Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm a fan of his music. Won't even SIT HERE AND ACT LIKE I AM NOT. Not a super fan but a fan nonetheless. I can't clap to this shit here though. Nope. I guess he isn't asking me to either though huh? He is ASKING OUR YOUTH TO DO SO. Interesting. Later on though, he will be telling them tales of not letting pussy ruin their lives though after BASICALLY TURNING THEM ONTO IT before they can handle the responsibility of what might happen when they shoot something outta their dick up in someone. Hadn't thought of it like that had you? I know... He won't acknowledge it either. I'm not writing this to 'change' his mind though. That nigga's grown. Fuck I'mma say to change his mind?

There is NO DENYING that things happen during these ages. Even things he is SPEAKING ON. Not sure how I feel about an ADULT giving out tutorials on a hip hop site though TO CHILDREN. He wasn't speaking to adults. He was speaking to CHILDREN. Surprised nobody thought about this a LITTLE MORE BEFORE IT WAS DECIDED TO GIVE HIM THIS PLATFORM.

Master taught you well Todd Shaw. Master taught well. @ the Jedi Mind tricks. Understand that I am not JUST NOW REALIZING THIS THOUGH. Oppressive tactics used against your own people. I'm not surprised though for as much as I ENJOY his music, I know to keep that BULLSHIT in its place. On the record. Unfortunately, I know some of you CANNOT DO THAT. Which is why I am fearful about the message being spread like this shit here is 'okay'..It isn't...