Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(Tribute) Destined4ourGreatness aka D4ourGTV X Free Sneaker League Kickoff (Football) X shows support for 9/11 victims later on today..

There will be a video tribute along with a prayer vigil at their Facebook page. Immediately after that, there will be information being provided by D4 as to what they are all about and how you can get involved in their FREE SNEAKER FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE.*

Per their website: 

Come out and support the GRAND Opening of Destined4ourGreatness
and support the families who lost love ones during the Twin Towers attack on the U.S. on 9/11/01. Our prayers are STILL with everyone who lost their life and the ones you left. Team D4ourG Inspire to be GREAT my friend.....


Here are the basic rules/specs of the League.... Barring any changes..

  • Rosters - 8 Starters
    • QB(1)
    • RB(2)
    • WR(2)
    • TE(2)
    • Defense(1)
    • 2 Bench players
    • For a grand total of 10 roster spots available
  • Single elimination tournament (12 teams)
  • Offline Draft... We will walk you through this process
  • No Trading
  • Auction waiver wire process ($100.00) 

Winner takes home the Sneakers or $200.00

The scoring system use for the FREE Sneaker League(click on the link)-----> FREE Sneaker League Scoring