the horse I'm in here riding on today. What I am saying is we are getting REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY 'APE LIKE' in the way we are carrying ourselves out here. Hell, I almost feel like I am insulting the 'apes' when I say that. "Cause I gather that they might not be as primitive as some of you act. In addition, it is no better than saying 47% of Americans don't... . If you don't know what the 47% means, go ask your neighborhood smart person or that person that you think is 'cool' and then come back and read. If they don't know, EXPAND YOUR CIRCLE. You are out here doing it wrong then. Keep reading though...

Everybody is out here in these videos screaming out a 'certain site's name' and pulling out their smartphones to get the latest 'action' and nobody is out here on that 'we are a village' shit. That's what I am saying. Oh, I've heard PLENTY OF YOU COMPLAINING about what we 'don't do' for each other anymore yet you clap to this mentality. Interesting.

I know for some of you, THE WORLD, hasn't been too kind to you so you are like 'Fuck that village shit'.. That's cool. Not here to 'save you'. Carry on my nigga. I'd like to help you but you seem hell bent on thinking that nobody does want to help so in English, 'FUCK YOU TOO.. AND DIE SLOW'*. The VAST MAJORITY OF YOU THOUGH? You aren't really like that. I can tell once you are taken 'out of the group' and left to 'think for yourselves. You KNOW that someone in the 'village' helped your sorry ass to get where you needed to be/are. You know that your parent(s)/village/old head in the neighborhood taught you better and while 'minding your own business' in some parts of the World is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, there also isn't much going on in said parts of the World**. We all saw homegirl get that Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter treatment and she DESERVED it IMHO but PERHAPS if SEVERAL folks would have escorted her back to her seat, she wouldn't have gotten Flawless Victory'd. Instead though, THE NEW MENTALITY IS TO PULL OUT YOUR SMARTPHONE AND WAIT. Interesting.

Why is that interesting? Aren't you the same folks out here complaining about the things that Mitt is out here saying about the 47%? Yeah...that's you. That is you out here holding his feet to the fire about 'helping folks out'. Yet you are opposed to helping folks out ON THE STREET IN FRONT OF YOU? You'd rather ridicule and shame them? Then you have the audacity to sit up on your Twitter or your Facebook and call Mitt out for basically laughing at the plight of 47% of the folks while he lives it up? Oh....

I guess at this point you think I'm voting for Mitt. Let me make it CLEAR FOR YOU  REAL FAST...

FUCK MITT ROMNEY AND THE HORSE HE RODE IN ON although both candidates are, last I checked, POLITICIANS so there's that... 

That's not the point. Stop with the deflective bullshit ass Jedi Mind tricks and stay on task. I'm talking about YOU. Not Mitt. You are the ones out here fucking up. @ THAT MENTALITY. 

Are we clear? Good. Lets move on then shall we? Okay...

Again, as I said up top, I love to see fights and shit. If a MOUNTED video camera happens to catch someone getting a well deserved fade, embarrassing moment, etc, etc, COOL! I won't nitpick too much over those.**** If a cat gets his clocked cleaned in THE RING EVEN BETTER. Football highlights? Yessir. Sign me up! If you and yours want to make a sex tape and release it, FINE. (Those actually are better than the scripted joints to me but I digress..another post..another time..) This 'grabbing of the smartphone thing' like you are Action News shit though BY EVERYBODY? Naw. Shit is pretty lame. You can't, as a people, be out here asking for 'help' when every time some shit pops off, you don't 'help' and all you do is grab your phone. Nope. Sorry. Wait, you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. You just can't be surprised when someone looks like at you like the Boy That Cried Wolf is all I am saying. Do what you want. Just don't be shocked when....

Again, if you are of the adage of 'I mind my business and I'm not getting into it'. COOL. Remember that shit though when you want others to 'help' you in ANY WAY. It isn't 'our business'. Remember that shit. It isn't the government's business to help you. It isn't anyone's business of the same COLOR OR FINANCIAL PLIGHT AS YOU to help you. It isn't anyone who is from the same AREA as you to help you. At least not when it comes to a person like me with FUCKING COMMON SENSE. You don't get to play that card with me on both sides of that fence on one topic. Pick a side and stay there. 

At some point, we are all gonna have to stop pulling out our phones and videoing EVERY SINGLE FIGHT THAT HAPPENS. Every murder that happens. Every 'Waffle House'/Huddle House incident. Put down the camera act like you aren't walking on all fours out here people shit. *****

Mounted camera? - You Here's an example...No issues with this. You are peeing on someone's property. This is how it goes down.. Fuck it. 

Hell, it isn't even like 75% of you are even good at the shit. Screaming into the phone, snitching on where shit takes place by throwing up sets/yelling locations/PUTTING YOUR FACE AND OTHERS IN THE CAMERA. You niggas can't even get THAT RIGHT. I don't know how many times I have heard 'How did they find out where the video was shot? Who told?" YOU IDIOTS WITH THE CAMERA. I'm half surprised that the folks you are indicting on camera don't come back and KICK YOUR ASS with a camera crew in tow.*** Then again, secretly, those folks WANT you to film them so that folks will 'know'. smh (Whispers) The police know too though idiot.... 

I just have one more thing to show those of you who are probably on that 'Nigga please...'. It wasn't okay when Whitey does it...Remember?? I will give you another video example. I don't see y'all visiting any of the 'racial sites' laughing at their videos btw. It is crazy how we used to get 'mad' at video like the ones I'm about to show and how now we SEEK OUT THINGS TO EMBARRASS EACH OTHER WITH that are pretty fucking tame to the very things that used to outrage us. Maybe some of you are too spoiled. Even living in the 'conditions' (your words...not mine..) that you live in. Maybe you don't 'get it'..@ the damage the shit you record is doing and the shit we've had to overcome. You seem to remember that shit though when someone who isn't of color directs 'slights' your way though. You seem to remember that when someone doesn't 'reach back down to help you up' when THEY ARE OF COLOR. Oh your memory WORKS WONDERS THEN... Then it is all about 'being oppressed' and 'the man' and all that other shit. Which HAPPENS. I just find it VERY HARD TO TAKE ANY COMPLAINT you make seriously when you co-sign and clap to some of the bullshit you do. smh Chuckle it up....-_- 

I could see if maybe some of you were using your video to see show how fucked up things are. You aren't though. You are using it for your entertainment. Solely at this point. might throw in a 'That's fuck up how they went on ole boy...' in between the laughter and the slander but that doesn't really mean shit. You are entertained by someone else's pain. Like I said up top, how mad can you be at those who are TRULY RUNNING SHIT for being amused by your pain if you are taking pleasure in the pain of those who are just like you?

*You REALLY DIDN'T THINK YOU HAD THE MARKET CORNERED ON THE 'FUCK YOU' MENTALITY DID YOU? I'm not Jesus. I don't have to turn the other cheek. I will sleep well at night knowing that I don't have to help you if all you are gonna do is shit on my efforts. This isn't a wrestling. While I tend to do 'good', I'm not obligated to keep helping you while you spit in my face. Fuck that.

** Y'all can't have it both ways. Either there is A WHOLE LOT GOING ON AND EVERYBODY IS WINNING OR THEY ARE NOT. Pick one. If it the former, then you shouldn't have a beef with what I said. Get out of your feelings. If it is the latter, then stop complaining. It is just that simple.

***Shit, I think I just gave folks an idea. Hell, if it quells the surge.......we might have to get worse before we get better... and all of the other sayings that apply here... Maybe folks will get enough of pulling out their phones for bullshit..

**** Although I DO TAKE ISSUE WITH THIS 'CREEPSHOT' SHIT. Look, I love a NICE ASS ON A WOMAN TOO. That bullshit about running up on women and taking shots of them undercover though? Bitch made. You are a sucker for that shit. Sorry if you are catching a stray on this topic. No I'm not. Do better nigga. If the ass was in front of me, SURE I'D LOOK. I wouldn't be taking pictures though. Act like you've 'been there' before. @ getting that excited about a woman's appearance that you feel the need to take a CREEPSHOT. At least man up and ask her if you can take a photo. Shit.

***** Someone is gonna take that as me saying they should snitch. -_- I never said that. Then again I'm not bound by.....Another post...another time.. (Sooner than you think too...) Besides, WHAT EXACTLY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING WHEN YOU ARE FILMING MY NIGGA??