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Depression: Sometimes, it is THAT BAD..

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

(Pictures) Get Famliar with @makeriarain Not. Safe. For. Work.

Not that this is going to STOP most dudes but she 'likes' girls. Doesn't mind if you enjoy her pics though. So enjoy 'em.

(Music video) @chrisbrown “Till I Die” Ft. @BigSean & @reakWizKhalifa X The girl @wankaego also appears in the video

Chris says he dedicated the video to MCA (Adam Yauch) Some other dope cameos too. Red and Meth are in this video.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(Pictures) @StephsDope X Hump Day X Tights

She said she needs to 'dress 'em up'.....

Looks fine to me from where I sit....

(Words) You are only famous because of Internet.....Big fish/small pond statements...

(Chuckles) We love to THROW THIS ONE AROUND. One minute, we are dissing cats for being 'famous for throwing a football, dunking a basketball, and the like' and the VERY NEXT MINUTE, when someone uses their 'brain' and becomes known via a tool that MOST OF US ONLY USE MARGINALLY AT BEST to become known, here comes the dissing.

Same Internet that the 'people whose fame you 'respect' use' to keep their names on the tips of folk's tongues..Make Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Make blogs and have websites. REAL PEOPLE MIND YOU. Not that Internet. It is 'fake'. No real people exist there so we can't be talking about 'THE INTERNET'.

Same Internet that you are on trying to 'promote whatever it is you do' and put your causes, thoughts and desires out into the World. 



The same one.. Damm if you aren't.. 

The SAME INTERNET that 'houses myths and shit you can't believe' but you use as a 'source' for any and all things 'ratcheted'. 

The same internet that you log onto from your FIFTY DOLLAR WALMART iPhone (or Android or in some cases your BB) and LOOK AT VIDEOS OF FOLKS GETTING THEIR ASS BEAT WITH GLEE. Not that Internet? No..Tell me we aren't talking about THAT INTERNET?

We talking about THE INTERNET...not 'REAL LIFE'...not 'REAL LIFE'...we are talking about THE INTERNET? - A.I.

Not the Internet that is FULL OF REAL PEOPLE, DOING REAL SEARCHES AND MAKING REAL JOKES. The same Internet that has folks 'hunched over at their cubicles to sneak peeks on Twitter and Facebook' AT WORK, or just BLATANTLY ON THE COMPANY COMPUTER, reading folks TLs. Not that Internet?

Naw..ya'll must be talking about the 'other Internet'...Because the Internet it sounds like you are talking about is chock full of fake personas, folks who really aren't what they say and at best a 1000 people who make sure the Internet as a whole stays 'poppin'. The rest of us are just 'bots. Spam if you will. Damm you got me. I'm just a fucking 'spam bot' who has been programmed to type in shit AS IT HAPPENS WITH FEELING AN EMOTION. The jig is up...-_- Just YESTERDAY, I saw someone say 'Twitter is not real'... See what I mean?

I mean it HAS TO BE THAT WAY with the way you folks say 'Oh folks just know you off the Internet..'. One big DISMISSIVE WAVE. Especially how some of the 'real' folks have started to get on the Internet and proclaim it to be fake...while....wait for it.... BEING ON THE INTERNET. The irony.... Pot out here staying 'BLACK' as usual...making fun of Kettle being 'JUST AS BLACK'. Gotta love it. 

Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE you must 'missed out' on a that person's special talent? That maybe it just wasn't meant for you to see it when it was in front of your face? Maybe that you are too blinded by what happened in the 7th grade to that person that you were NEVER GOING TO SEE THEM AS ANYMORE THAN THE PERSON WHO HAD 'XYZ' happen to them? 

Of course not because that is the way that YOU ARE USED TO BEING TREATED. Nobody ever gave YOU A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL to be anymore than Keisha/Tony from around the way'. So why should you let anyone else 'free' of that? @ why some of you use this phrase. 

I also think that some of you are SO LOST IN YOUR OWN LITTLE 'REAL LIFE' WORLD'S THAT YOU DON'T REALIZE THE OTHER 97% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION IS LIVING A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LIFE. You know where the 'petty shit' ya'll deem 'so important' is mere child's play. Some of the things that you and your circle of a hundred or so (I'm counting your enemies too who subscribe to your group think) have deemed 'essential life components' don't mean SHIT TO THE REST OF THE 97% OF THE WORLD. (I'm being nice with that 3% too. It is actually less than that...)  

What does THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE POST? Everything. I've seen a WHOLE LOT OF YOU come on the Internet talking that 

'Folks like these aren't what's hot where I'm from..'. 

'I only fuck with 'real'.... (insert whatever little sayings you want'. 

That's funny 'cause I know SOME OF YOU. I won't say you haven't done 'anything' but LETS BE REAL HERE. You aren't 'running anything' where you are from either. The cats you 'fuck with'? They don't fuck with you and if they DO HAPPEN to have you 'around', it is only to use you. So lets stop that. Not only that, YOUR WORLD ISN'T THE ONLY THING 'POPPING' IN YOUR AREA. You can stop that lie too. It is the only thing YOU FUCK WITH maybe but it DAMM SURE ISN'T THE ONLY THING 'POPPING' in your area. You are no BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE that you say are 'only famous because of the Internet' as you are only 'known' to A VERY SMALL SECT OF FOLKS in YOUR OWN AREA. I use the term 'known' loosely btw. "Cause I could know you, know what you have done and not have ONE FUCKING OUNCE OF RESPECT FOR YOU. Know that. Trust me, there are cats I 'know of'. Don't give ONE FUCK ABOUT THEM OR WHAT THEY 'HAVE going on..'That ability isn't 'exclusive to folks who are stuck in their own circles' or who are 'cut from a different cloth'......

(There WAS DEFINITELY SOMETHING HERE. I'm saving it for another time. Don't worry)

On the flip, I won't act like I don't know that there is some merit to making such a statement. I also won't act like that is because I FLAT OUT DON'T LIKE THE PERSONA BEING PORTRAYED BY THAT PERSON. I don't deal with it 'offline' so I damm sure don't want it in my face 'online'. Shit is tired. Shit is old to me SO I CHOOSE NOT TO DEAL WITH IT DIRECTLY. That doesn't mean the person is 'lame for being known from the Internet' It just means that they are 'lame' in general to me. Get it? 

The 'Internet' part of the equation never factors in for me 'cause I look at this like one big OPEN RECESS. Which a lot of you don't. Especially those of you who don't know the 'behind the scenes' stuff, the statistics and the like. If you REALLY KNEW how many folks this shit reached, you'd get stage fright. For real. I see it everyday B. @ when someone I feature finds out truly how many folks come through the 'little' bit of Internet presence that I have. I'm but a vanilla bean speck in a HUGE BOWL OF ICE CREAM in Internet terms but that is still 10k folks a day. That's a lot of people man. So I'm not as 'dismissive' of 'Internet fame' as some of you are. I've seen the numbers. I know they aren't 'bots'. I've encountered or corresponded with too many 'living folks' to be THAT DISMISSIVE about it like some of you. I do UNDERSTAND however why some of you feel like you do.

Obviously, I'm not bothered 'too bad' by the idea of someone being 'known because of the Internet' as this piece is actually IN DEFENSE of 'the idea of being famous solely from the Internet'. That's because I know that despite the assholia of a good twenty or so of them, the 'general populous' of folks who have gained notoriety from it have done so by reaching ACTUAL PEOPLE. I can't dismiss that fact. Sorry. Maybe YOU CAN since you can 'categorically put them in some box of folks you wouldn't 'fuck with' anyway' but I can'. I know better. I've seen what folks ARE LOOKING AT ON THE INTERNET. From the 'trillest' nigga to the dainty chick. They look at some 'pretty lame' shit fam. Even if they just 'glance at it'. Real good folks too.

Every time I hear that phrase 'Famous from the Internet' I immediately wonder just HOW MANY FOLKS THE PERSON WHO IS SAYING THAT REALLY KNOWS? How large their knowledge base is? Do they understand that in order to be 'popular', no one needs THEIR APPROVAL? These are the things I wonder. 

I also wonder if there is a bit of jealousy involved. What I have noticed is that the person who usually makes the statement 'knows' of the person in whatever little region they live in and 'wants some of the attention they feel like they get offline' so some jealousy sets in. Mind you, when I say 'know', I really mean.. THEY HAVE HEARD SHIT ABOUT THEM FROM SOMEONE THAT THEY FUCK WITH who they 'trust'. 9/10, folks don't be around each other 24 hours a day to KNOW ENOUGH TO BE TALKING THE SHIT THEY DO BUT LETS FACE IT. People are gullible. They love 'dirt'. They love 'gossip. Men and women. So when they hear 'bad things', that is what they gravitate to. ESPECIALLY when someone is a 'threat' to something that person does. Whether it be a 'lifestyle threat', getting money or getting 'gals/dudes'. So take that into consideration when I say 'know'. I know folks who claim they 'know' someone and haven't seen 'em in fucking 10 years. How the FUCK DO YOU 'KNOW SOMEONE' IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN 'EM SINCE THE 6TH GRADE? That's niggas for for you...-_- Anyway...

Dudes....GROWN ASS MEN...start making little girly ass 'catty comments' about OTHER GROWN MEN. All in the name of 'exposing folks' over 'Internet fame'. Really? Grown men do not worry about other grown men family. Hate to break it to you. That's 'condensed soup' games right there. Sure you can have 'thoughts' and the like but a FULL OUT CAMPAIGN? Naw B..Not kosher.. At all.

The women? We won't even discuss them anymore than to say that I see folks 'airing out other folks dirty laundry that they supposedly don't care about' more than I've seen links to the latest Viddy fight on Facebook. 

I'm not jealous, I just don't like 'fake' people..-You

There is a simple solution to this. Eliminate them from your news feed and minimize your contact with them when possible.

I don't follow them on social networks, subscribe to their blogs and when at all possible, read much about them. Occasionally, their 'rhetoric' is bought to my attention though. Sometimes, (Hey the Sun shines on a dog's ass sometimes) they are RIGHT AND I GIVE THEM CREDIT. Most of the times, they are off base to me and may say my piece and let it be.
us' of that group consists of GOOD PEOPLE. Some of which had NO INTENTIONS WHATSOEVER of becoming this and they are literally going with the flow and taking it as it comes. I can't knock that. You shouldn't either.

I will say this though....

Now I know this is 'new' to some of you as you just 'got here' like I said earlier. Some of you are 'late' and that is just what it is. No need to get on here and 'knock' niggas for being on something that you thought was 'silly' 10 years ago. Take your L and keep it moving. You lunched on this one. You can't win 'em all fam. Every time you utter that phrase with that 'condescending' tone, you make YOURSELF LOOK JEALOUS AND PETTY. Especially if you just got here. 

If you have BEEN HERE and have never been one of the more 'popular' or polarizing figures over the course of your Internet adventures, take that for what it is worth. Might not be in you Champ. I think some of you KNOW THAT and therefore you don't 'seek it out'. Which is a GREAT THING. 

Those of you who are secretly 'seeking it' but are still throwing out 'Being Internet famous is lame' need to know this much though. The shit isn't all peaches and cream. Cats get called on the carpet EVERY DAY B. Constant questions. Cats pulling at you in your inbox and dms. Everybody wants something. For free. They want to know 'how you did it'. They want to be 'your friend'. THE SETUPS! Oh and of course, the dismissive waves from folks like yourself who THEN HAVE THE NERVE OR THE AUDACITY to 'put the crown on your head only to try to shoot that motherfucker off'. Still sound like fun? 

Big fish...small pond mentality. @ those of you knocking the 'Internet' part of the equation. 

If a cat is lame, he is lame. Cool. Don't knock 'the Internet' for it. Not the same Internet that MOST OF YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT AT THIS POINT and are on for most if NOT ALL OF YOUR DAY. Not the same one that is bringing you all of this entertainment. Not the same one that allows you to have ONE BIG ROLLING CONVERSATION WITH 2OOO PLUS AT THE SAME DAMM TIME. Not that the one that brings you all the lovely ladies (and for you ladies the dudes) you see on blogs like mine. 

Naw.. leave 'THAT INTERNET' alone. It isn't it's fault. If you are the 'big fish in your local pond' that is on the Internet but now you want to be the 'big fish in the big pond', you have to EARN IT. Nobody cares that you are a big deal in YOUR CITY CUH. Stop whining and get on your grind.  We are WORLD WIDE OUTCHEA. Some of us have been doing this shit for going on TWO DECADES soon. Nothing was 'handed out'. It was earned. Just like with you in your small pond. You EARNED THAT. Come EARN THIS though.  Broaden your horizons and shit. 

Don't tell me you don't 'want it' either. If you didn't, you wouldn't have Facebooks, Tumblrs, and Twitter accounts dedicated to your 'brand'. @ those of you who do have such things Clearly you want it. It is why you are out here trying to '50 Cent' your way through this. I'm just telling you that your approach is wrong. That game doesn't work too well in this setting.. 

For my 'regular' folks who don't see why, how or what the 'big deal' is about all of this 'Internet' stuff. Who truly see this as entertainment to make the day go by and who have NOTHING invested in it. Or who can't see why anyone would even BOTHER to try 'to invest their time in this'. Let me be succinct...

It. Is. Not. For. You. To. Understand. And. That. Is. Okay. Let it go. You don't like it....I mean understand it. IT is okay. Just keep clicking though... 'Cause CLEARLY you want to know. Otherwise, you wouldn't be scouring TLs or reading blogs or watching videos on the Net. 

Good day.


(Pictures) So...@shereece_arnold says she needs more followers on Instagram eh..

Hopefully, this will help... @ this post..She said she needed more so she would have a reason to post more random sexy pictures. .I can't see why one wouldn't want to follower her.. But eh..what do I know? (shrugs)

Her Instagram name: shereece86

Yeah..you're welcome dammit.. @ all of you about to follow..

(Pictures) Get Familiar X @stacey_apples

Based out of South Carolina but from North Carolina. Has a website.. www.staceyapples.com

38b-28-37 im 5/5 without heels and 130lbs