Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Paul Silas and Tyrus Thomas had a little issue eh?

You can read all about it up top..I'm not gonna post too much from it honestly. I'd rather talk about it in my own words if you don't mind. (You don't...You clicked the link so I know you don't..)

Paul Silas, Tyrus Thomas have altercation in Bobcats' locker room - Yahoo! Sports

 Normally, I don't buy into the old school adage of just being downright mean and nasty on the court in professional sports. Reason being is that we are out here TOUTING THESE FOLKS AS ROLE MODELS AND EXAMPLES for our youth, suspending them when they 'break the rules' or act 'immoral'. So it seems AWFULLY CONTRADICTORY TO ME that we would foster a culture that says 'being friendly to an opponent' is a no no. As in, ACTUALLY HAVING BANTER AND CONVERSATION. So we want our athletes to be nice people or appear to be but just not NICE TO EACH OTHER? Sporting but not 'nice'? Got it... No....Actually I don't get it..

Look, I understand they are competing. Cool. Lets keep it FUNKY THOUGH. Whether Tyrus Thomas HATED EVERY LAST ONE OF THE CELTICS and went out there and played like he did, on a GREAT DAY the BOBCATS aren't beating them. Sorry. Now you can give the 'Well at least he didn't..." speech all you like but maybe...just maybe...Tyrus Thomas isn't wired that way.* I know PAUL SILAS IS THOUGH and that is where I am torn on this one. 

I actually don't have a problem with Paul not taking Tyrus STANDING UP as a non-threat. While I may not like the events that led up to it, I DO KNOW THAT ONE THING AN OLDER BLACK MAN IS NOT GOING FOR IS YOU STANDING UP LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING AND THEY NOT BE 'PREPARED'. That's NOT HAPPENING. Tyrus's age group is one of that those type of things fly (unless someone has a gun and then..yeah..) but Paul is not wired that way. So I don't take issue with that. I just think that the issue that led to it just isn't that important to me. Just my opinion. Magic and Zeke were REALLY GOOD FRIENDS but that never stopped them from going at each others throats on the court. Most friends that I know of who play each other (professionally or not) are NOT LAYING DOWN FOR THEIR FRIENDS. Sorry. No one wants to give anyone any bragging rights. Is there 'care taken' to not FUCK ONE OF THEIR FRIENDS UP? Sure is and if THAT IS THE ISSUE THEN WE CAN KINDLY GO BACK TO THE CONTRADICTION I BOUGHT UP EARLIER. Are they REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE OUT THERE TRYING TO WIN THAT BADLY THAT ALL MORALITY GOES OUT OF THE WINDOW, THUS MAKING THEM LOOK LIKE 'BAD ROLE MODELS'? See the dilemma now?

There ARE factors in this situation we don't know or at least I DON'T KNOW. Their relationship. Tyrus's work ethic in practice (or games as I personally DO NOT WATCH MANY BOBCATS GAMES. I can admit that. Can you? I see 'em when I see 'em...Probably saw about 9 of 'em this year truthfully..) I can definitely admit that ANY OF THOSE or other factors could have made this boil over. I'm not arguing that MY ISSUE with the whole thing is THE ISSUE. So that we are clear. I just think it has something to do with it on some level. Anyway...Go read about how Paul went off on Tyrus. Tyrus probably should have known his coach was 'no nonsense' in that fashion. Pretty sure it wasn't the first time Paul showed that side...

*I'd go with he isn't btw. In case we are keeping score... @ wired that way..