Sunday, July 8, 2012

(Words) Meeting folks off the Internet & the archaic reasons some of you have against it..


I blacked out the word in the text because TRUTHFULLY, YOU CAN INSERT ANY TYPE OF HUMAN INTERACTION IN THAT STATEMENT AND IT WOULD FIT. You see, for 'most' folks who have always thought of the Internet as some 'far a way land', there simply CANNOT BE REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS on the other side of the screen. It is almost like folks still believe in the Tooth Fairy out here. 

Now don't get me wrong, when it comes to 'slander', video tapes and the like, THEN 'WE' WANT TO BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY that 'people exist' on the other side of the screen. Take that WSHH Twitter beating ole girl for instance. No one has ANY QUALMS about 'believing those two folks' exist. Yeah..yeah...yeah..I know..the 'Twitter thread' between them confirms that they clearly interacted..That's my point actually..I don't see how it is so far-fetched to understand 'how' or 'why' someone could (Again..insert ANY INTERACTION YOU WANT that happens between two people) get with someone via the Internet. Folks have fought over it right? Or are we gonna pretend that didn't happen now too? 

For the record I always read someone saying that they don't 'understand' something to = they don't agree until proven otherwise. Time and time again, I've found this to be the case. Which is cool if you don't agree or you wouldn't do it but at that point, understanding doesn't have shit to do with it. You don't agree. How the fuck WOULD YOU UNDERSTAND? You aren't trying to understand so saying that is redundant to me.. Anyway...

Like most things, the 'best' way to phrase it would probably be to just say you 'couldn't do it'. @ whatever the interaction is. 'Cause saying you don't see 'how' just makes you sound stupid. It happens the same way you 'meet' a STRANGER in a bar and in LESS TIME AND WITH FAR LESS INTERACTION begin to bond with them. Hell, some of you TAKE SAID STRANGERS BACK TO YOUR CRIB AND HAVE RELATIONS WITH THEM. Same night and everything. Let me put it to you in a better light for those of you who 'don't pick up folks from the bar'. 

The same way you met your BF/BM out at Friday's and you just found yourself 'kicking it with her' over time. The same way you finally got up the nerve to hit your 'cool co-worker' up for drinks and it turned into something more even though you worked ten FLOORS DOWN FROM HER and only saw her on break, at lunch and the parking garage..Same way you hollered at your peoples 'friend' one night while you were out and the only other interaction you EVER HAD WITH HIM/HER WAS IN A CROWDED ASS CLUB WHEN Y'ALL WENT OUT OR DRUNK EATING AT THE AFTER FOOD SPOT... Is that a little clearer for you? In English, the same way you meet and get to know anyone else dummy...Duh...

So how is it that you don't see how someone who INTERACTS with a person DAILY, couldn't 'get to know them'? Is it because you still TRULY BELIEVE THAT FOLKS ONLY 'put on a persona' on the Internet???

I have news for you Jack. People 'fake the funk' everyday B. How do I know? I know because I have SAT back and watched y'all tweet about folks who 'used to be your best friend' did you dirty. About the cat you 'used to know' who 'snitched' on you. I hear it rhymes all the time in song too. I pretty much hear about your 'MEDIOCRE FRIEND SELECTION' DAILY. That's how. So I don't want to hear this 'You don't really know the person..' shit you want to offer up. Y'all fuck up DAILY with the folks you 'claim to know'. They 'show you what they want you to see' too and unfortunately for some of you, you are just too blind to see it. So that 'excuse' is a cop out to me. Plain and simple. You can't POSSIBLY expect me to believe you REALLY BELIEVE THAT BULLSHIT? Really? Smarten up Nas. The scenarios that I gave you on how folks meet in 'REAL LIFE' aren't scenarios where you would KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PERSON or situations that a person couldn't 'hold back on your ass'. Someone might actually act professional as FUCK AT WORK but you get out and BAM..they are an animal. You don't know SHIT ABOUT A MOFO YOU ARE JUST CLUBBING WITH beyond their favorite drink, maybe what they have on underneath if they get sloshed enough and their signature dance move... Fuck outta here acting like y'all are 'really getting to know folks out here' before you fuck 'em or date 'em. You don't. I see the failure rates B.

Now that we've dispelled that 'excuse' as to why two folks can't POSSIBLY have some sort of connection over the Internet, lets move on to the another factor that seems to 'stop some of you' from believing it is possible.
Well actually it is along the same lines. It goes back to YOU again. As I stated earlier, some of you JUST GOT HERE. Here being the Internet. What you don't realize is that the shit has been here for a LONG TIME and while CLEARLY EVERYBODY WASN'T ON HERE, there were some folks who WERE HERE. Those folks who were here ARE USED TO MEETING THE FOLKS BEHIND THE SCREEN. Every little 'clique' you see on "Twitter', where most of you will be receiving this story, started on a Message Board of some sort. They ALL HAVE MET EACH OTHER AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER for the most part. All have some sort of 'nudes' file, dating stories...hell an OUT AND OUT FUCKFEST STORY or something. Unless they weren't doing the Internet properly.. Trust me. These are also the folks you see EVERYBODY else gravitate towards on the Internet. They are ALSO SAME FOLKS who are making the 'jokes' about....wait for it....MEETING PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. See the connection? No? *Sighs* Okay. I will break that down too...

You see, the folks who KNOW THAT MEETING OTHERS ON THE INTERNET isn't 'bad' don't want to 'share' that info with you. They would rather keep it to themselves. Trust me. That is why they make it sound as 'aloof' as possible, in hopes that you won't find out the wonderful NETWORKING POSSIBILITIES AND SUCH THAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU DECIDE TO MEET FACE TO FACE WITH SOMEONE YOU ARE COMMUNICATING WITH WHO IS 500 MILES AWAY. They remember how folks who DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS COOL used to treat them. It is a Jedi Mind trick. I mean, who wants folks to know that the ONLY REASON THEY ARE BACKSTAGE AT A (INSERT WHATEVER ARTIST YOU WANT TO HERE) concert IS BECAUSE THEY MET SOMEONE ON A MESSAGE BOARD OR TWITTER? Especially if you are trying to explain it to someone who has only TRULY ON THE INTERNET for 3-4 years? ... So lets recap... 

The folks who have been fucking, meeting, networking, etc are 'usually' THE ONES WHO ARE OUT HERE CLOWNING YOU NEW ARRIVALS for even THINKING OF DOING THE SAME THING. Never mind doing it? Got it? Good. Lets move on...

These folks keep the lie going though 'cause they now know...IT ISN'T SO ODD... IN FACT THE SHIT IS PRETTY FUCKING DOPE. So ask yourself this. Are you REALLY TRYING TO SHARE A 'POT OF GOLD' WITH OTHER CATS? aren't.....trying...... to ....share...... it. Fuck for? You are kicking back having fun, meeting folks, ACTUALLY DOING BUSINESS, MAKING MONEY, HAVING RELATIONSHIPS WITH FOLKS, GETTING 'SEX' AS THE TWEET I BLURRED OUT UP TOP SAID AND ALL OF THAT. The motto is, let the 'lames be lames' and we can 'diss 'em for it' ALL WHILE WE ARE REAPING THE BENEFITS and do the very thing we are dissing them for doing. A 'more for me' mentality if you will. The kicker?

Y'all fall for that shit EVERY TIME B. Every time. Damm Sheeple. Put something in joke form and the people will fall for it..smh  As soon as someone says 'I met her on (Insert the social network) or I found 'him' on (insert the social network), y'all go IN. Like y'alls idols aren't aren't on here doing the SAME THING. Like there aren't real life relationships failing out here B. Like cats don't fly across country for ass that they met in Miami at Memorial Day Weekend and have BEEN DOING SO SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME BUT flying across the country to see a girl you INTERACT WITH EVERY DAY is odd though? Like you NEVER RODE ACROSS TOWN ON YOUR BIKE FOR ASS THAT WAS NOT GUARANTEED to be crazy? Oh okay.. Lie to yourself cuh. I know the truth..

The funny thing to me about why y'all feel it is odd is THE EXACT REASON WHY IT IS NOT ODD TO ME...

What are some of the reasons folks always claim 'relationships' fail???

"Nobody takes the time to get to know anyone anymore..

They just think that they can hop in bed with anyone and the shit will just magically work.

No one takes the time to 'court' anyone anymore. To get to know each other anymore.

Folks don't have their own lives anymore. Always stuck up under someone else. They are no longer independent of each other and they move too fast into relationships. Too accessible...

Folks are just with each other for 'sex'. Aka..The 'dick is good'.. "the Pussy has him whipped'..or all they want is that. 

Well now the way I see it is if you can't do ANYTHING but social network with someone for a period of time before you 'actually meet them', wouldn't you be able to take care of some of the things I just mentioned? I mean, if you meet someone off of Twitter and y'all take it beyond the DMs wherever you take it, while it may eventually lead to a sexual conversation, you can't DO SHIT. Y'all aren't NEAR EACH OTHER AT THAT POINT. So even though you may be able to 'relieve' that tension in various methods that I am NOT GOING TO GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT HERE, you are 'left' with the basics. The basics are 'getting to know each other' in other ways. Common interests...besides sex. Likes and dislikes. Mood swings..(Hell, I know some of my followers aren't morning people FROM THE WAY THE TWEET, DON'T LAUGH..) You know......GET TO KNOW THE PERSON....What a novel concept. You...might About whatever too. Who'd have 'thunk it'? Well damm. Not sure why most of you haven't realized this benefit. Oh and then when you are 'done talking' for the evening guess what you get to do? THAT'S RIGHT.. go on about your day. Whatever that is.. Until you and that person decide to take it further. Where is THE PROBLEM EXACTLY WITH THIS AGAIN? I mean the same options are there 'offline' but the DISTANCE in most cases with folks on the Internet FORCES this. This is NOT A BAD THING FOLKS. Trust me. Shit, some of YOU NEED THIS. Some of you need a 'computer assist when you to speak. Help you park the car and shit. @ that built in barrier. Then you can decide, when the time is right to meet and even after that, there is still distance so you still can't rush but SO MUCH. Again, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS? Some of you scream right along with Alecia Beth Moore (Pink) and say "Don't Let Me Get Me' and now that you have a tool that allows that you, you turn and scoff at it? Shhhheeeiiit.. 

For all the 'frauding' and faking' that we LOVE TO CLAIM folks do on 'the Internet' in regards to certain things, there are SOME FACETS OF THE PERSON YOU CAN SEE. Believe me. Some of the shit 'done in jest' is ACTUALLY OW THAT PERSON GETS DOWN. Trust me. I know some folks who do that shit. Say they are kidding....but they aren't. That's really them. So maybe things don't play out in person the way you envisioned them in your mind when you meet them but that JUST MIGHT HAVE JUST AS MUCH TO DO WITH YOU AS IT DOES THEM HONESTLY. Maybe your imagination or perception of reality sucks...That's not always the 'other person's fault' fam. Sorry.

 Just like it is IN ANY 'FACE TO FACE' INTERACTION ONE MAY HAVE. Lets not act like 'failed human interaction' begins and ends with the 'Internet' shall we? Lets not act like you don't have Baby Mamas, psycho exes and just FAILED BAD RELATIONSHIPS that stemmed from interactions that were not INTERNET BASED. Lets don't do that aight? 

Am I saying go run on RIGHT NOW and go find you a mate? Nope. Just like I wouldn't give you a DEFINITIVE PLACE IN 'THE REAL WORLD' to go meet your mate. You meet them where you meet them at fam. Period. Stop acting like there aren't folks behind these computer screens for convenience  sakes man. 

Hell, some of you probably NEED TO BE MEETING PEOPLE HERE SO YOU CAN STOP 'LEAPING INTO RELATIONSHIPS' AND SHIT. Use the 'distance' as a 'barrier' from yourself. Like I said, for all the 'bashing of Internet formed bonds', I see a whole lot of you still making 'real life' mistakes. Mistakes that COUNT just like the bad experiences on the Internet do. It might actually force some of you to....wait for it.. TALK TO A PERSON..which judging by the TweetGrams, the canned Internet jokes and the stolen 'tweets' is CLEARLY NOT SOME Y'ALLS STRONGEST ATTRIBUTE. Which leads me to my final point for this part of the discussion...

You can't be out here getting mad at those who can make shit happen via this shit man. Congratulate man. I salute all the men and women who know how to communicate, get what they want, form bonds, establish ties and all of that without EVER BEING IN ONE'S PHYSICAL PRESENCE. There is something to be said for that.  Oh you are clowning that huh? That's cool. I know you respect it deep down though. How do I know?  I see who y'all RT and shit. All them black Twitter niggers. Most of you have never met them a day in your Life. Yet you hang on their every word. They have you captivated in the same way you clown folks who 'somehow fall for others on the Internet'.  Same cats that are out here 'meeting and fucking their followers'. Linking up with their followers from ALL OVER THE US AND SOMETIMES ABROAD. Same cats got you thinking that shit is lame... Same 

Whose really the fool? The folks who are enjoying the fruits of the practice or you sitting on the sidelines with the SAME PROBLEMS IN YOUR 'REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIP' as someone who met someone off of the Internet? I'll let you tell it... 

I know I mainly focused on the 'sex' part but there is a STRONG CONTINGENT OF YOU WHO DON'T LIKE FOLKS NETWORKING ON HERE AS WELL. Talking this shit right here:

I know he/she in real life and they are a lame. I wish the folks on the Internet 'knew' him/her like I did.... - Some of You

Slight  problem with this line of thinking there, Champ. Most of you are drawing 'what you know about someone' from when you went to FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL WITH A NIGGA. That is if you EVEN KNOW THE PERSON. Some of you don't even 'really know the person' Sitting down at a bar, or seeing at some one's bbq, gossiping about them with someone else who DOESN'T LIKE THEM, DOESN'T CONSTITUTE YOU KNOWING THEM. 

 Or IF you do know them, you are using shit from when folks were 5 and shit. Or back in the day. Or from some memory that happened in 2002 or some shit. Here's a newsflash...(Whispers) It is 2012 champ. I know some of you don't like to 'believe this' but some people actually grow and change. You are in the same place? That's on you Champ. Some of us have evolved and SURPASSED YOU. Deal with it. In addition, NOBODY HAS TO CONSULT YOU TO LET YOU KNOW THAT CHANGED HAPPENED. In other words, it is GREAT that you don't like that person... Cool. Fuck cares really though other than you and your 10 friends who CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT THE CHANGE BUT COMPLAIN ANYWAY? Exactly. Nobody. Keep that shit to yourself. You sound bitter as FUCK. For real. Folks change and evolve and your 'approval' isn't needed. Get the fuck over yourself. Even when you 'had your run' it wasn't 'your run'. I remember motherfucker. I was there too! I know your 'boss'. You were just 'there' and your boss 'respected me' 'cause I wasn't doing the shit he was doing or trying to 'slob him down' to get next to him. I was own man then and am now. FOH. *

   They probably aren't making no noise anyway. My niggas and I have 'never heard of 'em'...- Some of you

Again, I'm not out here trying to be rude but some of you haven't left the CORRIDOR of your part of the country and if you DID LEAVE, IT WAS TO GO TO ONE PART OF A TOWN AND IT'S AIRPORT. That's it. In other words, the World is FAR BIGGER THAN WHERE YOU ARE FROM so who gives a shit if the mofos where you are 'don't know of the local cat who is doing whatever'. Especially if your area is comprised of 150k folks or less. Hell, even if it is there are WELL OVER 200 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Ya'll mofos kill me talking that, "He/she must not be doing nothing 'cause he isn't popping around here..." It is quite the opposite actually if you can get people who don't know you from a can of paint to TRULY RECOGNIZE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. They don't have 'blind loyalty' to you. All they care about is the product. 10k hits a day on average. From all over the World. Think I care about 'you'? Nope. Be nice if you came through but I KNOW WHAT TO PUT UP HERE IF I REALLY WANTED 'YOU' to come through. I don't put that up here though now do I? I wonder why...*whistles* 

Oh I know..

I'm not pressed dumb ass statement..

They just want attention. They weren't 'into that when I knew 'em'. If they were into it, why are they 'just now getting on'. They are never going to really 'be anybody'. So what such and such appeared in such and such for them, they still suck'. I don't know why anyone even goes there/supports them.

You know the funny thing is, when people hear ANYONE ELSE talk like this, they KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. It is hate. Not when they feel this way though. Again, in case some of you didn't get the memo, NOBODY HAS TO INFORM YOU THAT THEY HAVE CHANGED/GOTTEN THEIR LIFE TO THE POINT THAT THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS THEY WANT TO DO WITH IT. Maybe you limited YOURSELF in where you could go with what you have but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to do that. 

Attention? So by making a statement like that what exactly do you think you are seeking? 'Cause it isn't as if you are the 'smartest person in the room' when that is usually said. Lets just keep it funky. @ you suddenly making 'profound World changing statements'. So now it is illegal, for anyone but you of course, to do something because they want to now huh? You have the market cornered on genuine love and proper reasoning for doing shit? You of "I did it just 'cause I felt like doing it' fame?' Oh okay. Yeah.... Sure you're right.- Barry White voice. 

Some of you have balls of stone if you think that your way 'is the only way'. @ who supports what. You can't be out here claiming 'I'm cut from a different cloth' on one hand and then OPENLY QUESTIONING WHY FOLKS DON'T DO WHAT IT IS YOU DO on the other. Make up your mind Sherlock. Either we 'just aren't up to your lofty standards' or we are all the same. Which one is it homie? Maybe folks have a mind of their own. Ever think of that? @ the who, what, why and all of that bullshit. Maybe you are 'late' or maybe it is you who is out of touch with reality? @ your way of thinking/why you don't support such and such. 

As far as folks not making it, not everyone does. Funny though hearing some of you say that though 'cause you be TYPE SALTY WHEN SOMEONE SAYS IT ABOUT YOU. Mad as shit. You can't say your 'idols' are always right EXCEPT when they support folks that you don't like. They can't be flawless. 

So if one of your favorite MCs happens to get on a track with a cat who is from where you are from that you DON'T LIKE, salute that man and keep going. Nobody said you had to like the track because clearly, you can't get outta your own way to like it. That's cool. Lets not question why though...especially if your idol 'doesn't just jump on bullshit'. Keep it funky. Say why you are REALLY not feeling it. You know why... Same way with anything else someone may do with someone you don't 'like'. You and I know what it is if the shit is bangin..Starts with an 'h'.. Not a fan of the overuse of the word but yeah.. That is what it would be. Deal with it. Tired of hearing cats 'girling' about who worked with who or did what with who. Get your own and mind your own. Period. 


*Pretty sure some of you can replace the 'I' with your own name on that one. Story stands though. Knew plenty of 'trap boyz' as they are called now. Vast majority wanted better but that was the hand those were the cards they chose to pick up so they were playing cards. Ya dig?